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Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 2014

11 Feb

Has Marc lost his design mojo!? I am a MJ fan for life! Love him! However, this collection is NOT one of my favorites. In fact, its probably one of my least favorite collections to date. This collection is team too much. There are so many different statements weaving through this collection, I can’t differentiate the inspiration….it looks like a mash-up of grunge, 70’s, space age, sports-inspiration…it’s just too all over the map for me. There’s no cohesion, which might be intentional. I can’t even deal with the white moon-inspired sneakers. In true Marc from he didn’t disappoint in the handbag area….love the black and red stripe bowling bag.

Jacobs is true visionary, he was the brain-child behind Louis Vuitton ready-to-wear collection. He’s no longer the creative director for Louis Vuitton, which means he’ll have some spare time to dedicate to his own collections. I sure hope so anyway. I would hate to see Marc lose his design mojo….he’s brilliant in my book.








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Marc Jacobs x Diet Coke

13 Mar

Marc Jacobs and Diet Coke! Yes and Thank You! In honor of Diet Coke’s 30th anniversary Marc Jacobs has been named Creative Director for 2013. Take a gander at these AH-mazing Diet Coke ads. The limited-edition collector case and bottles are on sale now in the UK at Selfridges. Boo! These designer bottles WILL NOT be sold state-side. Check them out here






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Louis Vuitton Spring 2012: Merry-go-round!

6 Oct


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Excuse me while I wipe the tears from my eyes. This exquisite break-taking collection from Louis Vuitton is one for the ages! I can't even begin to describe the feeling I had whilst viewing these gorgeous pictures. Those close to me know how much I adore Louis Vuitton, its been my "love collection" for the past 12 years! Why oh why wasn't I not invited to this magnificent show?! I promise I would behaved! I would have only yelled "Marc Jacobs, I love you" 10 times max. The color palette is so yummy! Soft yellows, dreamy peach, and romantic blues…its all so Marie Antoinette! Until next year my sweet love – Louis Vuitton! There shall come a day when I will sit perfectly perched on a little white chair viewing my "Designer love" from the front row!  I'm now closing my eyes envisioning what I will be wearing when that day comes!












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MARC JACOBS: Documentary Video

10 Sep


Say what you will about Marc Jacobs but you can not discount his insane creative ability. Being the only American to ever to head a Parisian fashion house, Marc Jacobs is a legend in the fashion industry. I have literally had dreams about meeting MJ in Paris over a lovely dinner. Hey it could happen?! I adore this documentary which takes you on a wondrous journey following Jacobs's creative process and private life. I've been following his career for the past 10 years. Each season I'm on pins and needles to see what he's going to create next. He really is one of my fashion loves! YSL and Alexander McQueen being my first fashion loves. Note to self: must find amazing man named Joseph – watch the documentary and you'll see what I mean!

La mode est l'amour!!!













Louis Vuitton Fall 2011/2012 – Paris Fashion Week

10 Mar


One of my dreams is to meet Marc Jacobs in person but not only meet him, have dinner with him but not just dinner, go shopping with him but not just shopping, possibly work for him….I think you get the picture. Marc Jacobs is pretty high on my list for the most influential Designers of all time. He's the only American Creative Design Director to EVER head a French fashion design house. Each season my affinity for Jacobs increases beyond measure! Since being named the Creative Director for Louis Vuitton, Jacobs has taken the iconic collection to new heights. Louis Vuitton's Fall 2011/ 2012 Women's Collection is one of my favorites for Paris fashion week. The collection was inspired by 1940's bell boy uniforms, victorian boots, and a bit of naughty with sexy armor-inspired bustiers. The set was intoxicating I couldn't take my eyes off the rod iron elevators. Oh and the music, let's talk about that for a second….it sounded like a score from an Oscar winning movie. The biggest treat of the show was seeing famed Supermodels, Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell strut down the runway. Speaking of Kate Moss did she forget to put out her cigarette before walking the runway. What was up with her smoking? I found it a bit strange….yes? Check out the entire show below!




I Heart My Marc! Marc Jacobs Fall 2011 RTW

22 Feb


Ooh la la! Marc Jacobs has got polka-dot fever! His magnificent Fall 2011 Collection was full of the whimsical print along with structured skirts, pill box hats, victorian-inspired ankle boots, and beautiful delicate lace dresses.  Not sure if any of you remember my article earlier this year regarding polka dots being a major trend for Spring, it looks like this trend will carry over to Fall as well. I'm not really fond of the idea of wearing all the pieces together. I think it would be more fun to pair each individual piece with a more modern silhouette. Below are some pics of my favorite pieces from MJ Collection! Enjoy!































Louis Vuitton S/S 2011 Paris Fashion Week

11 Oct

 In my eyes Louis Vuitton can do no wrong. I am in love with LV's Spring/Summer 2011 collection. The show was so memorizing that I attempted to reach into my laptop screen to touch on of the garments (lol). This collection is filled with silks, tassels, glitterly belts, printed pictures of giraffes, tigers, and pandas. The color palette is very unusual for spring/summer with dark hues of purple, pink, teal, and gold. The models looked like they were part of the 1980's hit show Dynasty circa now! 





King Louis

11 Oct

Creative Director MARC JACOBS has hit the mark once again with this yummy line of framed handbags for LOUIS VUITTON Fall 10.  The bags coming in netural hues they are sure to be a show stopper for many years to come!


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