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DIY: How to make a Circle Scarf for Fall/Winter

15 Oct

Burberry Spring/Summer 2013 Collection

10 Oct

Leave it to Burberry to create a collection so lovely, that I’m already wishing for next summer! I’m so in love with this collection. My adoration begins but does not end with the lovely yellow-gold metallic heels the models are wearing. My feet are desperate for a pair! I love all the rich hue colors…. from emerald-green, to navy blue, fuchsia pink, and royal purple, each color marked with a cast of metallic. I can’t wait to get my hands on this unique color palette for the warmer months. The knee-length skirts are the perfect spring/summer vision. The only positive thing about this collection not being launched until next spring is t-i-m-e! I have approximately six months to save up enough money to afford one of these glorious pieces!

I have so many dreams in life, one being to actually sit front row at a Burberry show during London Fashion Week. Who am I kidding? I would be just as happy to stand in the back row and watch in awe!  Someday my “Burberry Prince” will come…..in the form of tickets to the show!

Jason Wu S/S 2013 Backstage

11 Sep

Hey Wu! What a collection! I’m in love with the classic black and white color palette. It’s the perfect color combo to transition from fall to spring. Black and white seem to be the color of choice for s/s 2013 as Marc Jacobs collections had a similar theme. More on his collection later this week.

Jason Wu is known for his lady-like affair with his a-line skirts and dresses. This season he stepped up the lady-like vibe and hit it with a menswear touch. Check out the white and black suspenders attached to the gowns. LOVE! Menswear influences are VERY hot for fall! I’m so excited to see this trend carry over to next spring. I also adore all the lace fabric in navy blue and pink, how Downton Abbey of him. Check out Wu’s glorious collection below!

p.s. I just watched Marc Jacobs S/S 2013 live stream. I watched his show on my laptop while chowing down on KFC (no judgement) for my din din. I haven’t eaten KFC in over 2 years. I’m not big on fast food and stayed away from KFC after witnessing a gang of rats hanging out in a KFC in NYC a couple of years ago….true story.

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Movie of The Week: “Bill Cunningham New York”

9 Aug

Movie of the Week: “Bill Cunningham New York”

Review: Love, love, love this documentary, its a must see! This documentary features the legendary fashion photographer Bill Cunningham. The film provides a fascinating look into Mr. Cunningham’s work/life balance, what he deems important, and his regular Sunday attendance to church. It’s another side of the fashion world that’s rarely seen. I got such a thrill watching this 83-year-old man ride his bike through the streets of New York City, searching for the perfect fashion photo. He’s like a ninja with his camera. He snaps a picture and then poof he’s gone. It’s amazing to watch how quickly he moves and his dedication to his job. Bill spends hours capturing everyday women rocking their individual style interpretation of runway fashions. He attends up to 8 events in one night. I was exhausted just by watching him. I can barely attend one event after working a 10 hour day. Mr. Cunningham’s amazing photos are chronicled in his weekly article  “On the Street” in the New York Times style section. His photos are visual treat for any fashion enthusiast. This is an insprational film for anyone seeking a career in fashion, photography ……or just pursuing your dream.

I am a true fan of Bill Cunningham! He will always be the “original street fashion photographer, The Satorlist ain’t got nothin’ on this man. Keep doing your thang Bill!

Favorite Lines:  “I’m not interested in celebrities with their free dresses, I’m interested in clothes.”

“See if you don’t take money they can’t tell you what to do, that’s the key to the whole thing”


Bill Cunningham

His Work

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Oscar de la Renta Resort Collection: The League to Save Lake Tahoe

8 Aug

Feast your eyes on this! Saks Fifth Avenue (San Francisco) launched the Oscar de la Renta 2013 Resort Collection in style. Looking at the photos you just might mistake the gorgeous backdrop for the French Riviera. I’m currently devising a plan at how I can attend this event next year!

“The  event on Saturday, August 4 held at the Schumacher estate located on the beautiful shores of Lake Tahoe in Incline Village.  The event was sold out with 550 in attendance and raised $500,000 for The League to Save Lake Tahoe

 The annual event has been happening since 1969 and started with Bill Blass and Saks Fifth Avenue San Francisco on the sandy beaches of Lake Tahoe and has since grown into a must-attend event for Bay Area & Northern California socialites.  Marissa Mayer, Barbara Brown and Dede Wilsey are just a few notable attendees that came out this year to enjoy the new venue and view the Resort 2013 Collection of Oscar de la Renta on the 68’ runway with Lake Tahoe as the backdrop. Representatives in attendance from Oscar de la Renta included Eliza Bolen, Executive Vice President and daughter of the legendary Oscar de la Renta. ” 

Special thanks to Ryan Williams for the stunning pictures! 

Naeem Khan Fall 2012: A “Real Housewives” Dream

4 Aug

Swooning! Naeem Khan’s fall 2012 collection is stunning! Mr. Khan’s gowns are always deliciously bejeweled. I dream of wearing one to red carpet event or maybe just lying around the house. Oh trust me, if I owned a dress this gorgeous I would definitely turn my living room into a Parisian runway. It would be crime not to take a gown this perfect out many nights on the town.

If any of you caught the latest episode of The Real Housewives of NYC, this was the Designer that Carole took issue with Luann approaching. I laughed so hard when Luann was desperately trying to explain to Carole that her intentions for asking to borrow a dress from Naeem Khan were to help him get more “exposure”. Naeem got his big break years ago when he was employed as an assistant to the iconic designer Halston Khan has dressed many celebrities lik Beyonce, Carrie Underwood, Eva Longoria, Brooke Shields, and Frist Lady Michelle Obama. Why would he need any help from a reality star? Hmmm….just sayin’

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RODARTE Fall 2012: “The Shoes”

16 Jul

My love for Rodarte is growing at lighting speed. These shoes! Oh these shoes! I NEED them! I have a lovely dress hanging in my closet that is begging to be best friends with this glorious footwear.

CHANEL Haute Couture 2013: From Concept to Completion

6 Jul

Not Mr. Roger’s Cardigan

15 Oct


Mr. Roger's never rocked a cardigan this stylish! Cardigans are making a coming back for fall and in many bright colors. This is definitely a winning look for the hipster and the preppy! It's a cool way to look trendy without trying too hard. Fellas, if your not ready for the bright colors just wear your favorite graphic t-shirt underneath a grey or black cardigan. Remember, the trick to sporting a new trend is Confidence!

*Bonus tip: ladies wear your man's over-sized cardigan, belted with a little gold belt, over your favorite leggings. You'll feel pretty HOT wearing your man's cardigan all day!





Furry Friends from Tokyo

14 Oct


I’m quite fascinated by Japanese fashion. A hot trend on the streets of Japan are furry leg warmers. Some, of the TS (trend setters) are brave enough to wear real fur while others are opting for faux fur. I don’t see this trend crossing over into the states. Americans tend to be a little shy about wearing fur coats let alone fur around their legs.  I must confess I secretly want a pair (faux fur of course) and wear them with my gold gladiator sandals. My only fear is that my neighbor’s dog would attack me on mistaken identity that I was wearing a rat around my ankles. Maybe this style is a no go for me. 


Japanese Street Fashion

Fur Leg Warmers and Boots are Big in Tokyo photo 2

Fur Leg Warmers and Boots are Big in Tokyo photo 3

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