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Ralph Lauren Fall 2012: Downton Abbey Ready

20 Apr

I really want to slip on some lady gloves and hit the town! Ralph Lauren’s Fall 2012 Collection makes me love the 1920’s all over again. His collection is very Downton Abbey-esque and I like! For my birthday next year I’ve decided to throw myself a “Downton Abbey” birthday party. I’m going to invite some of  my closest friends. They all have to dress like a character from Downton Abbey. I’m torn between dressing like Lady Mary or The Dowager Countess. Thomas will NOT be invited of course. I don’t associate with creeps!


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Hello Ralph Lauren!

4 Nov


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No, I don't have a pic of me with Ralph Lauren. I do however have a picture of an insanely handsome jacket by the iconic Designer. Mr. Lauren is King when it comes to Menswear.  I love the classic detailing, the addicting burgundy and navy color combo, the marvelous fit, the reversible option…..its all too much! Basically, it's the perfect man designed as a jacket! I wonder if Snookums would like this jacket. Who's Snookums? My future hubby. Duh!

The owner of this glorious jacket is a bit shy, so I'm not allowed to disclose his identity or location. However, I am allowed to disclose that I find his sense of style to be Epic!







Not Mr. Roger’s Cardigan

15 Oct


Mr. Roger's never rocked a cardigan this stylish! Cardigans are making a coming back for fall and in many bright colors. This is definitely a winning look for the hipster and the preppy! It's a cool way to look trendy without trying too hard. Fellas, if your not ready for the bright colors just wear your favorite graphic t-shirt underneath a grey or black cardigan. Remember, the trick to sporting a new trend is Confidence!

*Bonus tip: ladies wear your man's over-sized cardigan, belted with a little gold belt, over your favorite leggings. You'll feel pretty HOT wearing your man's cardigan all day!





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