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My Fashion Crush – Urban Outfitters Sweaters

2 Nov


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I fancy a new sweater or two! I currently have my eyes on these two lovelies at Urban Outfitters! Although I am refraining from purchasing any unnecessary items until the release of the H&M / Versace Collaboration. I might have to make an exception, as I feel sweaters are essential to my fall wardrobe!



 And this one…..




My Fashion Crush: Tom Binn Necklaces

11 Aug


Oh Tommy how pretty your necklaces are! Why are you so darn expensive? I would very much like to buy one of your special pieces and rock it as neck candy! You're necklaces are the "original" candy necklaces because the color of the stones are so insanely yummy and vibrant looking, I'm almost tempted to eat them. As you can tell I'm really crushing hard on Designer Tom Binns necklaces!  Apparently my crush is gone overboard that I have actually wrote a love note to the necklace in the disguise of this post.  I can't help it – I have an addiction to the "pretty"!










My Fashion Crush: WildFox T-Shirts

18 Jul


I'm always on the hunt for the perfect t-shirt. I have yet to discover the perfect tee but I've come pretty darn close. My new fashion crush are these sweet, vintage-inspired, tees by WILDFOX! These tees are super soft with fun graphics and most importantly a very sexy fit! I recently bought a really cool, bright green, WildFox t-shirt with a giant Eagle printed on the front. I can always tell when I fall in love with a new t-shirt brand – I'll wear the same t-shirt twice in one week and could care less if someone notices. Hey! Comfort is comfort!









New Fashion Crush – Miu Miu Shoes

29 Mar


Hold the phone! It's a Miu Miu OBSESSION! I can't take my eyes off these "hottie tottie" heels! I can see them on my feet now….glowing and winking at me.  I know what you're thinking "aren't those shoes a bit much"? Well let me easy your mind, these shoes are EPIC! They're just what the Doctor ordered when I'm looking to spice up a simple black dress. Give me 1 hour in these amazing stilettos and I will set the streets ablaze! 



My New Fashion Crush – Velvet Dr. Martens Boots

21 Feb

Yep that’s right, I’m going old school with “My New Fashion Crush”! Check out these fabulous Red Cherry Velvet Dr. Martens Boots. I’ve just ordered them as a belated b-day gift to myself. Dr. Martens aren’t as popular as they once were in States but our British friends across the Pond still fancy the army inspired boots! My master plan is to rock these babies with plaid skirts or leggings. They may not be on trend right now but, I can’t resist the red cherry velvet. Actually I’m going to scratch the plaid skirt idea. I recently had a 17 year old, on his BMX bike, ask for my number at the bus stop. I thought to myslef…”this is NOT happening, please tell me this kid is NOT serious.” As I walked away I decided I am no longer going to wear backpacks and puffy coats. Anyway, I can’t wait to wear these awesome boots!


My Fashion Crush

17 Nov


My fashion crush are these gorgeous necklaces by Fiona Paxton. I usually have a fashion crush once a month on something crazy expensive and spend every waking minute stalking it until it goes on sale. Sometimes, MFC (my fashion crush)  are MANY different things and can poses a bit of a predicament for my savings account. However, these exquisite hand crafted necklaces by Fiona Paxton aren't insanely expensive starting at $200. I love her pieces because of the delicate and intricate geometric shapes that are woven onto the necklaces. This will definitely be on my wish list for Christmas!






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