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Film Review: “Argo”

5 Nov

Film: Argo

Review: True stories always make for a great movie and this one did not disappoint. Argo is a real story about a “fake” movie. The film opens up with Iranian militants storming the U.S. Embassy in retaliation on America for allowing Shah (Iran’s King) to take protection on U.S. soil. During the chaos the U.S. diplomats slip out of the back door and take refuge at the house of the Canadian Ambassador for safety. Antonio Mendez played by Affleck is the CIA Agent who leads the mission to rescue the 6 U.S Dioplmats out of Iran. These 6 Americans are at the epicenter of the 1979 hostage situation in Tehran, Iran.  Mendez comes up with a very unique plan to get the diplomats out of Iran without tipping off the militants, disguise them (diplomats) as a Hollywood film crew. It was amazing to see the lengths the CIA took to ensure the Iranian government bought the “fake” movie story. Antonio had to convince John Chambers played by John Goodman to join his elaborate plan. Chambers was a famous hollywood make-up artist for film and TV during the 70’s. Alan Arkin who plays Lester Siegel also jumps on board as the “fake” Hollywood producer. Arkin also happened to be my favorite character in the entire film. His dry comedic humor is refreshing and keeps you laughing every time he comes on-screen. The film really packed a punch with the suspense! Are they going to escape, is someone going to snitch on them, will they get out of Iran safely? I thought my heart was going to fall out of my chest during the course of this film. Especially when the Americans were making their way through the Iranian airport.

The set and art direction for this film is brilliant. Often times I feel as though “period” films struggle to convince the audience of the past decade in the film. This was not the case with the Argo. The clothing, hair, geographic location, and props all felt very authentic to the late 1970’s era.

Argo is getting a lot of Oscar buzz and I can see why. From start to finish you are hooked on watching this film. It’s definitely worth checking out!

Best line in the Movie: “If I’m going to make a fake movie, it’s going to be a fake hit” – Lester Siegel

Fall’s Must See Films (My Picks for Oscar Contenders)

4 Oct

Oh wee! It’s going to one good film season for Fall! I’m already lining up the movies I want to see before the end of the year. Here are my picks for the films that I think have an excellent shot at an Oscar!

I’m not a film critic, so these picks are based solely off my love for film and nothing less. I generally pick a great film based off of great writing. If the writing of the film is awful then I really don’t care who is starring in it. I’m not interested. The seven films I’ve selected below have brilliant writers along with phenomenal actors. What more could you ask for?! I will be posting reviews on the films I listed below.

Which film are you most excited about seeing?

WON’T BACK DOWN (in Theaters Now)

 THE MASTER (in Theaters Now)

THE PAPERBOY (in Theaters October 5th)

CLOUD ATLAS (in Theaters October 26th)

LINCOLN (in Theaters November 9th)

ANNA KARENINA (in Theaters November 16th)

DJANGO UNCHAINED (in Theaters Christmas Day)

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Five Famous Wearers of the Bow Tie

26 Sep

With London fashion week taking place last week and the distinct lack of bow-ties that were on show there, we thought that this was the perfect reason to shout the house down about them and take a look at some of the coolest people in history to wear the symmetrical neck tie! You never know, available from companies such as S Buckinghams, we might just convince you to go out there and wear one!

BILL NYE (the Science Guy)

Children throughout the world have grown up learning their basic science from one of the coolest guys on the planet, Bill Nye. Never seen in public without his trademark bow tie, the scientist has gained a new world wide appreciation with the advances of the internet and has a regular fan base throughout many social sites.

Interestingly, Nye is a keen Baseball fan and enjoys experimenting with the physics of the game.


One of the most memorable British Prime Ministers in history, Churchill has left an ever stretching shadow across history, not only for his wartime victories, but too for his bow-tie attire and top hat.

Though you may not think of Mr. Churchill as much of a fashion icon, he has indeed left an everlasting mark on British culture with his famous V sign, glamorization of the Union Jack, postage stamps and use in insurance advertisements.


One of the most famous Broadway singers, actors and musicians ever to hit the stage, Astaire’s career spanned a total of 76 long happy years.

With Astaire still influencing the generations of today, it is to no surprise that in his day, he was also one of the most sought heart throbs in Hollywood and acted alongside many Hollywood beauties including Rita Hayworth, Joan Leslie and Joan Caulfied; picking up a large assortment of awards along the way including two three Golden Globes and one Academy Award.


The largest name in popular music over the last seventy years, Frank Sinatra was rarely seen without a bow tie, but with thirteen Grammy awards, four Golden Globes and three Academy awards to his name, who could blame him?

Before his death in 1998, Ol’ Blue Eyes had over thirty studio albums under his belt with many of them reaching and gold certificates by the RIAA.


The last but not least of these famous bow tie wearers may well indeed be fictional but James Bond may very well be the most recognised bow tie wearer of the lot.

With the new film, Skyfall coming out this Autumn, get ready to brace yourself for some more bow-tie wearing action flashness!

Though Bond’s favourite drink is not actually the martini (he drank more champagne in the novels than vodka martini), we can rest assured that he is indeed our favourite bow tie wearer!

Article Written By: Chris Taylor (S buckinghams)

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