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DIY: Tribal Inspired Collar Necklace

2 Jun






Look of the Day

16 Nov


Faux fur is back and it's taking over fashion! I've seen faux fur in just about everything well except for women's underwear. I think its safe to say that NO woman wants to wear fur panties….moving on. With the economy still struggling to bounce back, many Couture Designers opted for faux fur instead of the usual real fur that is shown on the runways. I've always been a huge fan of faux fur. I love animals and fashion but, can't bring myself to wear a jacket made from furry little animals. The superb thing about this trend is that it comes in a variety of different things from hats to coats, vests, scarves, gloves, and stoles. The best selection and prices are at H&M, TOPSHOP, and ASOS. I own a pretty stellar, faux fur, cream colored jacket that I picked up at a vintage shop in Seattle. I am a believer when it comes to trendy pieces and thrift stores. I feel like you get a more unique piece plus I enjoy the hunt!














Cape On

25 Oct


Are capes awesome or awful? This was a question posed to me by a friend. Laura this ones for you! Capes are actually pretty awesome for two reasons… first, they have a very chic super hero quality to them and second they keep you warm. I prefer capes in solid colors only! Capes with prints and patterns tend to look a little like Grandma Moses. Stay away from cropped capes that hit right at the waist it will make you look bigger. Capes that fall past the hips are the best because, they create a more slimming look. So, the official verdict on capes is complete awesomeness! Just take care not to make any statement like "Up up and away or I'm batman" when wearing your cape.







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