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Downton Abbey Season 4 – Episode 8 (Watch it Here)

11 Nov

Watch it Here http://www.simplyjune.org/2013/11/downton-abbey-season-4-episode-8.html


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Downton Abbey Season 4 – Episode 7 (Watch it HERE)

5 Nov

Watch it HERE http://www.simplyjune.org/2013/11/downton-abbey-season-4-episode-7.html


Downton Abbey Season 4 – Episode 5 (Watch It HERE)

22 Oct

Watch it HERE http://www.simplyjune.org/2013/10/downton-abbey-4-episode-5.html


Downton Abbey Season 4 – Episode 4 (Watch It HERE)

22 Oct

Watch it HERE….http://www.simplyjune.org/2013/10/downton-abbey-4-episode-4.html


Downton Abbey Season 4 Trailer (Video)

31 Aug

Oh wee! I can’t wait until Downton Abbey premieres in the UK on September 22nd and in the States on January 5th! This season is full of tears, dancing, flirty flapper dresses, fights, and many many cups of tea! I’m sad that Cousin Matthew is gone but the new hotties make up for some much needed eye-candy. Holla!

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‘Downton Abbey’ Season 4 UPDATES

15 May

PBS has set a premiere date for ‘Downton Abbey’ Season 4. Drum Roll please…… January 5th, 2014! Boo! The UK will get to the watch Season 4 in September of this year. That’s a full 4 months before the U.S. I’m NOT happy about this!

Last season we lost our beloved Matthew Crawley. Naturally Lady Mary will need a new love interest – (I hope you didn’t expect Lady Mary to roll as a single mother in season 4). I give you the gorgeous Tom Cullen as Lord Gillingham! No word as to which episode in season 4 – Tom Cullen’s character will be introduced. By the looks of his photo below, I think my grieving process for Matthew just got easier. Also, in other big DTA news. The show has cast their first black actor for season 4. British actor Gary Carr will play Jack Ross, a very talented jazz singer. Whoa! Gary Carr is a FOX! My waiting period for Downton Abbey to return is going to be tortuous. I need January 5, 2014 to hurry up! I’m soooo excited about Season 4 to start, I can’t  breathe. Ok. I’m being dramatic. I can breathe. I’m just REALLY excited!

Who else is excited for DTA season 4?

Tom Cullen (Lady Mary’s new Beau)


Gary Carr (Jack Ross – jazz singer)


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