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Wowzers! Peter Pilotto for Target! Full lookbook w/ Prices

15 Jan

These prints are on fashion steroids and I like it!  I’m so going to snag a couple of pieces from the Peter Pilotto x Target collaboration. The London-based designer is the latest designer to partner up with the discount retailer. Offering up a 70-piece collection, ranging from swim suits to dresses and handbags. Pilotto has been on my radar for about 2 years now. He has a knack for designing the most vibrant and wildly creative prints. if you’re shy about print……..this collection won’t rock your boat.  You have to be a bold, confident, and mildly crazy chick to rock these looks. I’m up for the challenge. Winning…

Dress $79.99 / Skirt $34.99 / Handbag $34.99 / Sneakers $19.99


Top $34.99 / Handbag $34.99 / Bikini Top $17.99


Dress $79.99 / Sunglasses $16.99 / Cardigan $34.99 / Sneakers $19.99


Dress $79.99 / Skirt $34.99


Dress $59.99  PeterPilottoForTarget-01

Top $29.99 / Skirt $34.99


Bikini Top $16.99/ Bikini Bottoms $14.99 / Handbag $34.99 PeterPilottoForTarget-04

Blazer $59.99 / Pants $34.99 / Sneakers $19.99


Dress $59.99  PeterPilottoForTarget-06

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FIRST LOOK: 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target (Women’s Lookbook)

13 Aug

It’s a 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target overload!!! Here are some of the very first images of women’s collection for the highly anticipated collaboration. I’m in LOVE! What say you?



elle-04-kate-phillip-lim-target-xln-lgn  elle-08-rebecca-phillip-lim-target-xln-lgn

elle-09-lauren-phillip-lim-target-xln-lgnphotos courtesy of elle.com

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17 Jun

I’ve been crushing hard on a pair of Isabel Marant booties but my budget does not support my expensive crush. A couple of months ago, I picked up these super cute booties from Target. I’ve gotten so many compliments on them and even a couple of people mistaken them for a ‘real’ pair of Isabel Marant booties. Although the styles aren’t exactly alike, they are similar in style. My Mossimo booties set me back a whopping $22.00! Perfect for my ‘penny pincher’ budget.


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Embracing Shapewear (A story of trial and error)

27 May

A couple of weeks ago I had a very exciting event to attend (more details on that at a later date). This event was HUGE and required me to look my best! Since, I’m currently in between dress sizes. I decided to break down and purchase a shapewear garment. I had a simple and classic dress that I wanted to rock, which required some assistants in the smoothing and lifting department…..if you get my drift.  I’m on a VERY tight budget so Target was all I could afford. Once I got to Target I waltzed over to the women’s intimate department. I was shocked at the large selection of shapewear they had. Kudos to Target for the amazing selection!

It took me a couple of minutes (actually more like 30 minutes) to decide on a few pieces to try on. I spotted several pieces that I thought would work for the dress I was going to wear. With a pep in my step, I headed to the dressing room with my selection of shapewear in tow. The first piece of shapewear I tried on had so many straps that I took one look at it and said “Um, not gonna happen”. The second piece was even worse with a cinching waist and thigh feature that left my body looking like sausage trying to escape from its packaging. The fifth piece was the killer (yes I realize I skipped the 3rd and 4th, they’re not even worth mentioning). I decided to try on what resembled a high-waisted  pair of  long shorts. As I slipped the shapewear on, I immediately let out a scream.  That sucker was literally so tight, I was actually being asphyxiated. Or so I thought. Either way it was incredibly painful. My screams got a bit  louder and I was positive the dressing room attendant was going to think I was being attacked. I stood there, half-naked in the dressing room with this shapewear piece – disguised as a 1500’s torture device locked around my waist and hips. No matter how hard I tried, it would not relent its death grip from my body. My right arm began to tingle and I was experiencing shooting pains running up the back of my neck. How in the world does that happen? How does a piece of clothing around your waist and hips, cause pain to your head. That doesn’t even seem logical. I started having a bit of a panic attack, trying to figure out away to get out of this crazy piece of shapewear. I even tried bouncing against the dressing room walls in an effort to loosen the viciously tight piece of clothing. For a split second I considered calling for the dressing room attendant and begging her to cut the garment off of me. Finally after much wiggling, stretching, shimmy, jumping up and down, the demon shapewear released its synthetic claws from my body. Hallelujah! Free at last! Thank God Almighty! I was FREE at last! I sat on the bench in the dressing room for a good 10 minutes trying to catch my breath. After about 5 more minutes I worked up enough nerve to try on one last piece. A cute pair of tummy toning boy shorts. They slipped on nice and easy. Just like butter, baby! They were perfect! The best part was the boy shorts did not remove all the oxygen from my lungs. My tummy toning boy shorts cost a whopping budget-friendly $13.99! Winning! It was the perfect undergarment for my sweet little pink dress!

I’m might work up enough courage to try on something more “shapewear authentic” in the near future. For now, I’m completely satisfied with my tummy toning boy shorts. Holla!



Suddenly Skinny! Control Tummy Toning Boyshorts


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Sam & Libby Shoes for Target Lookbook

3 May

Calling all Sam Eldemen fans! Sam Edelmen will be re-launching his Sam & Libby shoe line exclusively at Target!  Prices will range from $16.99 to $24.99 a pair. The collection is scheduled to hit Target stores and Target.com Sunday, May 5th. Now that’s celebrating Cinco de Mayo in style. Whoot! Whoot!




sl2 sl3 sl4

sl7 sl8 sl10 sl12


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Prabal Gurung for Target: A Love Story (Video)

27 Dec

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First Look: Prabal Gurung for Target

16 Nov

Prabal Gurung is known for  his widly colorful printed frocks. Many celebrities are rocking Prabal gorgeous clothing, Duchess Catherine and First Lady Michele Obama just to name a few. Gurung has now partnered with Target to launch a limited edition collection to hit stores next Spring. The collection will have 80 pieces ranging from clothes, shoes, and handbags. I’m loving the floral printed jacket below. Can’t wait to see the entire lookbook!

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Black Friday Ads: Target, Best Buy, Walmart, & Kmart

13 Nov

Let the madness begin! Here’s a sneak peek at the store ads for “Black Friday.” We as Americans love a deal! We’ll actually push, shove, kick, spray mace in the face of an unsuspecting shopper just to snag that 50″ LCD flat screen TV – all while smiling and wishing the checkout clerk a Merry Christmas! Its pretty demented behavior if you think about. Black Friday is a long running tradition in the States, which increases the stores bottom line and in turn boosts our economy. Walmart is only guarantee 1 hour for their special price items to be in stock. So get there early! And by early I mean skip Thanksgiving dinner and spend the night in front of your store of choice.

Please be safe and kind to one another. Scoring that 50″ LCD TV for $288 will do you no good if you’re behind bars for misbehaving. Keep calm and shop on!


Best Buy



Target & Neiman Marcus Collaboration Full LookBook (w/ prices)

17 Oct

It’s here! I’m so excited! The official Neiman Marcus for Target Collaboration Lookbook! I’m having a slight panic attack, as I try anticipating how I’m going to get my hands on all these goodies. My favorite piece out of the entire collection is the shaker and cocktail glasses by ALTUZARRA! It’s stunning, timeless, and chic. It’s perfect and has Downton Abbey written all over it. Trust me this item will be the first to sell out!  The entire collection hits Target stores nationwide on Dec. 1st. Organizing shopping-battle plan now! Which item do you fancy the most?

Altuzarra cocktail collection, glasses, $49.99 (set of 3), shaker, $49.99, tray, $79.99

Tory Burch thermos, $24.99, lunch box, $19.99

Rag & Bone flask $29.99, shot glasses, $19.99 (set of four) sweater, $69.99 (men’s) and $49.99 (boys’)

Marc Jacobs pouch, $69.99 each, scarf, $69.99

Proenza Schouler iPad sleeve, $49.99, sweatshirt, $29.99

Tracy Reese plates, $39.99 (set of 4), top, $79.99

Alice + Olivia bicycle, $499.99, luggage, $179.99

Judith Leiber compacts, $59.99 each

Marchesa girls’ beaded dress, $99.99, girls’ feathered dress, $79.99

Lela Rose dress, $99.99, top, $69.99

Oscar de la Renta pet bowl, $29.99, pet collar and leash, $39.99, tote, $59.99

Robert Rodriguez, top, $79.99, dress, $69.99

Rodarte, wrapping paper, $7.99, ornament, $19.99

Prabal Gurung cape, $79.99, handbag, $49.99

Phillip Crangi, trinket box, $69.99, photo frame, $49.99

Brian Atwood, sunglasses, $39.99, leather gloves, $49.99

Band of Outsiders cookie cutters, $29.99, hats, $29.99 (set of 2)

Skaist-Taylor faux fur children’s hat, $39.99, faux fur vest, $79.99

Thom Browne women’s blazer, $129.99, men’s blazer, $149.99

Derek Lam slippers, $49.99, skateboard, $99.99,

Diane von Furstenberg, yoga mat, $49.99 jewelry box, $49.99

Carolina Herrera, travel bags, $39.99 (set of 3), stationery set, $19.99 (set of 3)

Eddie Borgo, letter opener, $34.99 accent box, $49.99

Jason Wu girls’ dress, $59.99, girls’ dress, $59.99, ornaments, $49.99 (set of 3)

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Pictures courtesy of Glamour.com

Target’s Next Designer Collboration will include MARC JACOBS!!! (2012)

10 Jul

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood! Target’s next Designer collaboration will include MARC JACOBS!!! I dont’ know what to do with myself, I’m so excited. Should I stuff my face with my leftover baked s’mores. Or, dance to one of my favorite songs “Hey Ya”. Maybe I should start waiting in line NOW? The collection will hit Target stores Dec. 1st! Like, I said I’m just soooooo excited!!!

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