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The Hottest Kicks: Nike Dunk Sky High City

12 Mar

Get these kicks in my closet NOW! NIKE! I want all five of these hottie tottie sneakers! The ‘Nike Dunk Sky High City’ sneakers are reppin’ the five best cities in the world – NEW YORK, LONDON, MILAN, PARIS, TOKYO! I so need the LONDON (tartan red) sneakers. Yes, I said NEED! I will have to save up my chips at $225 a pair. These snazzy kicks are set to hit NIKE stores on the following dates….(New York on Feb. 9, London on Feb. 16, Milan on Feb. 23, Paris on March 2, and Tokyo on March 19). Queue the lines…..

Shop the collections at these stores listed below.

Fruition LV – Shop Here (Milan Style ONLY available sizes 8.5 / 9 / Size 9.5 / Size 10 / Size 11)

Barneys NYC – Shop Here (All styles in stock – limited Milan sizes)

Bows & Arrows – Berkeley, CA (510) 649-6683 

Bloomingdales, Santa Monica, CA (310) 985-6400

NTC – Chicago, IL (773) 294-8121

21 Mercer Niketwon, New York, NY (212) 226-5433

Nordstrom.com – Shop Here (Only Available London, Paris, & Tokyo – Sizes 9 – 11)

Extra Butter NYC – Shop Here (Milan & New York SOLD OUT)

RMKstore – Shop Here (All styles in stock – limited Milan sizes)







(pictures courtesy of Nike.com)

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