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Downton Abbey Season 4 – Episode 3 (Watch it HERE)

12 Oct

I’m seriously on cloud 9 with getting all of my DTA Season 4 fix! These free links are EPIC! The only problem is, the videos have a limit of how many people can view them in a 24-hour period. If the video is unavailable just click back on it to see if it will reset. If it doesn’t reset, you will need to wait until the following day to view it. Enjoy http://www.simplyjune.org/2013/10/downton-abbey-4-episode-3.html  Or HERE http://simplyjunehaskell.blogspot.com/2012/09/downton-abbey-3-episode-3.html



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Downton Abbey Season 4 – Episode 2 (Watch it HERE)

12 Oct

And it just keeps getting better! Here’s the link to DTA Season 4 Episode 2! Enjoy http://www.simplyjune.org/2013/09/downton-abbey-4-episode-2.html


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Downton Abbey Season 3: Recap Mondays – Episode 2

14 Jan

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of episode 2. How gorgeous was the back of Edith’s vintage wedding dress? AH-mazing! I watched episode 2 at my friend Joey’s house and we both kept commenting on how insanely beautiful the back of her wedding gown was. I must say, Edith looked very lovely on her wedding day. Now let’s get into it……

I know this old Joker did not just jilt Edith at the altar. Poor, poor Edith! Why must she continually be disappointed. I was mortified for her. I guess Sir Antony is suffering from a mild case of dementia. Apparently he forgot his enthusiastic acceptance to marry Edith just 24 hours prior. How could he decide at the ninth hour that he wasn’t going to go through with it. What the heck?! Look on the bright side, Edith. You sure dodged a bullet by not marrying Yoda – I mean Sir Anthony. I really, really, really hope Edith finds love. She deserves to be happy too.

Oh shoot! Thomas has done it now. After stirring up trouble with a false rumor that O’Brien was leaving. O’Brien has now vowed she will have her revenge. If I were Thomas I would make nice-nice with Mrs. O’Brien quickly. That chick doesn’t play! She is definitely calculating something of EPIC portions to unleash on Thomas. I can’t wait to see how this plays out. As evil and conniving as O’Brien is, she secretly one of my favorite characters.

Anna met with Mrs. Bartlett – an old friend of the former Mrs. Bates. Anna was hoping to collect some information that would help to prove Mr. Bates innocents. It seems like she might be getting closer to cracking the case against him. *side note* – what was up with Mrs. Bartlett calling Anna a “trollop”? I was hoping Anna would go all “Mrs. O’Brien” on her but she kept it classy. Good for you Anna. You’re better woman than me. 

Did anyone else take a second look at Mr. Bates, when he shoved his cellmate against the wall last week? For a split second, I was looking at Mr. Bates through my third eye. I thought uh-oh, maybe he did do it. Now, fast forward to this week’s episode and we have more jailhouse shenanigans brewing. I guess Mr. Bates’s cellmate didn’t enjoy being shoved around. So in retaliation, he’s trying to set-up Mr. Bates by hiding some weed behind his bed. Or wait! Did they smoke week in 1920? I’m not sure. Whatever. Let’s just call it weed, since I really couldn’t tell what the “thing” was that was being discovered under Mr. Bates’ bed. All I know is when the guards came in to do their cell inspection they found nothing. Nada. Mr. Bates had snatched up the “retro weed” and hide it in a crack in the wall. So much for the cellmate trying to frame Mr. Bates. You can’t get anything past an OG like Mr. Bates. Get back to me if you think it was something else other than weed?

Yay, Downton Abbey is saved! Thanks to the inheritance Matthew Crawley received from Mr. Swire – Lavinia’s father.  It turns out that Lavinia knew Matthew really wasn’t feeling her. She could see that Matthew really wanted Mary. So she wrote to her father (on the DL) explaining the situation.  I guess Lavinia wasn’t as clueless as we thought. Anyway, the letter she wrote…. prompted Mr. Swire to write a separate letter to Matthew letting him know he was aware of the situation at the time of Lavinia’s death. What a saint Lavinia was. The letter from Mr. Swire finally gave Matthew the peace he needed to keep the money. After much consideration and annoying “I’m an awful man” speech…blah..blah..blah. Matthew gave the money to Lord Grathnam and BAM! Downtown Abbey is safe once again. Phew, that was a close call. I sure wasn’t looking forward to watching “Downton Place.”

No cancer for Mrs. Hughes. What a relief! I was wondering how they were going to swing that storyline. Mrs. Hughes is one of the cornerstones in Downton Abbey. I mean who’s going to keep all the maids in check. I so loved the sisterly support Mrs. Patmore gave to Mrs. Hughes in her time of need. It was nice to see their friendship blossoming.

Daisy has a new crush and it’s the “gentle giant” – Alfred. I sure hope he gives her chance. I feel like Daisy is over-looked a lot. What’s up with the promotion? It’s time for something great to happen to our dear Daisy!

What was your favorite part in episode 2?

Best Line: “You are being tested and you know what they say my Darling, being tested only makes you stronger” – Lady Grantham

To watch Season 3  – Episode 2 Click Here

Lady Edith




Daisy and Alfred


Lady Grantham and Mrs. O’Brien


Lady Mary and Matthew


Mrs. Patmore and Mrs. Hughes


Mr. Bates


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