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London Olympics 2012 Fashion (The Best & The Worst)

27 Jul

Fashion runs through many threads of our culture. Today the world’s greatest athletes graced the largest competitive stage at the 2012 London Olympics. Their talents and successes will be the main focus over the next two week. However we can’t forget about those snazzy uniforms. For years Fashion Designers have been tapped to design their perspective country’s uniforms. This 2012 Olympics run had some highs and very very lows in regards to Designer uniforms. Here are my picks for the worst and best uniforms for the London Olympic 2012. I’m still scratching my head at the uniforms for Spain. What in the mess?

The Best

U.S.A Ralph Lauren

U.S.A Nike

GREAT BRITAIN Stella McCartney for Adidas 

JAMAICA Cedella Marley for Puma

South Korea Fila

ITALY Giorgio Armani & Prada

The Worst


No this is not a joke! One does have to wonder if Russian Designer (Bosco) was trying to play a joke by designing these crazy uniforms. I had to double-check my sources, just to confirm that these are indeed the official uniforms for Spain. Why didn’t Spain utilize one of their own talented designers? Surely Balenciaga would have been a more appropriate choice. These poor athletes. They look like they’re rocking a McDonald’s uniform along with a Dora the Explorer backpack. Not cute!

RUSSIA Bosco Sport

Please refer to my above comments about Spain uniforms.


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Mary Katrantzou for TOPSHOP

22 Nov


Well…well…well look what we have here, another Designer collaboration! Mary Katrantzou is one of my favorite British Designers. She's a genius when it comes to print! Her designs are strong, bold, and insanely brilliant. The collection will not launch until February of next year. And with the only Topshop in the US being in NYC it looks like I will be paying the "the Big Apple" a visit. 










UK Menswear Spring 2012

7 Oct


MISSONI *THROW* GIVEAWAY – Click on this link to enter:   


I love me a foreign accent! Even better is a Man dressed to impress speaking with a foreign accent. I tend to draw in a little closer when hearing a Man speak with an English, South African, or Australian accent. Sometimes even the New York accent gets me. The UK Menswear collections for Spring 2012 is just killer! I realize most Men would think some of these pieces are a bit feminine. However I feel if you're a Man sporting any look, with confidence, and swagger…… I'm really not focusing on your red socks or pink tie. It's your "mojo" behind the clothes that gets us Ladies going! Men, start your engines and step out of your comfort zone! 
























Mary Katrantzou: London Fashion Week

1 Oct


MISSONI *THROW* GIVEAWAY – Click on this link to enter:  

Mary Katrantzou is one of my favorite British Designers! I find her collections extremely fascinating! Her selection of prints and colors are brilliant, they're so captivating This dress below….this dress below is my *New Fashion Crush*!  I want it and I need it but I can't afford it so I will be dreaming about it tonight! I will also be dreaming about winning the lottery so I can afford all of my fashion crushes. Happy Saturday my lovely Readers!






TOPSHOP Unique S/S 2011 Collection

20 Dec


TOPSHOP Unique is near and dear to my heart as they offer beautifully designed clothing without the designer prices. This UK based company has made some pretty impressive strides in the last 5 years. TOPSHOP continues to show alongside Couture Designers at London Fashion Week each season. Their past collection for Spring/Summer is simply stunning! Head Designer Karen Bonser worked with her team to create an airy, vibrant, and fluid collection. Using silk fabrics that gives the illusion of having water or paint stains exploding onto each garment. Bonser's inspiration came from mythical creatures and fairy dust. I would venture to say that her team completed their intended goal. You all know my infatuation with color and this collection definitely feeds my hunger for color! The silhouettes are so flattering with the fabric gracing the body in a cloud-like appeal. Anticipation will be high for this collection to hit TOPSHOP stores mid-February. For those of you who don't live across the Pond or in New York you will have to order your favorite pieces online. Fashion is but a click away!





 (The last 3 photos are courtesy of

Pop Your Color

14 Oct


Embrace Color!!! I always try and rock a bit of color with all my outfits. Whether it's with accessories, makeup, or a simple sweater…..I love my color. Here's a few photos of inspiration to get you started on your journey of color for FALL/WINTER. It's a great way to feel happy during those gloomy winter months.


From the streets of MILAN


 From the street of LONDON


 From the streets of CAPE TOWN


From the streets of PARIS


From the streets of MILAN


From the streets of MILAN

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