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Bamboo Bar

5 May


Fashion and Architecture are like first cousins. The amount of creativity all comes from the same blood line….design!

This is the coolest Bamboo Bar! Would you believe that this Bar in Vietnam is constructed entirely from Bamboo?! Bamboo was used due to the fact where the Bar is located which is prone to flooding. The Bar was designed by Vo Trang Nghia. I wonder if they serve Shirley Temples. No judgement its my go to drink. 














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Mind-blowing: Painting or Photo?

28 Apr

You tell me? Are these photos or paintings? These brilliant works of art were created by Pedro Campos. I can’t stop starring at them, they are so captivating! I think I might be in love with his talent!








Mine Suite Hotel in Sweden: The deepest Hotel in the World

18 Apr

Besides the fact that I am extremely claustrophobic, this hotel has serial killer tendencies written all over it. I’m a bit paranoid, you’ll have to excuse me for the latter part of that sentence. A dark, secluded, place suggest less romance and more danger. Unless you like a bit of danger in your romance in which case you would be…..ok let’s move on. The Sala Silvermine Hotel in Sweden lies 509ft underground. You’re taken on a tour of the suite and left alone during your stay. For $580 a night you get a lovely room, a delicious meal, and no restroom. Yep, you read that right. The nearest restroom is 165ft abover your suite. I would opt out of this adventure. No cell service, no restroom, left alone to sleep 509ft underground.  This has all the makings of another Eli Roth horror film – Hostel. There goes my paranoia again.


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Take a Stroll: Wisteria Tunnel at Kawachi Fuji Gardens, Kitakyushu, Japan

5 Apr


I officially want to move to Japan and pitch a tent under this majestic looking “Wisteria Tunnel”. I mean how stunning are these photos! The flowers bloom each year during the months of April and May in Kitakyushu, Japan. Talk about an EPIC garden! On second thought scratch the tent idea. I’d rather have a romantic picnic with Mr. Darcy! Swooning…..









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