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Zac Posen Personal Apperance at Saks (Friday, April 26th)

25 Apr

Calling all Zac Posen fans! The brilliant and talented designer will be making a personal appearance and debuting his 2013 fall collection at Saks Fifth Avenue in San Francisco tomorrow at 2pm. I encourage all my Bay Area readers to stop by Saks, if your schedule premits. Who wouldn’t want to meet Zac Posen in the flesh?! I’ve met him once before…..he’s AH-mazing!




Special Appearance by Zac Posen, Designer & ‘Project Runway’ Judge


ZP Photos

Penhaligon’s of London at Saks Fifth Avenue (San Francisco)

21 Dec

A couple of weeks ago I attended a special event for “Penhaligon’s of London”,  at Saks Fifth Avenue in San Francisco. Penhaligon’s of London is a lovely British perfume company established in 1872 by the brilliant William Penhaligon. They’re perfume is made from the finest rare ingredients – like hand squeezed bergamot and jasmine twice the price of gold. The scent of their perfumes is so intoxicating, you won’t want to stop smelling yourself.

I was treated to a one-on-one perfume consultation, by the ever so knowledgable Brian Kurtz (Marketing Director for North America). Brian took the time to explain the rich history of the Penhaligon’s of London brand. The brand has been around for ages. Winston Churchill wore Penhaligon’s of London iconic “Juniper” scent. The packaging is Ah-mazing! Each bottle is so unique and special, with a color coded label and matching ribbon. The bottles are perfect for any perfume collector. The packaging also bears the official royal seals from Prince Phillip and Prince Charles. It’s all so old world England. I love it!

After walking through roughly ten different scents, I couldn’t make up my mind as to which one was my favorite. And then it happened. Brian took out a gorgeous little bottle from a red box, slipped off the top, and handed the bottle to me. I inhaled a glorious smell – filled with citrus, nutmeg, and ginger. I had found my “love scent” …….Penhaligon’s of London – “Malabah!”  It was so divine! It instantly became my new favorite scent. Which is saying a lot, since I’ve been rocking the same perfume (Quelques Fleurs) for the past 10 years. No judgement, Quelques Fluers has been good to me. I’m anticipating Penhaligon’s London – Malabah to be even better! It really is the scent of the century. At least for me.

I strongly encourage you to stop by the Penhaligon’s of London perfume counter at Saks Fifth Avenue. Your nose will thank you!

*Special Thank you to Brian Kurtz – Sales & Marketing Director, North America for gifting me with the lovely Ladies Miniture Fragance Collection, Ellenisia Candle, and the Travel Atomiser. I will cherish them all!*








My love for Thrift Town & Bargain World

12 Oct

I'm letting you in on a HUGE secret, my 2 favorite thrift stores in the world! Yes, I said it in the world! I've shopped in thrift stores in Paris, Italy, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, and Miami….the list could go on and on. I must give this disclamier that Paris and New York have the MOST beautiful garments in their second hand stores the only down fall is the price is so high you might as well purchase it brand new. I usually do a little skip when i go into Thrift Town in San Francisco and Bargain World in Tacoma, Wa.  Both stores carry an obscene amount of name brand labels, vintage dresses and the prices are extremely low! How low you may ask…. well try $6 for a gorgeous burgundy leather jacket!  Oh, here's one more perk if your in the military you get 10% off your purchase at Bargain World.  HAPPY HUNTING!!!!

Bargain World: 15615 Pacific Ave S, Tacoma, WA (253) 536-2557 ‎

Thrift Town: 2101 Mission St, San Francisco, CA (415) 861-1132 ‎


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