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Target’s Next Designer Collboration will include MARC JACOBS!!! (2012)

10 Jul

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood! Target’s next Designer collaboration will include MARC JACOBS!!! I dont’ know what to do with myself, I’m so excited. Should I stuff my face with my leftover baked s’mores. Or, dance to one of my favorite songs “Hey Ya”. Maybe I should start waiting in line NOW? The collection will hit Target stores Dec. 1st! Like, I said I’m just soooooo excited!!!

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Starts July 15th

7 Jul

Hello Darlings! Here’s a quick link to the iconic Nordstrom Anniversary Sale catalog. The Sale will be start in less than 10 days. Who’s excited?


CHANEL Beauty Shop Opens Up @ Saks Fifth Avenue (San Francisco)

2 Jul

No one does luxury better than CHANEL! I had the pleasure of attending the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the newly minted CHANEL Beauty Shop at Saks Fifth Avenue. The classic iconic CHANEL touch is weaved throughout the entire shop, even down to the tweed chairs. The open concept allows you to really discover the beauty of CHANEL’s cosmetic products. The skin care section brilliantly displays the many options CHANEL offers in their skin care line. My favorite space in the shop is the glorious perfume/cologne bar. The sweet little CHANEL potions are all lined up for her or him to test out. I think I might have found my new favorite men’s  – cologne CHANEL por monsieur. I couldn’t get enough of the smell, I practically inhaled it.

I was treated to mini-makeover by one of CHANEL’s talented make-up artists. Paris was super fun to chat with and he really hooked up my face.  I left the store feeling fresh and glamorous!

Special thanks to Ryan Williams for inviting me to this lovely event! I always have such a great time when inside the four walls of Saks. The Saks Team has a way of making you feel like family, well royal family that is. 🙂

I strongly encourage you all to stop by this piece of  beauty heaven, the next time you’re in San Francisco. Trust me its worth it!


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Dear City Girls: Protect Your Heels

4 Nov


Please forgive me for sounding like a bad early morning infomercial. However, I must express my new found love for the Solemate high heeler protector. This cute little plastic cover protects the heels on your beloved stilettos. How many times have you been strutting on the concrete catwalk (aka: street or sidewalk) and got your heels stuck in a grate or between rocks? It's so frustrating when you ruin a great pair of heels. Solemates might be the cure all for ripped up and jagged looking heels. I so wish I had these little babies when I lived in New York City my Manolos would have thanked me! 




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