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Summer Edge: Cropped & Ripped Denim

4 Jun


Recently while in H&M, I spotted these ripped ankle length jeans. I kept eyeing them in the store. I kinda felt like the were teasing me. Each time I walked past them I would hear “you know I’m cute, just try me on”! I was a little hesitant at first because, I thought I could DIY them. Once I slipped them on I was sold. They were comfortable, fit great, and most importantly gave me the right amount of edge when I’m feeling a bit feisty. Which in actuality is about 75% of time. It looks like my new pair of jeans will be making many appearances this Summer! 









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Pop of Print

9 Apr


I’m attracted to African-inspired prints like a groupie to a professional ball player. I love them, ethnic-inspired prints that is. This Marni for H&M bag is epic! The size is amazing and surprisingly I’ve found many things in my closet to go with it. If you’re not ready to adorn yourself with full on ethnic-inspired prints. Try popping your outfit with a printed handbag or printed platforms. It’s a great way to start the beginning of the week. Happy Monday Darlings!









Studded Dreamy Slippers

27 Mar


Sometimes you just have to close your eyes, take a deep breath, and jump into life. It’s called a leap of faith! My latest shoe purchase was just that. I don’t generally purchase shoes that I can’t pair with minimum 3 items in my current wardrobe. However, when I laid eyes on these slippers my heart skipped a beat. I thought “I have nothing to wear these with and I don’t care.” If I have to wrap my body in a sheet just so I can rock these little dreamy wonders then so be it! “Nobody puts Baby in the corner.”  Better yet “Nobody puts Baby in the corner when she’s wearing hot shoes!”








Color Blocking Friday

2 Mar


I’ve already moved on to my Spring wardrobe. First up, color blocking! I love me some color blocking! It’s a fantastic way to feel a bit cheery before the warmer months hit. I was planning on pairing a black blouse with my “ox blood”  skinny jeans but opted out for this lovely jade green blouse. I will definitely be repeating this look on a date with my future Snookums. I hope he loves color blocking! Happy Friday Darlings!




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Burgundy Lush

1 Mar


I adore this heavy knitted wonder! It’s burgundy and perfect! I’m obsessed with the color. I picked up this lovely thing at Nordstrom Rack for a whopping $8.00 marked down from $157. I think I did pretty well?! It’s my “what are you doing here sweater”. My Sissy and I have this running joke that we’ll be wearing our favorite sweater to answer the door when our Man drops by unexpectedly. You know those horribly, cheesy Lifetime movies where the women opens the door and takes her sweater and wraps it around her shoulders and then utters the famous line “what are you doing her.e”  This is that kind of sweater. It’s a picture perfect movie sweater. Pancakes for dinner, uh – YES!




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Jewel Tones & Over-the-Knee Boots

9 Feb

I big red heart jewel tones and over-the-knee boots! These are probably my favorite boots of all time! I had been on the hunt for a pair of flat black leather boots for years. I brought these majestic pieces of leather in December or 2008. They originally cost $800 and were 50% off that and then another 50% off. When it was all said and done I was skipping out of Bloomingdale with my boots in tow. Final price $230! It’s not everyday you get 80% of a insanely HOT pair of boots. I haven’t found another pair of boots to compare them to. It’s safe to say these are timeless and one of a kind! 





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Aztec-Inspired Wrap Sweater

8 Feb

Loving this sweater! I picked up this gorgeous wrap sweater at Old Navy this past Monday. Its super warm, comfy and its all MINE! For $19.50 it’s a pretty awesome deal. This is one of those sweaters you wear when you’re sitting in a cabin, nestled by the fire with your BOO. Or in my case with Snookums.




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My Birthday Outfit

3 Feb


Nothing fancy! Just a blush sheer blouse, jeans, trench coat, and vintage Dooney & bourke handbag. I am birthday dinner ready!

Since mon famille is from New York, I will be cheering on the New York Giants on Superbowl Sunday. Go Giants!!!





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500th Post & The Yellow Cardigan

2 Feb

Yep, that’s right darlings! Today is post 500! Can you believe I’ve written 500 posts? How’s that for dedication?! This blog has been a true “labor of love” over the past 14 months. There have been so many days when I was exhausted from my day job and couldn’t find the energy to blog.  Each time I felt exhaustion tapping on my shoulder…..I thought of “You” my lovely Readers. I blog because you read and I love fashion. Quitting is just not in the cards for me. This little thing called a DREAM keeps whispering in my ear saying “don’t give up, I want to change my name from dream to REALITY”! 




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A Summer Dress & A Burger

12 Jan


Strange title eh?!  This is the dress I rock when I have the appetite of a lumberjack. I was in the mood for all things greasy today. I made a bacon and egg sandwich for breakfast and banana bread for a mid-morning snack. For lunch it was off to"In and Out", gorging on fries and a delicious burger. Then I wrapped up my evening at a going away party for a friend………where I noshed on a steamed hotdog in a french roll with garlic mayo, spinach salad, and fingerling potatoes. Oh yes, this dress was perfect! No one was ever the wiser that underneath this pretty flowly fabric was a small "food baby". There also might have been some insanely amazing raspberry coconut cookies I stuffed my face with as well but, I'll neither confirm nor deny that. Currently, I am sprawled out on my couch while struggling to type up this post. Would you believe I have acquired a small belly ache?! Oh, but it was so worth it!











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