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Comic Book Wars: Romance Was Born Collection ’12

10 Aug

Superheros and fashion that seems normal, right? I love an unfiltered designer, one who can design a collection without any limitations, creating only what they envision and not stopping until that vision has become a reality by gracing the runway. This insanely colorful, gorgeous, eclectic, collection is just that. The the dynamic duo Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales are the creative geniuses behind Romance Was Born S/S 2012 Collection. Plunkett and Sales teamed up with Marvel comics to create an one-of-kind collection featuring comic book phrases (POW! BAM!) colors, and even the superheros themselves. I can’t decide what piece I adore more. It’s always fun to rock an unexpected piece to the office. My eyes are on the “The Hulk” dress below. The silhouette of the dress has clean lines and slightly structure shoulders. Throw a blazer over it and you have an amazing look. No one would ever suspect that you possess superhuman powers underneath your blazer.

Some of the above Images are coutsey of Fashionising.com

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