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Project Runway: Recap Mondays – episode 12

17 Oct


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Do you ever have one of those days where a particular person is talking too much.  You are staring back at them thinking "why are you talking to me, can't you see I'm not interested in anything you are saying". I've closed my eyes several times while listening to you, with the hopes that this is all just a bad dream and when I open my eyes you will no longer be standing in front of me.  I've even gotten up a few times while listening to your long-winded, Macgyver-esque story, but to no avail you followed me into the bathroom to finish sharing. I generally love talking to people. No, really – I love people! However there are some days that I want to scream…."please tell this to an 8 year child who can hold the required attention span to listen to your hodge podge of sentences that you a deem a story".  Now that I am writing this maybe some of you feel this when you read my blog. Don't answer that.  Let's talk about Project Runway shall we

And then there were 3…..I mean 4! There was a bit of a shake up on PR this past week. The judges decided to add a 4th Designer to compete in the final challenge. This week the Designers were tasked with creating a mini collection from the inspiration at Governor Island in New York City. The collections were interesting but nothing that shouted the clear winner. I loved Ayna's color palette, it was simple and brilliant!  You can never go wrong with black, white, and brick red.  I thought Kimberly had the most cohesive collection. Viktor's collection was the most Runway ready. Laura had the best creative factor in her collection.  Joshua McKinley was the most well, glittery! Since I just wrote how much I detest long pointless stories. I will let the video for episode 12 conclude my blog post for the evening.

Good Night my beautiful readers!!! xoxo

 Episode 12








OUT: Laura Kathleen

FINAL FOUR: Viktor, Joshua, Ayna, and Kimberly



Project Runway: Recap – episode 11

11 Oct


Bye bye Bert! So my man Bert was booted off of PR and I almost shed a tear. Then I realized……there's no crying for a man that worked for Halston! Bert will be fine! He won't have any problem landing a job with another legendary fashion house.  I can't believe I am saying this but I was on Joshua M. side this week. I completely agree with his complaints about Anya's never ending winning streak. I think Ayan is very beautiful and has great design ideas creatively but she is definitely a bit challenged in the execution department. The dress she designed was aesthetically impressive however her construction was not. I mean how am I suppose to purchase a dress from her collection when I have to literally be cut out of the dress once I'm done wearing it. Could you imagine being on date wearing a dress like that? "Excuse me Mr. Hottie, I must use the ladies room."  "Do you happen to have a needle and tread on you".  "I will need you sew me back up in my dress in about 10 min." Suffice to say you probably won't be getting a second date with "Mr. Hottie"……unless Mr. Hottie has a knotty side. Kimberly brought her "A game" with designing a second dress in less than 3 hours. The finish product ….EPIC! I give it 1 month before you see other mainstream Designers knocking-off her powerful creation. Once again we saw "the lack there of" regarding Laura's taste level. I don't doubt she's a very talented Designer. I just don't get the "WOW" factor from her designs. Now that Bert is gone, I'm switching my affections towards Kimberly and Viktor. I would be completely thrilled if either one of them take home PR title! Only 2 more episodes before we know the answer.


 Click Here for Episode 11





Out: Bert Keeter : (

In: Ayna Ayoung Chee



Ayna's Winning Look


My pick for the winning look – Kimberly


Project Runway: Recap Mondays – episode 10

3 Oct


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This week's episode of PR should have been called "That 70's Show". Yep the Designers took us way back into the 70's. Some of the pieces they created should have never resurfaced in 2011. I almost passed out after seeing Joshua McKinley horrible plaid pants. How on God's green earth did he think any women in her right mind would want to rock a ill fitting pair  black & white plaid trousers. They were horrible!  I was also very confused by Laura Kathleen's ensemble. I mean chevron stripes and florals never go together unless you're thinking about reprising Marsh Brady's role on the Brady Bunch. Bert however did me proud this week! LOVE! Both of his designs were phenomenal! The BIG highlight of the show is when Anya lost her money at Mood Fabrics and had to depend on the other Designers good grace for extra money. She ended up borrowing $11.32 to pay for her 1 yard of fabric. I must say she was pretty resourceful in creating a garment that was runway ready. Once again Viktor delivered my favorite line on PR and I quote "I'm not driving Miss Daisy anymore, you do it".  His comment was referring to helping out Joshua M. with design ideas. LOL! Viktor is slowing becoming one of my faves on this season of PR!


Click here for Episode 10




Out: Anthony Ryan Auld

 In:  Anya Ayoung Chee



 Winning Look:  Anya Ayoung Chee



 Winning Look: Bert Keeter


Project Runway: Recap Mondays – episode 9

26 Sep


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Well, I am going to jump right in and give the disclaimer of a *spoiler alert* right now. If you don't want to know who was kicked off of PR last week, please do not continue reading. I was rooting for this person to go. If I had to listen to is whinnying one more time about working with "large people" I was going to boycott watching Project Runway. Olivier Green is the 9th designer to leave the show and good ridden to him. Don't get me wrong he's a super talented designer…I mean did you see the jacket he made on episode 7, stunning! However he continually put a bad taste in my mouth after his non stop complaining of working with "large people". Again I say "who does this kid think he's designing clothes for the Care Bears".  Although the Care Bears would probably be a little too round for him. Their positive attitudes would keep them from putting Mr. Green in his place.

The challenge this week: outfitting the up and coming rock band – The Sheepdogs! I love seeing the PR Designers working with clients because it's real life in the fashion industry. I wasn't too thrilled with many of the looks but then I'm not really into literal interpretation of  70's fashion. All the Designers put their own spin on the 70's rock and roll look.  Bert brought his A game this week. Yay Bert! Viktor continues to impress and is proving to be a major competitor. Michael Kors made a "funny" about Laura's design looking a little Sweeny Todd-esque. Kimberly struggled with this week's challenge as she has never made Men's clothing before. Boy did it show. Her outfit reminded me of Fred Flintstone – not a good look. I'm not worried about Kimberly, she's an amazing experienced Designer and will have no problem mastering Menswear in the near future. Until next week Campers!


Click Here for  Episode 9







 Out: Olivier Green

 In:  Viktor Luna


Winning Look: Viktor Luna


Project Runway: Recap Mondays – episode 8

19 Sep


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Hey Friends! Did anyone happen to catch episode 8 of PR last week? Were you just as shock as I was at the ridiculous statements Olivier Green made? As soon as he said them I thought to myself…."Oh Olivier" (said in Tim Gunn's voice)! I guess Olivier felt completely comfortable being "Offensive Oscar" this week. His comments were so disgusting and I'm paraphrasing: "large people are fine just as long as I'm not designing clothes for them" and "women with large chests cause problems for my designs."  I mean who does this kid think he's designing clothes for the Care Bears. As women, we come in various shapes and sizes and there's nothing wrong with that! It's safe to say I am no longer a fan of  Olivier. I can not support a Designer that critiques women's bodies. Thank God for the other 8 Designers who embraced this weeks challenge of creating a special look for someone's girlfriend or wife. It was quite entertaining to see how the guys of those girlfriends/wife had no clue regarding their significant others fashion taste. It was also great to see how the Designers handled the pressure of working with individual clients. I thought that Joshua McKinley did an amazing job working with his client. The dress he designed for her was simply gorgeous! He really listened to her concerns about the garment he was creating. Viktor Luna was another fave of my this week. He continues to impress me more and more, he's such a polished Designer. My only confusion for the week was the judges love of Anya's dress. I just wasn't feeling all the trim around the dress…… it was a bit much for my taste. However  I do love that Anya continues to push the creativity in her designs each week. Bert received a strong warning from Heidi this week, but I am still sticking with my love for him. I just can't help it when I believe in someone I am in it for the long haul! Happy Monday!


Watch Episode 8


*Spoiler Alert Below*





Out: Bryce Black

 In:  Joshua McKinley


Winning Look: Joshua McKinley 


Project Runway: Recap Mondays – episode 7

12 Sep


This weeks challenge, work in 2 separate teams and create a collection. Working in teams + Project Runway = major mayhem! It all started with Joshua McKinley (who's no stranger to conflict) decided to pick an unmerited argument with Bert. I mean if they ever wanted to remake the 2006 iconic movie "The Devil Wears Prada", Joshua would surely play Meryl Streep's part. You all know my love for Bert so I wasn't into Joshua M. poor treatment of him. I literally was yelling at my computer "back up off Bert – Joker". I call all mean people "Joker".  Joshua did later apologize for his bad behavior. Kudos to Josh for recognizing is errant ways and making an amends with Bert. Both Collections were amazing for different reasons. However "team chaos" definitely deserved to win! Their collection was much more cohesive and translated better into the "edgy New York girl" look they were going for. My favorite piece of the collection was Viktor Luna's gown. I was as shocked as Viktor.  I couldn't believe that he actually designed and sewed that beautiful crafted gown. WOW! I really could have used that gown for FNO at Saks last Thursday. All in all I will say this was the best episode thus far.  We FINALLY got to see what these Designer are made of. Honorable Mention this week goes to Olivier Green for his yummy blazer. I would have rocked that blazer over Vicktor's gown and transcend myself into fashion's elite!


 *Spoiler Alert Below*


Watch Episode 7!




Out: Becky Ross

 In:  Anya Ayoung Chee


Winning Look: Anya Ayoung Chee


Project Runway: Recap Mondays – episode 6

5 Sep


What does avant-garde and children have in common? Apparently it makes for the perfect combination for the 6th challenge on PR. The Designers were tasked with creating a painting with the children from Harlem School of the Arts. They then had to take the painting and use it as their main source of inspiration for their Avant-Garde pieces. This really opened up pandora's box of  the Designers avant-garde interpretation, which wasn't at all inspiring. Avant-Garde is very beautiful and theatrical without being overwhelming. Think Christian Sirano from season 4 – now there's PR Designer that understood Avant-Garde. Not like Bert's attempt at the "couture clown suit" or at least that's what I've dubbed it. I still believe in Bert's talent but I really want to see him step up his game over the next several weeks. Laura Kathleen's dress was another nightmare. Although the construction was beautiful the color made me want to cry. No women is in the market for a creamsicle colored dress. Olivier Green's creation looked like he had given up mid-design. He also received a talking-to by Tim Gunn for gluing the top of  his dress to his model. I loved how shocked Olivier acted, as if gluing one's garment onto your model is completely normal. Victor Luna had some pretty funny lines referring to the trims on Becky's dress as "little boxes left over that FedEx forgot to ship".  I called the winner of this challenge as soon as I saw the dress,  I said "love it – that's the wining look"! There were some issues with the winning look. However it was slim pickens for the Judges. Here's hoping next weeks episodes proves to be a bit more exciting!


Episode Link Here: episode 6

 *Spoiler Alert Below*





Out: Joshua C. 

 In:  Anthony Ryan 


Winning Look: Anthony Ryan


Project Runway: Recap Mondays – episode 5

29 Aug


Good Evening My Darlings! Did any of you catch PR last Thursday? Was it me or did the Designers claws come out. I mean what's up with Joshua McKinley he was a bit nasty to Becky and without cause (not that I advocate being nasty for any reason). I wasn't too impressed with any of the collections in fact I found them rather boring. The only highlight of the show is when adorable Olivier Green bit it on the track and then passed out (I replayed his fall about 5 times while laughing) from a panic attack. Cecilia Motwani bounced from Project Runway as she didn't feel it was for her, in walks Joshua Christensen as her replacement. We'll see if Joshua C. can make it this time around. Even though the Designer clothes were all pretty underwhelming, I still found enjoyment in Bert! He didn't have the best outfit this week but he always stays true to his vision and doesn't let anyone talk him out of it. I guess thats the kind of confidence you get when you've worked for brilliant design houses like HALSTON!

Here's the link to Episode 5!






 Anya Ayoung Chee's winning look                             Viktor Luna's winning look


Project Runway: Recap Mondays – episode 4

22 Aug


Yay! The Judges and I finally agreed on the winning look! This weeks challenge: design an ensemble for Nina Garcia. I was so excited for this challenge because it was a chance for us to see the Designers create something for the modern day working woman. I was impressed by many of the garments that graced the runway but the winning look stood out immediately to me. As soon as I seen it I said "there it is, that's the outfit for Nina". I really kind of felt like it was a no-brainer for the judges this week. The winning look was chic, classic and just enough edge for a Fashion Editor! I love me a great pair of pants!


*Spoiler Alert below: Winning look below and who's out of PR as of last week.







Kimberly Goldson's Winning Look


Project Runway: Recap Mondays – episode 3

15 Aug


Let's get one thing straight! There is NO way on God's green earth I would have stood on that stage as a Designer being critiqued by Kimme K! I mean c'mon what the heck does she know about fashion other than what her stylist has told her to wear. I don't bash people on my blog but I think talent or lack there of speaks for itself. The Designers on Project Runway eat, breath, and live their dream. No one pays them to design they do it because they love it! The day Ms. Kim can say the same thing is the day I will respect her advice on fashion until then ….she should probably stay in her lane.

Moving on…..I loved the dramatics of the models on slits but I wasn't crazy about the winning look. I kept thinking haven't I seen that dress before aka…Valentino 2007.  Becky and Kim were my fave this week! I love witnessing two very different but brilliant Designers create something amazing. These two Divas created one stunning tailored ensemble….not easy to do when your model stands 10 feet tall.  Great work ladies are winners in my book! Oh and my love Bert was causing a bit of a ruckus on this episode. Looks like Viktor is no fan of Bert. No worries – I'm still rooting for the Halston alum! 

*You know the drill…spoiler alert below. Winner & Loser of episode 3.






Laura Kathleen & Anthony Ryan's winning look



My pick for the winning look Becky & Kim


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