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My New Sandals for Summer

28 May


As many of you know I'm heading to BALI on Holiday in just 10 days! I've been on the hunt for a new pair of black sandals as well as a grey pair. I was so elated to find both pair on SALE at DSW! Here's a tip – always go to the clearance section in any department store …the shoe selection is more unique and the prices are fantastic!

To all my State side Readers…Happy Memorial Day! Thank God for our US Soldiers!





SHOES from the Streets of PARIS

11 Apr


Have you ever people watched? Well sometimes I shoe watch!  I love checking out footwear on other people. I find it very relaxing, don't ask me why… it just is. I'm fascinated by the selection process or lack there of when it comes to the types of shoes one adorns on one's feet. Here a some shoes I fell in love with from the streets of Paris. I'm completely smitten with the precious, little, black velvet Cat shoes! 













8 Apr


COMME des GARÇONS never fails on the creative front! Check out these rad shoes for MEN from their S/S 2011 Collection! Happy Friday, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!





Espadrilles Shoes for MEN

11 Mar


You have to be one confident Dude to sport a pair of Espadrilles. Well, either confident or not afarid to look like Don Johnson from the 1980's TV series Miami Vice.  Espadrilles for MEN will be a hot trend for Spring/Summer this year. I really like the denim ones but white or black would look just as good with shorts or jeans. Happy Friday my lovely Readers!









(Just in case you forgot what the guys from Miami Vice looked like)


KELSI – My New Favorite Shoe Brand

3 Mar


Ok, so sometimes I go into to Loehmanns and say to myself …."do not buy anything, just go in here and get some inspiration for your blog".  Well my little pep talk didn't work as I came out of Loehmann's with two pairs of shoes! A lovely pair of cognac, snakeskin embossed, boots and a hot pair of chocolate, suede, booties. Total price for both was $89.00! Not bad since the original price on the boots were $340.00 & the booties were originally $99.00.  So, maybe I did get some inspiration for my blog? The inspiration to save money or at least that's what I keep telling myself  so I don't feel guilty by my lack of willpower. With a savings of  $355, there really is NO reason to pay full price for gorgeous looking boots! 



Kelsi Dagger "Charmer Snake Flat Boot"

My New Fashion Crush – Velvet Dr. Martens Boots

21 Feb

Yep that’s right, I’m going old school with “My New Fashion Crush”! Check out these fabulous Red Cherry Velvet Dr. Martens Boots. I’ve just ordered them as a belated b-day gift to myself. Dr. Martens aren’t as popular as they once were in States but our British friends across the Pond still fancy the army inspired boots! My master plan is to rock these babies with plaid skirts or leggings. They may not be on trend right now but, I can’t resist the red cherry velvet. Actually I’m going to scratch the plaid skirt idea. I recently had a 17 year old, on his BMX bike, ask for my number at the bus stop. I thought to myslef…”this is NOT happening, please tell me this kid is NOT serious.” As I walked away I decided I am no longer going to wear backpacks and puffy coats. Anyway, I can’t wait to wear these awesome boots!


Tom Shoes Strikes Again

6 Jan


I don't follow trends, I create them! Ok, so maybe that statement is a bit much…I'll let you be the judge. Imagine my surprise when I drank some "fashion–aid", broke down and brought a pair of Tom Shoes. Oh let me back up a bit, "fashion-aid": wearing every trend or style even if it's not cute….like jeggings for men. Moving on, Tom shoes are so comfy it feels like a little angel is hugging my feet. The stupendous part about purchasing a pair of Tom shoes is the "one for one" campaign. For every single pair of shoes that you purchase Tom shoes will donate a pair of shoes to a child in need. What's better than owning a pair of semi-cute shoes and giving to a child in need! 🙂







Vivienne Westwood “Jelly” Shoes

3 Jan

I remember begging my Mom for jelly sandals when I was a little girl. I finally got a pair for the summer trips I use to take as a kid to see my Grandparents in NY! Excited about my new glittery jellies, I immediately wore them and board the plane for the six hour flight to NY….bad idea! Those little plastic shoes quickly became devices of torture, forming major blisters on my feet. I was in so much pain by the time we landed, I was pleading with my parents to allow me to walk through the airport barefooted. I complained so much that my lovely Mother bought me a new pair of  shoes. That was my first of many fashion lessons….”pretty doesn’t equal comfort.” Jelly shoes have gotten the designer treatment from Vivienne Westwood’s collaboration with Melissa Shoes.  I love Westwood’s updated version of  the jelly. I actually think I might buy a pair! I guess I didn’t “really” learn my lesson at age 10. Here’s my logic, my first pair of jelly shoes were purchased from the swap meet (don’t judge it was the 80’s) and probably made from a lesser quality of plastic. Whereas the Vivienne Westwood jellies are made from rubber. Surely, the comfort-ability factor greatly increases with designer rubber versus swap meet plastic. Right?


(Shoes are sold at and



Shoe of the Day

11 Dec


SoleStruck  more like lovestruck over these neon pink, cheetah print, suede booties! It's very strange that I would desire them since I depise any color associated with pink.  I just can't help it these babies are smokin' HOT!

SoleStruck plus comme lovestruck sur ceux-ci rose au néon, guépard, les bottes! Il est étrange que je voudrais ces chaussures parce que je déteste le rose en couleur. Je ne peux pas l'aider ces talons sont smokin'! 


Senso Wilma bootie at SoleStruck 




Oxford Shoes “Yeah Baby”

9 Dec


Recently, I was asked by a reader "how would I describe my personal style". This was a pretty loaded question since I eat, breath, and live fashion my style is always evolving. It's not like I can define my style into a singular term per se but, they really wanted an answer and I did not want to sound like the proverbial fashion lover that spews out the artistic answer "fashion is all around us blah…blah… blah…nonsense. So, I answered "my style is classic with a kink"!  And by the word "kink" I mean clever and usual. I might wear a very classic dress but, the pattern might be geometric or the shoes I pair with the dress might be an insanely bright color. I love the element of surprise in life and fashion. Take the iconic Oxford shoe typically worn by preppy types. This classic shoe has now been redesigned with a wider range of consumers in mind. You can find the Oxford shoe for women and men in just about any color, pattern, or style. I am in love with first pair of CL Oxford shoes below. A timeless shoe with an usual color or "classic with a kink!"


Christian Louboutin



Christian Louboutin


 Christian Louboutin



Christian Louboutin

Boxing Kitty




 Plaid Oxfords


Leather Cutout Oxfords


 Jeffery Campbell 


Christian Louboutin



Comme des Garcons


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