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24 Dec


That's right! I'm single handedly going to bring back the classic Dooney & Bourke. More specifically the vintage classic Dooney & Bourke. Recently, I've taken a rather strong liking to vintage Dooney & Bourke handbags from the late 1980's or early 1990's. I can't explain it!  Other than the fact that I'm REALLY into them. I'm up all hours of the night scouring eBay for these bags, like a groupie at a NBA basketball game. This obsession of mine is so unexpected! The best part. Yes, there's a best part! All three of these lovely leather handbags set me back only $90.00. That's the equivalent to the taxes on one my Louis Vuttion bags. Dooney & Bourke – where have you been all my life?! I will continue to stalk you until I have build my Dooney & Bourke empire. Yes, this is going to happen!




Classic black





10 Dec

This past May I took a trip to Tahoe for work. I stopped off  to have a lunch in this quaint little town, and ended up popping into a sweet little antique shop. I brought this lovely jewelry box that I fell in love with. Now, anyone who knows me – knows I love antique shopping, its in my blood!  My mother use to drag my sissy and I to antique shows when we little girls. I've been told I get this crazy look in my eye when going treasure hunting (aka antique shopping) its the unexpected pieces you find in these shops that keeps me coming back for more!





26 Nov


I'm introducing a new series on my blog called "unexpected". I'm still working out all the details. Basically its a rare shopping find or one of life's many adventures that wasn't calculated or planned. Today, I am sharing with you this beautiful leather bag that was crafted in lovely Mexico. I was standing at the check out line at my local thrift store when I stopped this "unexpected treasure".  Its in mint condition and costed only $12.00 big ones. Love it!


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