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Mommy Makeover

15 Dec


“This is so much fun”…was the repetitive statement that kept escaping my mouth every 5 seconds this past weekend. I was honored when one of my Readers, who had a baby 16months ago asked if I would assist her in a “Mommy Makeover!” I was so elated to do it since this is exactly the reason I started my fashion blog, helping real women look fabulous while being “on trend” (a fashion term for being in style.) My reader/friend possess a rare fun-loving, open-minded, and patient personality. She didn’t complain or object to anything I put in front of her….which made my job 10x easier. I started off going through her closet and throwing out anything that was an eye sore oops – I mean no longer appropriate for her to wear after 1982….ok I am sorry but, some of her clothes (the blue faded ribbed turtleneck that I wanted to set on fire) were outdated. However, she redeemed herself with a pretty stellar skirt collection. She has a great eye for skirts! I realized this was going to be an easy makeover since she really only needed a couple of staple pieces to bring her wardrobe current. I took her to Target and scouted out the sale rack (always shop the sale rack first) to find a couple of blouses. I stuck with a pretty basic color palette (black, white, dark green, plum) so, it would be easier for her to mix match her new clothing pieces with the old ones. She ended up spending a total of $220 on the following:

1. Grey Sheath Dress 

2. Black Knitted Cardigan

3. White Collar Shirt

4. Black  Trouser Leggings

5. White Long Sleeve t-shirt

6. Black & White Knitted Blouse

7. Plum Argyle Sweater

8. Army Green Stretch Poplin Dress

9. Dark Green Wool Wrap Sweater

10. Chocolate Brown Turtleneck

11. White Tank Top

12. Polk a dotted White Silk  Blouse


Dark green, wool, wrap sweater paired with a long sleeve white t-shirt and dark rinse skinny jeans. The jeans were hers and the shirt and sweater are new. She’s ready for the ski lodge and hot coca with the hubby!



A polka-dotted printed, black, silk skirt paired with a white collar shirt and knitted black cardigan. The skirt was old and the shirt and cardigan are new. The black cardigan creates more slimming lines to accentuate her natural curves.



Grey v-neck sheath dress with black knitted cardigan. Both dress and cardigan are new. This is a classic and chic look that goes from day to night with ease!



Army green stretch poplin dress paired with dark green wool wrap sweater. Both dress and sweater are new. This is one HOT look and probably my favorite look on her!


Finding modern looking khakis is always a bit tricky. The pair on the left have a fuller leg opening which is not very flattering on her body type. It makes her look wider in the hips and thighs. I put her in a slimmer pair of khakis and paired it with a plum argyle sweater giving her a more clean and simple look.






The red tweed suit is too big and mature for her. It makes her look like Grandma Hattie. I paired the tweed jacket with a chocolate brown turtleneck and skinny jeans to create a more chic and youthful look. This is a look any woman can recreate….take an old suit jacket and pair it with your favorite pair of skinny jeans. Don’t forget the heels to turn up the heat on this conservative look!

                           Before                                                    After 

P1020446     P1020465



Another wide leg pant disaster! These black pants are causing the same problem as the khakis too wide in the hip and thighs. I picked out a pair of black trouser leggings and paired it with a knitted blouse. I know there’s a bit of conservatory as to whether different body types should wear leggings but, I believe this picture proves my point that any woman can rock a great pair of leggings! 

                            Before                                                      AfterP1020432     P1020450


 Yes! The Mommy Makeover was a SUCCESS!


(All pictures belong to me and should NOT be copied from this blog!)

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