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How to watch FREE Movies in the Theaters

9 May

So one of my pet peeves is when someone has great information that could help out other people but they choose not to share it. I thought I would share with you all, my darling readers how I see advance screenings for movies in the theaters. It’s actually a simple process and with a few tips you can see a movie for free anytime your little film heart desires.

My go-to website for free movie tickets is advancescreenings.com it’s the best site I’ve found for seeing movies for free in the theaters. One of the great things about this site is that its national, they list free movie screenings in all 50 states. Here’s a few tips to ensure that you get the movie tickets you want as well as a seat.

1. Sign up for advance screening emails. When you sign up for the emails, advance screening will send you an email each time a new movie is listed in your area

2. Check the website daily. Advance screening is constantly updating their movies that are available in your area so, it’s a good idea to check back frequently.

3. Sign up for an account on gofobo.com. Gofobo has many available free movies but in order to get tickets through their site you must have an account. It’s free to sign up.

4. Once you have secured a pair of tickets make sure to arrive at least 1 hour to 1 1/2 before the movie starts. I can ont stress this enough. If you choose to waltz in as johnny-come-lately, then expect to be turned away at the door. Most of the screenings give out more tickets than seats available.  Arriving early allows you to get a seat without being turned away. Good luck. Let me know if any of you use this site.


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