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3 Thing For Him

25 Jul

FASHION: Socks, T-shirts, & Boxers! Fell-loves let’s be honest most of you are notorious for sporty holey socks, t-shirts and, well other unmentionables. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is a great time to stock up on all your manly essentials. Now, I’m not going to presume that I know which is more preferable among men boxers or briefs but whatever you fancy, there’s a great selection to be had at Nordies. Why not make your lady proud and buy them yourself without waiting for her to gift them to you during the holiday season.

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Starts July 15th

7 Jul

Hello Darlings! Here’s a quick link to the iconic Nordstrom Anniversary Sale catalog. The Sale will be start in less than 10 days. Who’s excited?


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