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Downton Abbey Season 3 Monday Recaps: Episode 5

4 Feb

The Crawley family is in mourning after the untimely death of Lady Sybil. Everyone misses Sybil and feels the great loss of not having her around. Cora’s grief seems to be the most palpable. Her grief is compounded with anger towards Lord Grantham. Cora still believes that had Lord G. listened to Dr. Clarkson, Sybil would be alive. The anger Cora bears against Robert is causing a terrible strain on their marriage, forcing them to sleep in separate beds. Gasp. The Countess Dowager notices the strain (not because of the bed issue) and devises a plan to help them. The Dowager summons Dr. Clarkson and encourages him to share his findings about the “real” cause of Sybil’s death. Quick thinking Dowager Countess. The information that Dr. Clarkson shares with Lord G. and Cora is just what they needed to hear…..in order to let go of the anger and grieve together. The scene where Cora and Lord G. embrace each other was so emotional and heartwarming. I couldn’t bear it if Cora and Lord Grantham continued to live in disharmony. Or worse. Divorce. Just thinking about it stresses me out. Thank God for the Dowager. Phew.

Branson announces over breakfast that he’s naming the baby Sybil (after her mother) and she will be baptized as a Catholic. Lord Grantham is shocked at the thought of his only granddaughter being baptized as a Catholic …..something about –  “No, Crawley being a Catholic since the revolution”..blah…blah…blah. Light up Lord. G, it’s really not that big of a deal. At least the little one’s soul will be covered should she succumb to the same fate as her mother. Tom is doing a great job holding it together, despite the fact that he is still struggling with the loss of his beautiful wife. I’m beginning to soften towards Tom. It’s obvious that he truly loved and adored Sybil.

Cousin Isobel wishes to throw a little lunch party to lift the spirits of Cora and the girls. This lunch party sets Ethel on a mission to impress Cousin Isobel by improving her cooking skills. Ethel reaches out to Mrs. Patmore for help with cooking lessons. Mrs. Patmore is kind enough to oblige and provides Ethel with recipes and tips along with a few lessons. So kind, that Mrs. Patmore. I know Mrs. P can a be a bit strict with the kitchenmaids but underneath it all I think she’s a real softie.

Mrs. O’Brien is still scheming and working on her master plan to obliterate Thomas. (I’m telling you, this chick needs a love interest ASAP! She’s got too much time on her hands.) O’Brien steps up her game. She is no longer satisfied with just hinting around to Thomas about Jimmy. Nope. She blatantly tells Thomas that Jimmy has a crush on him. Thomas takes the bait due his narcissistic tendencies. This situation could it ugly….

Whoo Hoo! Jailhouse shenanigans have resumed. Mr. Bates and his cellmate are at it again. Anna visits Mr. Bates in jail (for the 800th time) and informs him that Mrs. Bartlett has recanted her story regarding her interaction with Vera before she died. This recantment could affect the outcome of overturning his case. Bates vows to Anna that he will get to the bottom of why Mrs. Bartlett is recanting her story. Anna makes Bates promise he won’t “do anything foolish.” Despite Anna’s loving encouragement, Mr. Bates still puts a hurtin’ on his cellmate. While the inmates are walking around the courtyard (which one can only assume is their form of daily exercise) Mr. Bates grabs his cellmate out of line and shoves in him a nearby corner away from the peering eyes of the guards. Bates then threatens his cellmate with what looked like knife. (The “knife” had a little hook on it, so we really can’t be sure it was a “real” knife.) Mr. Bates threats worked! Out of the blue, Anna receives a letter from Mr. Murray (Bates’ Lawyer) stating that Bates will be released from prison in a matter of a few weeks. So basically, Bates will be back at Downton Abbey in next week’s episode. Can’t wait….

Best Line: “Is it over, when one loses a child. Is it ever really over?” – Cora

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Downton Abbey Monday Recaps: Season 3 – Episode 4

28 Jan

Poor, poor sweet Lady Sybil! Our beloved Sybil has died and gone to “TV” heaven. I was in tears when Tom (Sybil’s husband) cried and begged for her not to leave him. What an incredibly emotional scene. Speaking of scenes…..the dying scene was quite traumatic and intense. I mean did we really need to see her convulsing like that. I thought this was Downton Abbey not “Breaking Bad.” I knew Sybil was a goner once Dr. Clarkson and Sir Philip Tapsell started arguing about her condition. Sir Philip’s pride clouded his judgement from seeing the reality of the situation. The arguing only escalated once the family got involved. Everyone was shouting out their concerns for Sybil’s safety. I was yelling at the screen “everybody cool out”, it was too much. As awful as the death of Lady Sybil was – it wasn’t a total surprise. Julia Fellowes (DTA creator) hinted last year that a main character would be killed off in Season 3. I’m deeply saddened that it was Sybil and not her husband. It’s no secret that I’m no fan of Tom. Seeing him killed-off rather than sweet Sybil would’ve been an early birthday present.

Cousin Isobel extended the invitation of employment to Ethel, as a cook at Crawley house. Mrs. Bird currently occupies the position as head cook at Crawley house. However, Mrs. Bird didn’t fancy the idea of working alongside a “woman of the night”, so she gave her notice and left. Apparently, it’s a HUGE no-no to have a former prostitute working in a respectable household. Guilty by associate or some kind nonsense. I really don’t understand what all the fuss is about. I mean all Ethel is trying to do is get back on her feet. Can’t a woman get a second chance. Geesh……

Hey Playa! Alfred, is still trying to put the moves on Ivy. He’s not very smooth but boy is he relentless. Here’s the break down of all the love wars going on downstairs. Daisy is feeling Alfred. Alfred is feeling Ivy. Ivy is feeling Jimmy and Thomas is feeling Jimmy. Jimmy is feeling himself. It doesn’t look like any of the servants will be making a love connection, seeing how they are all in love with the wrong people. Go figure. Daisy is my favorite to watch while being under the spell of love. All that lashing out at Ivy and the shouting of orders makes Daisy a perfect candidate for a woman who could easily slip into a “fatal attraction” mindset. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Daisy boiling bunnies in episode 5.

Can anyone guess what Mrs. O’Brien is up to? Plotting and planning, folks. Plotting and planning. O’Brien is on a mission to destroy Thomas and it looks like she has found some “bait” – Jimmy. Slowly but surely she is planting the seed that something unseemly is taking place on Thomas’s behalf. I’m pretty sure Jimmy is taking the bait as he is already expressing his concerns regarding Thomas’s touchy-feely ways.

The jig is up! Vera is officially framing Mr. Bates from the grave. Thanks to Anna’s “Sherlock Holmes” tendencies, she has cracked the case against Mr. Bates. All her hard work is finally paying off. Anna must have a serious backlog of PTO. This chick is always running back and forth to London to see about her hubby’s plight. I hope Mr. Bates gets out of the slammer soon. I don’t think the other maids will continue to remain silent about Anna’s never-ending time off.

Mr. Bates and his cellmate have taken a break from their jailhouse shenanigans. Maybe they were tried of all the fighting and framing of one another. I was a bit disappointed as I look forward to the hilarious jail fight  scenes. It would’ve been a welcomed distraction after the untimely death of Lady Sybil. No worries. Based off of the previews for next week’s episode it looks like Mr. Bates and his cellmate will be up to their old fighting ways once again. Can’t wait!

Best Line: “I agree, the decision lies with the chauffeur” – Dowager Countess

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Lady Sybil and Tom


Lady Cora

lady cora

Tom and Lady Cora


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Downton Abbey Season 3: Recap Mondays – Episode 3

21 Jan

I knew it! I knew this Branson-character was no good. You see what happens when you marry “the help.”  This so-called husband of Sybil has left her stranded. Dude was caught vandalising the home of Irish nobility and bounced. Lady Sybil was left to figure out the mess.What kind of man abandons his pregnant wife? What a Joker! In an effort to save Sybil from ruin. Lord Grantham travels to London to speak with his lawyer on Tom’s behalf. Lord Grantham is hoping to work out a deal to keep Tom out of prison (for participating in the destruction of the Irish nobility’s home).Tom is becoming a real headache for the Crawley family. I have a small piece of advice for Lady Sybil – never trust a chauffeur and smile.

Edith went all “single ladies” in episode 3. Edith was like “bump this”….. I’m taking charge of own my life. What a comeback! It only took her a half of an episode to bounce back from being jilted by Sir Anthony. Within a couple of hours Edith had landed a job as writer for a local newspaper.  Her first published piece was on women’s rights concerning the vote. Talk about a complete turn around.

Well, well, well, a new hottie has arrived at Downton Abbey.  The new footman (James) is quite the looker and seems to be sparking a few love interests. Move over Alfred and make room for Jimmy-Jam or James as Carson prefers to call him. I think there are few ladies and possibly one gent with their eyes on handsome Jimmy. It looks like Thomas might be making a play of J-man. We’ll see how things develop in episode 4.

Boy the wheels are a spinning in O’Brien twisted brain. She is planning something extra devious for Thomas. Does anybody else feel like Mrs. O’Brien has too much time on her hand with all this plotting and planning? She needs a love interest like pronto. I’m positive, a date or two might be just the ticket for her to simmer down a bit. I mean even “evil” ladies need love. Maybe Mr. Mosley could play her love interest. Now, there’s a story.

More jailhouse shenanigans for Mr. Bates. I’m actually starting to really enjoy all these jailhouse scenes. Not only are the scenes quite hilarious but I love the back and forth of Bates and his cellmate trying to frame each other. This time Bates’s cellmate gets the guard to block all of his letters from Anna. (Bates believes Anna has stopped writing because she no longer loves him.) Bates is tipped off by another inmate that one of the guards is trying to frame him with….”weed”. Or at least that’s what I’m calling it. I’m still scratching my head from last week’s episode which featured  a “weed/burlap thingy.”  What is it that keeps being hidden behind Mr. Bates’s bed?  That’s the million dollar question. If you have any ideas on what “it” is. Please get back to me? Moving on. Bates discovers the weed hiding behind his bed and then turns right around and hides behind his cellmates bed. Just in the nick-of-time. The guards enter into his cell and perform one of their “random” searches only to discover the weed behind his cellmate’s bed. The cellmate then makes some kinda of threat towards Mr. Bates and is whisked off to isolation.

Best Line: “Edith dear, you’re a women with a brain and reasonable ability. Stop whining and find something to do.” – Dowager Countess

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Lady Sybil and Tom Branson


James (footman) and Carson (butler)


Sybil and Tom


Mary and Matthew


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Downton Abbey Season 3: Recap Mondays – Episode 2

14 Jan

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of episode 2. How gorgeous was the back of Edith’s vintage wedding dress? AH-mazing! I watched episode 2 at my friend Joey’s house and we both kept commenting on how insanely beautiful the back of her wedding gown was. I must say, Edith looked very lovely on her wedding day. Now let’s get into it……

I know this old Joker did not just jilt Edith at the altar. Poor, poor Edith! Why must she continually be disappointed. I was mortified for her. I guess Sir Antony is suffering from a mild case of dementia. Apparently he forgot his enthusiastic acceptance to marry Edith just 24 hours prior. How could he decide at the ninth hour that he wasn’t going to go through with it. What the heck?! Look on the bright side, Edith. You sure dodged a bullet by not marrying Yoda – I mean Sir Anthony. I really, really, really hope Edith finds love. She deserves to be happy too.

Oh shoot! Thomas has done it now. After stirring up trouble with a false rumor that O’Brien was leaving. O’Brien has now vowed she will have her revenge. If I were Thomas I would make nice-nice with Mrs. O’Brien quickly. That chick doesn’t play! She is definitely calculating something of EPIC portions to unleash on Thomas. I can’t wait to see how this plays out. As evil and conniving as O’Brien is, she secretly one of my favorite characters.

Anna met with Mrs. Bartlett – an old friend of the former Mrs. Bates. Anna was hoping to collect some information that would help to prove Mr. Bates innocents. It seems like she might be getting closer to cracking the case against him. *side note* – what was up with Mrs. Bartlett calling Anna a “trollop”? I was hoping Anna would go all “Mrs. O’Brien” on her but she kept it classy. Good for you Anna. You’re better woman than me. 

Did anyone else take a second look at Mr. Bates, when he shoved his cellmate against the wall last week? For a split second, I was looking at Mr. Bates through my third eye. I thought uh-oh, maybe he did do it. Now, fast forward to this week’s episode and we have more jailhouse shenanigans brewing. I guess Mr. Bates’s cellmate didn’t enjoy being shoved around. So in retaliation, he’s trying to set-up Mr. Bates by hiding some weed behind his bed. Or wait! Did they smoke week in 1920? I’m not sure. Whatever. Let’s just call it weed, since I really couldn’t tell what the “thing” was that was being discovered under Mr. Bates’ bed. All I know is when the guards came in to do their cell inspection they found nothing. Nada. Mr. Bates had snatched up the “retro weed” and hide it in a crack in the wall. So much for the cellmate trying to frame Mr. Bates. You can’t get anything past an OG like Mr. Bates. Get back to me if you think it was something else other than weed?

Yay, Downton Abbey is saved! Thanks to the inheritance Matthew Crawley received from Mr. Swire – Lavinia’s father.  It turns out that Lavinia knew Matthew really wasn’t feeling her. She could see that Matthew really wanted Mary. So she wrote to her father (on the DL) explaining the situation.  I guess Lavinia wasn’t as clueless as we thought. Anyway, the letter she wrote…. prompted Mr. Swire to write a separate letter to Matthew letting him know he was aware of the situation at the time of Lavinia’s death. What a saint Lavinia was. The letter from Mr. Swire finally gave Matthew the peace he needed to keep the money. After much consideration and annoying “I’m an awful man” speech…blah..blah..blah. Matthew gave the money to Lord Grathnam and BAM! Downtown Abbey is safe once again. Phew, that was a close call. I sure wasn’t looking forward to watching “Downton Place.”

No cancer for Mrs. Hughes. What a relief! I was wondering how they were going to swing that storyline. Mrs. Hughes is one of the cornerstones in Downton Abbey. I mean who’s going to keep all the maids in check. I so loved the sisterly support Mrs. Patmore gave to Mrs. Hughes in her time of need. It was nice to see their friendship blossoming.

Daisy has a new crush and it’s the “gentle giant” – Alfred. I sure hope he gives her chance. I feel like Daisy is over-looked a lot. What’s up with the promotion? It’s time for something great to happen to our dear Daisy!

What was your favorite part in episode 2?

Best Line: “You are being tested and you know what they say my Darling, being tested only makes you stronger” – Lady Grantham

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Lady Edith




Daisy and Alfred


Lady Grantham and Mrs. O’Brien


Lady Mary and Matthew


Mrs. Patmore and Mrs. Hughes


Mr. Bates


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Downton Abbey Season 3: Recap Mondays – Episode 1

7 Jan


They’re married! Matthew Crawley and Lady Mary have finally gotten hitched! I couldn’t be happier! Mary looked absolutely gorgeous. Her wedding dress was AH-mazing! The veil was EVERYTHING! I’m so looking forward to the fashion in season 3.  The 1920’s is my favorite era of fashion hands down. With the tailored silhouettes, decorative lace  trim, and tiny buttons made everything seem so very feminine.

It was touch and go for a minute there, with Matthew inheriting a large sum of money and refusing to help out Lord Grantham in his financial ruin. Lord Grantham it seems has made a mess of things with investing too much money into the Canadian railways. It turns out he’s broke, busted, and disgusted. No more moolah. Nada. I think you get the picture. Downton Abbey might come up on the chopping block soon. We’ll have to continue to watch season 3 to see if Downton Abbey can be saved. I do hope it will be saved!

What’s up with Edith’s fascination with Hugh Hefner – I mean Sir Anthony? I know a lady needs love but she might want to look elsewhere, besides a man who is a heart beat away from the grave. Edith, the man is too old! Hang on my friend, I know you’ll find lovely young chap. Keep hope alive! I will say this about Sir Anthony his eyes are still very sharp. He was able to pinpoint the culprit that spiked Tom Branson’s drink…..more on that later.

Sybil and the chauffeur – I mean her husband has returned to Downton Abbey.  Boy oh boy, Sybil’s clothes have taken a less fashionable turn.  She rolled up to the front door of Downton Abbey looking like a bag lady. Her hair is much shorter and  her clothes were a mess. We definitely see she’s been cut off from the family purse strings. Poor girl, she’s still beautiful. To think she had to abandon all those gorgeous clothes for  love. I guess it was worth it.  Branson is still as arrogant as ever. He’s so persistent with announcing his causes and what he stands for. It’s annoying! Branson is not my favorite character. Although, I did feel sorry for him when his drink was spiked and he was made to look a fool in front of the family. I just wish he would light up a bit. I mean c’mon dude, you’ve made it!  You married into British nobility. Enjoy the good life and call it a day!

Daisy has staged a “sit-in” and refused to work due to her lack of promotion. As you remember in Season 2 Daisy presented her case to Mrs. Patmore about being promoted to assisted cook. Which Mrs. Patmore promised she would have. Do your thing Daisy-girl. Don’t let the man keep you down!

I hope Daisy has another love interest this season. It’s fun to watch her split personalities when she’s in love. One minute she’s nice and another minute she’s mean. Love will do that to a girl…it makes you crazy!

We have a new footman, Alfred and apparently he’s too tall to be a footman…whatever that means. Alfred is Mrs. O’Brien’s nephew. Speaking of Mrs. O’Brien it looks like her and Thomas have moved from friends to foe. They’re both up to their nasty little tricks but this time they’re targeting one another.

Mr. Bates is still locked up in the slammer and Anna is still his “ride or die chick”.  Anna and Mr. Bates are my favorite couple! I love every scene they have together. I might even like them more than Lady Mary and Matthew.

The great and wonderful Shirley McClain has joined the cast as Cora’s mother. Her scenes with Dowager Countess was EPIC! Downton Abbey season 3 is going to be the Best Ever!!!

What was your favorite scene from episode 1?

Best Line: “I have no time to train hobbledehoy ” – Mr. Carson

Best Line: “What’s the matter have you switched places with your evil twin” – Mrs. Patmore

To watch Season 3 – episode 1 Click Here

mary wedding


mary and sible

THE LOOK : Downton Abbey’s Michelle Dockery Talks Fashion (Video)

22 Dec

Sneak Peek: Downton Abbey Season 3 w/ Shirley MacLaine (Video)

12 Jul

Yes! I can’t wait! Here’s a first look at the brilliant Shirley MacLaine meeting the epic Maggie Smith for the first time on Downton Abbey Season 3. The dialogue between these two powerhouse is going to be fierce. The only downside is our UK friends will be able to witness the super-size talent well before (us) American viewers. Downton Abbey Season 3, will air in September 2012  in the UK and January 2013 in the States. I refuse to be a second-rate viewer! I’m in the midst of concocting a plan to view the premiere of the show the same time as our friends across the pond. Let’s see how can I relocate to London by September? Hmmm……


(If you’re a true Downton Abbey fan, you won’t mind the rough quality of the video. haha)

Tour the Real “Downton Abbey”

17 Apr


You all know my obsession with the PBS Masterpiece Theater show Downton Abbey! Highclere Castle is the proper name of Downton Abbey. The residence belongs to the Earl and Countess of Carnarvon! There are over 60 bedrooms in the castle and over a 100 years ago almost 60 members of staff lived and worked around the castle. I am going to plan a trip to Englad stat just so I can visit this incredible home!



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