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Topshop Christmas Lookbook

26 Oct


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I love me some TOPSHOP! Their Christmas lookbook puts me in the Holiday Spirit! All the jeweled-toned faux fur stoles and silk dresses makes me want to attend a Holiday Soiree at the Waldorf! I sure do miss my office holiday parties in New York City. Maybe its the big city lights or all the hustling and bustling but those New Yorkers sure know how to party. I remember attending my sissy's office holiday party in NYC. There were several couples out on the dance floor shaking their tail feathers like they were trying out for "Dancing with Stars". They were dancing so hard, I was positive ABC was going to announce their names on the contestant roster. Needless to say they did win the $500 prize money for best dance couple. *Friendly Warning*: Don't Drink and Dance!  I've seen some pretty awful scenarios at work-related holiday functions involving the tootsie roll dance and champagne. Trust me, no one in their right mind wants to see their co-worker getting freaky on the dance floor. 


















Look of the Day

16 Nov


Faux fur is back and it's taking over fashion! I've seen faux fur in just about everything well except for women's underwear. I think its safe to say that NO woman wants to wear fur panties….moving on. With the economy still struggling to bounce back, many Couture Designers opted for faux fur instead of the usual real fur that is shown on the runways. I've always been a huge fan of faux fur. I love animals and fashion but, can't bring myself to wear a jacket made from furry little animals. The superb thing about this trend is that it comes in a variety of different things from hats to coats, vests, scarves, gloves, and stoles. The best selection and prices are at H&M, TOPSHOP, and ASOS. I own a pretty stellar, faux fur, cream colored jacket that I picked up at a vintage shop in Seattle. I am a believer when it comes to trendy pieces and thrift stores. I feel like you get a more unique piece plus I enjoy the hunt!














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