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Scarf or Bag

4 Dec


Is it a Scarf or a Bag? Actually, the Parker Scarf is both and I want it! What a brilliant idea created by Symmetry, husband and wife designer team. This is the answer to my recurring dilemma at the farmer's market. I frequent my local farmer's market on Saturday mornings and sometimes I forget to bring my bag but, I never forget to wear a scarf. I am convinced that if I brought this scarf/bag I would cease to have the insanely, stressed, and tortured look on my face when carrying my many fruits and veggies home. Oh, I forgot to mention that I walk to and from the farmer's market. Unfortunately, I'm only in love with the ingenious idea and not the price. At $225, I could easily by loads of different scarves and bags. I'm thinking about wrapping one of my reusable bags around my neck and starting a new trend called the "Scrag". Does that trend idea work for anyone?



(Images Courtesy of "Of a Kind")

All Wrapped Up

16 Oct

During the Fall/Winter months I am always excited to put on my favorite scarf. The soft, warm, fluffy fabric wrapped around my neck reminds me of when I lived in New York City. I use to own loads of scarves but, since my move to California my collection has decreased a bit. I tend to recycle my favorite ones each season and wear them in a new fun way. I wasn't always a scarf lover I had to learn how to get over the feeling of being strangled by my own accessory. After living in NYC I realized the many benefits of wearing a scarf for example…..using it to hide a stain on my favorite blouse, or keep my neck warm, it can even conceal the evidence of a big dinner. Urbanoutfitters has the best selection and prices on this seasons scarves.  

chunky knit scarf




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