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Downton Abbey Season 3 *Spoiler*

13 Apr

Oh we Americans must wait until January 2013 to see Season 3 of DTA. While our friends the Brits will get to see the premier  this coming September. Lucky for my beloved Readers I have a few spoilers regarding Season 3. If you wish to stay in the dark about sesason 3, stop reading NOW!!!

 Here’s the business…………Season 3 is sure to be EPIC! The brilliant Shirley MacLaine will be joing the cast as Lady Grantham’s Mother. Maggie Smith and Shirley MacLaine on the same show. It’s like Christmas morning! DTA Producer – Rebecca Eaton promises a wedding between Matthew and Lady Mary! Also, a “key” Character will be killed off on Season 3. What do they mean by “key” Character? I hope it’s not Mr. Bates. If they kill off Mr. Bates I will boycott PBS. That’s a promise!

All I can say is I’m going to officially be on locked down once this amazing season premieres! Counting down the months……





Shirley MacLaine – Lady Grantham’s Mother


Downton Abbey Recap Mondays – Season 2 Finale

20 Feb


Season 2 Finale Click Here

Best line said by Lord Grantham: “I don’t want my daughter to be married to a man who threates her with ruin. I want a good man for you a brave man!”

Best line said by Mr. Bates: “One kiss to take with me”

Let’s get in to it

They’re engaged! What an Epic-tastic season finale. Yep, I just combined epic and fantastic. I think it works. Moving on! I was almost in tears when Matthew finally got on one knee to propose to Lady Mary! FINALLY! That’s right Sir Richard Carlisle get to steppin’ and don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

I love Anna amd Mr. Bates together!!! Poor Anna! Her hubby Mr. Bates is locked up for the murder of his ex-wife Mrs. Bates. I was so relieved that he wasn’t going to be executed. If the writers kill off Mr. Bates I’m going to stage a coup aganist PBS.

Sir Anthony Strallan was back on the scene again with Lady Edith pursuing him this time. She was going to get her man and didn’t matter if he was injured and 30 years her senior. Get it girl! Desperate times call for desperate measures. You deserve to be happy too!

Lady Sybil didn’t make an appearance on the Season Finale which I thought was a bit strange but homegirl did run off  and marry the Chauffeur. So I guess it’s to be expected

What is up with the hussie ladies maids? Miss Shaw was caught canoodling with Lady Rosamund’s beau Lord Hepworth. Lady Rosamund don’t sweat it, dude is broke. You’re better off!

What was Cousin Isobel trying to imply by gifting the Dowager Countess a nut cracker for her Christmas present. Back off lady, the Dowager Countess is my homegirl.

What kind of mess? Who would think to hide a dog from their owner? Thomas that’s who! That joker was up to his trick trickery ways again. He is so desperate to replace Mr. Bates as Lord Grantham’s valet, that’s he’s willing to risk harming a poor defenseless animal. Creep!

I was so happy to see Daisy reunited with her Father-in-law again. I feel like Daisy is left out a lot, so it was nice to see her story apart of Season 2 finale

By the way who knew the game Charades was pronounced Char – rades. The next time I host a dinner party I am going to announce that we are playing Charades in my best English accent.

I wonder if my future Snookums watches Downton Abbey. No worries.  If he doesn’t I will convert him. I’ve already converted my Sister.

Until Season 3 my friends…….Laters!




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Downton Abbey Season 2: Episode 6

14 Feb


Episode 6 click here

Best Line said by Dowager Countess: "Don't be defeatist Dear, its very middle class."

Thank you to my lovely reader "M" for pointing out that Episode 6 was 2 hours long. How could I miss this epic episode?! Anna and Mr. Bates wedded. I was almost jumping up and down with joy. I was so excited to see at least one of these character get married. I am so pleased that it was Anna and Mr. Bates.

They were dropping like flies with the Spanish Flu taking over Downton Abbey. Lady Grantham and Carson caught it but the person who took it the hardest was Lavinia. Now, I haven't been a fan of Lavinia's this season. However, I  surely didn't want her to die. I almost teared up as she took her last breath. I think she really was a sweet girl.

O'Brien was caring for Lady Grantham so diligently. I was hoping she would confess the horrific crime she committed against Lady Grantham. I won't reveal what it was in case you haven't seen the Season 1 finale. She seemed really remorseful and I felt a bit sorry for her.

That floozie Jane made her final move on Lord Grantham. I was literally yelling. NO! NO! NO cheating! I'm so glad Lord Grantham made the right choice and refrained. 

Ethel met again with the Bryants. The father was still a bully and even suggested Ethel give up her only child into their care. I am so glad Ethel declined their offer. What's better than a Mother's love. 

Mr. Bates was arrested! He's been charged with his crazy wife's death. Can't wait until Episode 7! I think it might be even more epic than episode 6. Laters……..


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Downton Abbey Season 2: Recap Mondays – Episode 6

13 Feb

Episode 6 click here

Best Line said by Mrs. Patmore: “He understands, he knows this is just the sprat to catch the mackerel”

Episode 6 was full of misbehavings. Let’s start off with the creepy Sir Richard Carlisle who asked Anna to spy on Lady Mary. The more this Joker shows up on the screen the more I dislike him. I’m hoping the writers of the show have plans for his demise. Sooner rather than later.

Was anyone else yelling at the screen when Lord Grantham got all kissy face with the new house maid Jane?! I was yelling “don’t you kiss that floozie Lord Grantham”. I told ya we had to watch this chick. I suspect she’ll be trying something even more daring in episode 7. 

And then there was Major Bryant’s Father. What a bully? Yelling at poor Ethel. What proof would she have that your son sired her child? It’s 1920 foo, DNA testing wasn’t even invented yet. I wish someone would have knocked his block off for yelling at Ethel and they way he spoke to his wife. 

Lady Sybil and Branson the Chauffeur finally kissed. I really don’t like this match. I feel like Branson is forcing his feelings onto Lady Sybil. Girl, really think about running off with this Dude. He’s a rebel and doesn’t have much money. If you do run off with him make sure he puts a ring on it.

Thomas was up to his shady tricks again. This “Cat” middle name is shady. He’s always trying to get something for nothing. This time his ventures didn’t pay off as expected.

The big news of the evening is that Matthew can stand and Lavinia is clumsy. We discovered Matthew’s ability to stand when Lavinia lost her balanced while carrying a tea tray. Really Lavinia, you can’t even handle a light tray without taking out half of the Library. C’mon Matthew you can do better. And by “better” I mean Lady Mary!

Until episode 7……Laters! 

 Anna & Mr. Bates


Ethel and her baby Charlie


Matthew and Lavinia


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Downton Abbey Season 2: Recap – Episode 5

7 Feb


Episode 5: Click Here

Let get into it!

A badly burned solider showed up on the steps of Dowton Abbey, claiming he was the long lost Patrick Crawley. If you watched season 1 you know that Patrick Crawley was thought to have died on the Titanic. I would have been more inclined to believe that the mysterious man was indeed Patrick Crawley. If it wasn’t for the creepy background music. Every time Patrick came on the screen….this really spooky background music begin playing. Poor poor Edith went on a roller coaster of emotion. Is it Patrick? Isn’t Patrick? Once the Granthams began digging for answers, Patrick bounced. Edith be thankful! Dude had a temper. He can’t be flipping tables and stuff. Not classy!

Anna proved to be a “ride or die chick”, when someone discovered the late Mrs. Bates had been murdered. Anna, you are about your man! Even with the scratch on the side of his face you are still standing by him. He might be guilty girl, so watch out!

“I know that joker didn’t just put his hands on her”!  That was the phrase that shot out of my mouth when the sleazy Sir Richard Carlisle grabbed Mary by the arm and had her posted up against the wall. He must be crazy putting his hands on Lord Grantham’s eldest daughter.

Ethel is now in a worse state as Major Bryant has been killed in the war. Oh, to be a single Mother in the early 1900’s. 

Not her again! Lavinia Swire came waltzing back on the screen to profess her undying love for Matthew Crawley. I wish Matthew would just dump Lavinia. He’s in love with Mary! Until episode 6. Laters!

 Lady Sybill, Lady Mary, & Lady Edith


Sir Richard Carlisle & Lady Mary


The Dowager Countess & Downton Abbey


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Downton Abbey Season 2: Recap Mondays – Episode 4

30 Jan


Downton Abbey: Episode 4

Best Line said by the Dowager Countess: "It always happens. When you give these little people power it goes to their heads like strong drink."

Poor William has passed away and I will miss his happy face. Daisy marryied William on his death bed, she is now his widow. Ethel had her child and Major Byrant didn't want anything to do with her. Figures! What a Jerk! Matthew Crawley was injured in the war and damaged his spine. He may not walk again. Things are not looking up for the aire of Downton Abbey. Mary became quite the nurse caring for Matthew. Well, until Lavinia Swire arrived to claim her Man back from the paws of Mary. Lavinia – you better watch you're Man….girl. Mary might try to put the moves on Matthew and then you'll be out of luck. You've been warned.  There's a new maid on the block – Jane. There's something challenging in her eyes. I think we're going to have to watch this chick. The conniving Mrs. Bates is back trying to destroy the happy couple (Anna and Mr. Bates). I don't want to give anymore away so I will just say. Episode 4 is a MUST WATCH!!!





Episode Rating:  Popcorn rating Popcorn ratingPopcorn ratingPopcorn rating


Costume Rating:  Shoe ratingShoe ratingShoe ratingShoe rating


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Downton Abbey Season 2: Recap Mondays – Episode 3

23 Jan

I’m in love with a Masterpiece Theater mini-series. Yes its true! I can’t get enough of Downton Abbey! The characters are superb and the costumes are insane. I so want to move to England and live in Highclere castle. Hmm….how can I make this happen?!

Downton Abbey (Season 2) Recap Mondays, yes sir its going down. I’m adding TV/film review to my fashion blog. With an emphasis on fashion of course. Duh! I love fashion and feel that it can be celebrated in many other creative outlets like film/TV. So here’s hoping my veteran readers stay with me in addition to gaining some readers. 

Let’s get in to it! 

Cousin Isobel and Lady Grantham didn’t fair well this episode. As Cousin Isobel began to step on Lady Grantham’s toes, while interfering with the managing of Downton Abbey. Cousin Isobel better recognize. What woman is going to let you come into her house and try to run it!? I don’t think so. Mr. Mosley tried to move in on Mr. Bates’s job and woman (that woman being Anna). Watch yourself Mr. Moseley. Mr. Bates has a stick, my guess is he’ll use it if you keeping trying to put the moves on his lady. Poor Sybil was in daze after Mr. Branson (the Chauffeur) persuaded her that she is in love with him. Sybil, don’t do it girl. Mr. Branson is broke and you are sitting in the lap of luxury. Then there’s Ethel (the maid) who was caught being knotty with an Officer. Mary and Edith sang a deut together. It was a lovely to see the sisters getting along. Matthew Crawley went missing but showed up right as Mary was singing. The love was written all over Mary’s face. She’s still in love with Matthew! Nosey O’Brien is up to something. Is it me or does O’Brien need a Man. A love interest would do O’Brien some good, if only to help her mind her on business. Until episode 4…..




LOVE!!!! Lady Mary’s chocker!

M abbey



Click her to watch: Episode 3




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