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Tokyo Fashion’s Night Out: PRADA Love

20 Dec


O Tokyo, Tokyo, wherefore are thou Tokyo? I’ve been longing to visit you as Juliet longed for her true love. After viewing these glorious photos I know we are meant to be together.  I cant’t stop staring and dreaming about all those lovely clothes that were on display during Tokyo’s Fashion’s Night Out. I just wish I didn’t live half across the world. Oh well, will always have Prada!  I secretly want to lay my head ever so gently on that furry blazer below. I bet it’s supremely soft! Fuzziness and sparkles, could PRADA be more fantastic?!


Poppy 1










(pictures courtsey of Fashion &

Pop Your Color

14 Oct


Embrace Color!!! I always try and rock a bit of color with all my outfits. Whether it's with accessories, makeup, or a simple sweater…..I love my color. Here's a few photos of inspiration to get you started on your journey of color for FALL/WINTER. It's a great way to feel happy during those gloomy winter months.


From the streets of MILAN


 From the street of LONDON


 From the streets of CAPE TOWN


From the streets of PARIS


From the streets of MILAN


From the streets of MILAN

Furry Friends from Tokyo

14 Oct


I’m quite fascinated by Japanese fashion. A hot trend on the streets of Japan are furry leg warmers. Some, of the TS (trend setters) are brave enough to wear real fur while others are opting for faux fur. I don’t see this trend crossing over into the states. Americans tend to be a little shy about wearing fur coats let alone fur around their legs.  I must confess I secretly want a pair (faux fur of course) and wear them with my gold gladiator sandals. My only fear is that my neighbor’s dog would attack me on mistaken identity that I was wearing a rat around my ankles. Maybe this style is a no go for me. 


Japanese Street Fashion

Fur Leg Warmers and Boots are Big in Tokyo photo 2

Fur Leg Warmers and Boots are Big in Tokyo photo 3

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