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ThreadLab: DIY Men’s Apparel

24 Dec

Have you ever fancied being your own Designer? You have! Well. You’re in luck. ThreadLab, a fairly new company specializes in DIY Men’s Apparel. The concept is modular clothing. Taking the core and basic components of men’s apparel and making them interchangeable. For example, creating your very own button down shirt by switching out the collar and pockets. You also have the option of dying different parts of the shirt and customizing it to your individual style.  The creation is yours and the ideas are endless. It’s quite genius really!

ThreadLab recently launched a funding campaign on kickstater.com.  They are currently 7 days left and they’re  few thousands dollars shy of their $8,000 goal. If you’re feeling generous this holiday season, this a great way to give and help an amazing company further along their dream. Check out the awesome video below. Click Here to contribute to ThreadLab on kickstarter.com…… Merry Christmas Eve!


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