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Short Film: Fashion Swag Winner (starring: Peyanna DuPont)

7 Jan


Our favorite crazy Creative Director wanted to surprise one lucky reader with free clothing. Suffice to say it didn't go as well as she planned. Then again whatever does for the delusional Peyanna DuPont


Holiday Greetings from Peyanna DuPont

5 Dec




Peyann DuPont: How to Shop at a Designer Boutique

17 Nov


Meet Peyann DuPont! She looks like me and sounds like me but she's not me. Peyann is fashion guru extraordinaire. Her advice on fashion can be a bit wild and far fetch. Check out her video blog on "how to shop at a Designer boutique".  I would NEVER give this kind of advice but then again I'm not as wise as Peyann.  



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