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The Hottest Stems: Brian Atwood

25 Jun

Are you drooling yet? You should be! Take a sneak peek at the Fall ’12 shoe collection for Brian Atwood. These shoes are HOT HOT HOT! Mr. Atwood is quickly becoming the shoe of choice for every fashionista and celebrity. I for one am in love and have been for the past 3 years. The reason I adore Brian Atwood’s shoe collection is pure originality. He has a knack for working with new fabrics and colors to create a unique pair of stilettos. A talent he developed from studying art and architecture prior to his 7 year modeling career. I’m saving up for a pair of Brian Atwood shoes which I hope to purchase this fall. Would you believe I want to add Brian Atwood to my shoe collection before adding a pair of Christian Louboutin?!  I’m sure I’m going to receive many “gasps” for the latter comment. What can I say, I don’t always follow suit when it comes to fashion.  I march to the beat of my own “stilettos”!


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Tough Chick: Guardian Angel Handbags

23 Jun

I’m not so sure I would classify these handbags as “Guardian Angels.”  Angels tend to represent peace whereas Guns suggest a bit of a more violent nature.  On the other hand this handbag might be the answer to a single women’s dating life. Could you imagine your date stepping out of line once he saw you enter into the restaurant carrying this bag. I’m pretty sure he would be on his best behavoir. (wink) The unique concept behind the bags was created by a husband and wife team Vlieger & Vandam! The bags have everything from embossed knives, handcuffs to guns. I wouldn’t suggest carrying this bag through airport security.  You might be – how do I put this lightly……ARRESTED! You’ve been warned…..


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Video: Louis Vuttion “Locomotive” Fall 2012 Fashion Show

16 Jun


I had to follow up yesterday's post with this glorious video of Louis Vuitton's Fall 2012 show! How does Marc Jacob continue to top himself every season with these brilliant LV fashion shows?! Can you imagine sitting front row and witnessing an antique train pulling into the Louvre! The courtyard of the Louvre was transformed into an old train station edged in iron and adorned with a clock that glowed like a full moon. The vintage-inspired train was hand crafted by the Vuitton team! Lucky for them I wasn't invited to the show. Had I received an invitation I would have attended the show disguised as a Train Conductor and wormed my way onto the locomotive. I'm pretty sure Marc Jacobs would have thought I was a bit loco! Check out the memorizing video below!




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My “Fashion Star” Picks

5 Jun

I really didn’t follow the Fashion Star series, so I don’t have a favorite Designer from this collection. A couple of weeks ago I popped into H&M and spotted a couple of basic pieces that are pretty lovely for Summer. I’m going to do a review on the pieces I brought, the sizing is way off so be sure to go up a size. It is H&M after all. Shop the entire Collection here. Free Shipping, now that’s a nice perk!



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The Maxi Skirt

2 Nov


Stylish, flowy, slimming, and makes you look 6 feet tall = the maxi skirt! This skirt can be worn year around transitioning from summer to fall with ease. Pair it with a chunky sweater or a boyfriend blazer in the fall ….in the summer rock the same skirt with a tank top and a skinny belt. The red skirt below is my favorite! I'm now on mission impossible to find where I can get one just like it. Tom Cruise ain't got nothing on me.







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