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“World of Lanvin” (exclusive photos from Saks)

1 May

J’adore LANVIN! My love for Lanvin is ever-growing and has no end. The elegant silhouettes. The stunning fabrics. The classic color palette. The collection is smashing! I was so excited to see these beautiful photos in my inbox. Special thanks to Ryan Williams (SF Saks Director of Marketing) for sending them.

Saks Fifth Avenue San Francisco officially launched “The World of Lanvin!” Only a handful of Saks Fifth Avenue stores will be carrying the iconic Lanvin collection. The San Francisco Saks store being one of them. In honor of the launch, Saks Fifth Avenue hosted an in-store viewing for their top clients. The “World of Lanvin” collection featured the Spring 2013 Collection of Ready-to-Wear, Shoes, Handbags and Jewelry. Take a grander at Alber Elbaz (Creative Director for Lanvin) design handy work. Swooning….












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LANVIN: Real People High Fashion (Fall 12)

30 Jul

Like I needed one more reason to love LANVIN! The Parisian fashion house took a non-traditional approach for their Fall 2012 campaign featuring “real” people instead of professional models. LANVIN drew inspiration from the very popular street blog The Sartorialist.  The Sartorialist is known for capturing the beauty of every day people rocking the most beautiful clothing. See we fashion bloggers are good for something. The creative director for LANVIN (Alber Elbaz) recently was quoted by women’s wear daily as to why he decided to cast “real” people instead of models…..“I was interested to bring these clothes back to the street somehow, and see them on different ages, different sizes.”

I do wish LANVIN would have been a bit more diverse in their efforts to cast different size “real” people. Most of the people featured in the campaign are still pretty. I guess we should be grateful for the small strides the fashion industry is making. Rome wasn’t built-in a day.

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My LANVIN Party Dress

2 Feb


I FOUND IT!! Last week I was browsing at H&M and came across the deep purple, one shoulder, LANVIN dress. This is the exact dress I waited in line for 3 hours, last November when H&M originally launched the LANVIN collection. There was a straggler left behind with my name on it. I grabbed it, ran to the dressing room, tried it on, and was jumping up and down saying "it's mine….all mine"!  I can't wait to rock this dress!  I'm thinking red sparkly stilettos are in order to complete this lavish look! 






H&M LANVIN Extravaganza

23 Nov


I arrive at the H&M store at 8:30am almost 2 hours before the doors open. To my horror the store opened early at 8:00am and they weren't admitting any shoppers without a wristband. I was told to come back at 1:30pm…..I  panicked for a second and thought to rush the racks and grab what I could but, then I spotted a cop (5 policeman were guarding the LANVIN clothing racks.) So, I calmly walked out of the store. After chillin at Borders for 4 hours….. the novelty of owning a LANVIN dress began to wear off but, I was on a mission and couldn't give up now. I headed back to H&M at 12:30pm to find a 100 people already in line for 1:30pm time slot.  I get in line and start to inch my way to the front but, I see that most of the LANVIN clothes are gone.  I realize I just might leave this store WITHOUT a pretty, little, LANVIN party dress for myself and my friend (Sorry Nicole). I'm starting to twitch a little and my breathing is coming in short, sharp breaths……suddenly I'm snapped back to reality by the words, "Miss you're next get ready to go in." The doors open and I rush in running with about 20 other fashion crazed women (they only let 20 people in at a time for 5 min). I look around there's hardly any clothes. What do I do? What do I grab? I spot a huge blue container I immediately begin rummaging through it and notice that some of the LANVIN jewelry boxes are filled with pretty little jewels….it's a success! I have a LANVIN necklace in my hot little hand….the only problem is 15 other people notice my findings and began to swarm the blue container in hopes of finding a buried treasure like myself….no luck for them! 

So, the moral of this story is save your money and purchase a LANVIN dress from the designer collection! This was a bit of an ordeal and too much to deal with at my age. I nearly passed out from exhaustion on the train ride home!


H&M Store Window



LANVIN Jeweled Belt (I'm going to wear it as a necklace)



LANVIN Pretty Girl T-shirt  (got this when a customer returned it)



LANVIN Silk Party Dress w/ Jeweled Neckline (too small going back) 😦



LANVIN Garment & Shopping Bag



H&M Store Window



H&M Store (San Francisco)



H&M Store (San Francisco)



H&M Store (San Francisco)



LANVIN Pearl Necklace (I wanted this one but, was SOLD OUT)



H&M Store (San Francisco)


LANVIN for H&M in Stores TODAY!

20 Nov


The LANVIN H&M collection hits US stores today! I am off to my local H&M to join the other fashion crazed women. I will be sure to post pics of my purchases! Here's a treat….Creative Director Alber Elbaz created a spectacular show for the LANVIN H&M collection! The fashion show was held in New York City at the Pierre Hotel. 

Courtesy of LANVIN FOR H&M – THE "HAUTE COUTURE" SHOW from Barracuda Film & TV on Vimeo



LANVIN Shoes for H&M

3 Nov


More treats from LANVIN for H&M! I heart the first pair of shoes. I think the satin ribbon detailing is so feminine yet a little edgy. These sweet little heels will cost you $99.00! Hmmm…..decisions…decisions.


Picture 30 





Picture 31



Picture 10


Picture 11


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They’re Here “LANVIN for H&M Collection”

2 Nov


Images of LANVIN for H&M were released online today! Prices range from $19.95 to $250 not bad since the couture collection prices start at $1,000. The full LANVIN collection will be available in H&M stores worldwide November 23rd. Ooooh….I can't wait! I'm sure I'll be the first one in line with my running shoes on yelling "It's go time"!








Lanvin for H&M *sneak peek*

19 Oct


Here's a sneak peek at LANVIN for H&M! The one shoulder LBD (little black dress) is MINE!!! Not sure if I'll be doing the standing in line thing. The idea of strapping on my running shoes, applying war paint, and yelling "take your hands off my jeans or I'll" (sorry, I digressed I was having a flash back from a previous sale) LANVIN doesn't make jeans. Anyway, full collection will be released in H&M stores worldwide November 23rd. 

Not just a dress for less: H&M has released a sneak preview of its highly-anticipated collaboration with Lanvin, due to hit stores in November

Lanvin for H&M *sneak peek*

16 Oct

Parisian designer LANVIN teams up with H&M for Fall 2010!!! The very exclusive LANVIN collection will be in stores world wide on Tuesday, November 23rd!  I should receive the lookbook (pictures of the collection) on November 1st and will post on my blog straight away. So exciting!!


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