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3 Things for Him

18 Oct

FASHION:  Derek Lam’s leopard printed-smoking slippers and skate board. This high fashion combo is part of  the Target & Neiman Marcus Christmas Collection. I know some of you fell-loves are little shy when it comes to sporting leopard. Its a trendy print that can be quite timeless when worn as a shoe. Step out of your comfort zone and try something a bit different. If you ever get the urge to wear leopard print anywhere else on your body we will need to talk. Just sayin’……

FOOD: Roli Roti Porchetta Sandwich – this here sandwich is a “MAN” sandwich! Pork loin, wrapped in Pork Belly, and slow roasted with herbs until the skin is oh so crispy. The wonder sandwich is then topped with sweet onion marmalade, peppery arugula, and sprinkled with a bit of lavender salt. It’s insane! The men in my office adored this sandwich but us ladies were happy to nosh on it as well.

So, if any of you beautiful men ever find yourself at the San Francisco Ferry Building, be sure to cart your lady over to the Roli Roti Food Truck. I’m positive she will describe you as budding “Food Genius” once again!

TECH: I just got all James Bond on you! That’s right USB cufflinks! Are you dreaming about yourself as James Bond yet? No? Allow me to set the stage. You’re cruising along in your Aston Martin Vanquish (because you got it like that), a beautiful lady is in the passenger seat, and the sun is just about to set. Your destination – a broadway. Suddenly you realize you’ve forgotten the tickets. Your stunning date begins to panic and you smile at her and say, “not to worry, I got this”.  You remove one of your cufflinks (which doubles as a USB). You inset it into your dash-board, and voila the ticket information pops up on the screen. You download the tickets and print them out. Hello! You’re James Bond! Of course you have a printer in your car. Duh! You arrive at the show in record time and your gorgeous date is completely smitten with you! Winning!

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