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On Trend! Black & White Street Style (Spring 2013)

27 Feb

Black & White! Black & White! Black & White!  This iconic color palette is the highlight of fashion for spring/summer 2013. Louis Vuitton kicked off the trend when they featured their insanely gorgeous collection of high-graphic black and white shift dresses. Oh how I heart King Louis! Since my pockets aren’t deep enough for a Louis Vuitton dress, I will have to settle for putting together my own black and white looks. Here’s a few pictures from London, Paris, and New York Fashion Week to inspire you on your own black and white looks. I’m still swooning over that stunning LV shift dress. Le sigh….

LOUIS VUITTON Spring/Summer 2013















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Louis Vuitton Pre-Fall 2013

12 Jan

Oh LV why do you tease so?! You take my breath away each season! I’m head over heels in love with the pre-fall collection for Louis Vuitton. This glorious pictorial is a fashion treat for my eyes. I mean could King Louis get any better. The collection is feminine, whimsical, and edgy all at the same time. I adore the bright, bold, red swing coat and the leather brocade skirt below. The big bows and over-sized, deconstructed blazers are just what the fashion doctor order for Fall. It looks like the 1960’s influence is here to stay. If only I had a larger bank account to make all these gorgeous clothes mine. Le sigh…..














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The unveiling of Yayoi Kusama for Louis Vuttion (Video)

31 Jul

Video: Louis Vuttion “Locomotive” Fall 2012 Fashion Show

16 Jun


I had to follow up yesterday's post with this glorious video of Louis Vuitton's Fall 2012 show! How does Marc Jacob continue to top himself every season with these brilliant LV fashion shows?! Can you imagine sitting front row and witnessing an antique train pulling into the Louvre! The courtyard of the Louvre was transformed into an old train station edged in iron and adorned with a clock that glowed like a full moon. The vintage-inspired train was hand crafted by the Vuitton team! Lucky for them I wasn't invited to the show. Had I received an invitation I would have attended the show disguised as a Train Conductor and wormed my way onto the locomotive. I'm pretty sure Marc Jacobs would have thought I was a bit loco! Check out the memorizing video below!




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Louis Vuitton Fall 2012 Campaign: The LV Express

15 Jun

Um….love! The LV Fall 2012 ad campaign has arrived into the station and its spectacular! You all know my obsession with Louis Vuitton or “King Louis” as I affectionately call the Parisian fashion house! This gorgeous photo shoot was shot by the brilliant Steven Meisel. I love the Downton Abbey-esque  styling through out this ad campaign.  All the beaded bags and fantastic hats….its all too much! I’m completely drooling over the handbags featured in this editorial. I think I might have just discovered my next handbag crush. Double Swoon!


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Pick of the Day

27 Oct


 Louis Vuitton Navajo Inspired Dress

Here's my pick of the day! I love the pattern and colors. You can't tell from the picture but, the colors in this dress are very vibrant! I would definitely forgo the brown moccasin boots and style this dress with a pair of sexy strappy sandals! 


Louis the Messenger

14 Oct


Please don't report me to PETA for featuring the LOUIS VUITTON fox tail messenger bag. Rest assured I wouldn't purchase this bag anyway because, I am not a fan of animal fur. However, I have a strong affinity for messenger bags. My attraction to messenger bags started 5 years ago when I realized they were super functional and trendy. And since my weakness for a new Louis Vuitton bag tends to creep up on me…..I am happy to report that these babies are most likely sold out! That's good for my wallet and savings account.





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