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The BEST ‘Boyfriend’ Jeans under $40 (H&M)

9 Sep

Truth be told, I would rather have a boyfriend than a pair of ‘boyfriend’ jeans. My path has yet to cross paths with my future hubby, so these awesome jeans will have to suffice. I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans for over a year now. I wanted something a little baggy, in a fantastic wash, that didn’t break the bank. I spotted these denim beauties at H&M and knew they were exactly what I was looking for. They fit all of the above requirements and best of all only set me back $40!!!

Boyfriend jeans can be quite sexy. The trick is to pair a flirty and feminine blouse with your slouching comfy jeans. You can even rock a pair of stilettos to step your look up to vixen. Check out the jeans at H&…20% off!!!

**Fit Tip** Make sure you go up 1 full size. If you’re a size 8 go up to a 10. Going up a size makes the jeans drape that much better on your body.



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Fancy Sweater: Wildfox Couture Clothing

7 Sep

I first came across Wildfox Couture Clothing’ almost 2 years ago on one of my many shopping trips to Loehmann’s. I bought a Wildfox t-shirt with an American flag and eagle on it. The t-shirt was super soft with edgy details and a brilliant feminine silhouette – it was perfection! Wildfox quickly became the brand I would hunt down each time I shopped at Loehmann’s. I love this heart sweater! I had a bit of a rough week and when I saw this sweater it cheered me up. The BIG red heart makes me think of love and thinking of love makes me grateful for life!


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Working Girl Chic

18 Jul

Working Girl Chic! Yep. This look right here is my interpretation of the perfect office ensemble. When I was a young girl, I fantasized about working in New York City and rocking the most fierce outfit I could get my hands on. In my 20’s I finally moved to the Big Apple – only to realize just how different my fantasy was from reality. My first apartment was a good 15 minutes away for the train and I never could get the hang of running down the subway stairs in my stilettos. Some of those subway steps are death traps. Folks pushing and shoving. Not for me. I had to trade out my stilettos for sneakers. I also learned that wearing cute dresses in the tortuous NYC winter was not going to work as well. I use to wear 3 pairs of tight and a pair of long johns underneath my dress. Sometimes, I wouldn’t even remove the long johns when I got to the office. I was hoping one of my unsuspecting co-workers thought I was starting a new fashion trend. Oh well. You win some. You lose some.

What’s your favorite look to wear to the office?

Trench & blouse dress 4

Trench & blouse dress 5

Trench & blouse dress 7

Trench & blouse dress 3

Trench & blouse dress 2

Trench & blouse dress 6

Trench & blouse dress 8

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All photos taken by Audrey McGee Photographer

Fancy Date Outfit

8 Jul

This is my excited face! It’s the face I would make, if I were heading out on a fancy date. Sadly, its been awhile since a handsome suitor requested my presence on a fancy date. I’m not sure what the deal is with the lack of fancy dates in my life. Maybe, I should do some brainstorming on how to secure my next fancy date. Is it annoying you at how many times I’m using the words “fancy date” in this post?  Fancy date. Fancy date. Fancy date. Ok. Enough of that. Anyway, I really adore this jewel-toned brocade coat. It’s the perfect garment for any dress. I snagged it at Loehmann’s a few years ago for a whopping $20 (originally $250). I love pairing it with a vibrant colored dresses. Similar to the fuchsia dress I’m rocking.

Tip: If you’re ever in a fashion bind, spice up your plain dress with a fancy coat and you will have one brilliant outfit on your body. Fancy date! Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

Purple pink outfit 1

Purple pink outfit 3

Purple pink outfit 4

Purple pink outfit 5

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All photos taken by Audrey McGee Photographer

Mirror Mirror: H&M Sunglasses

5 May

“Because I’m addicted” would be a more appropriate title for this post. I’m obsessed. O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D! Obsessed, with mirror sunglasses. I generally spend waaaay too much money on designer sunglasses, only to have them break or lose them. This year I decided to go the less expensive route and pick up some lovely sunnies I spotted at H&M. I love them all, they’re similar in style but not in attitude. The total for my grand collection of sunnies – set me back only $35.00 for all five pair! Now that’s a deal! Check out your local H&M for the best selection on trendy and fun sunglasses for the summer. Which pair are your favorite?







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Neon Green & Beaded

5 Mar

One of my friends and super talented photographer (Audrey) shot this look for my blog. Along with many…many other looks. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s to come. I adore this cardigan! I picked it up on sale at H&M last Fall! It’s just enough pop for an early spring day!


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My New Love Bag: Céline Luggage Tote

2 Jan

A couple of months ago, I decided to unload some of my favorite handbags in order to purchase my new baby – the “Céline Luggage Tote.” I sold 3 different bags on eBay that I loved but wasn’t using. It was hard to part with them but I’m so glad I did.

After much research and stalking. I purchased my “love bag” from a reputable seller on eBay. The seller was great, honest, and really informative. She made sure to provide me with all the details and markings on the bag to ensure its authenticity. She owned 3 other Céline Luggage Totes and decided to sell me this lovely bag at a great deal! The bag is stunning! The color (coquelicot) is a rich red lipstick color. It’s AH-mazing! The leather is so durable and the lining inside the bag is made from the most luxurious suede. I’m smitten with my new Céline bag! It’s hard to believe that I had to sell 3 bags in order to purchase this one. I love it and don’t regret my decision one bit! This bag will definitely be a classic and treasured addition to my handbag collection.



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DIY: The Pink Heart T-shirt

1 Aug

In my continued obsession with finding different ways to create a t-shirt. I decided to spray a gigantic pink heart onto a bright yellow t-shirt. If you haven’t noticed, heart shapes are all the rage. Just keep an eye out this fall and you’ll see hearts on different types of knitwear. The look is very simple and can be quite chic.

Here’s how I styled my t-shirt for a night out with girls.  I had a lovely dinner with some of my favorite ladies, Jessica and Stephanie!  I heart them – pun intended! They’re pretty awesome chicks, smart, beautiful and funny. Their sense of humor is killer! I literally laugh until my stomach hurts when I hang out with them. They both have Boo’s and I must say those men are very blessed to have them!

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Floral Pants “Revisited”

14 Jun

I’ve rocked these sweet little floral pants before. This time I decided to take them out for another spin paired with a hot pink sleeves blouse!  Bright colors always makes me feel happy! Here’s to feeling happy even when things in life are a bit challenging.


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Short Shorts & Napa Valley

9 Jun


It’s a rare occasion that I will rock a pair of short shorts. I’ve never been a huge fan of shorts because I have so many “war wounds” on my legs.  When I was younger I spent most of my childhood playing outside with my siblings. Our playtime generally consisted of the 3 of us horsing around in our wooded backyard, needless to say it was a challenge to keep my legs from being scratched up. These denim shorts I’m rocking were a last minute DIY. I took a pair of gently worn jeans and cut the legs off on an impulse. I tried them on and loved them! They are a bit short but they’re super comfortable and I love the studded detailing on the side. This was the perfect outfit to wear while hanging out in Napa Valley for the day! It looks like my fear of short shorts might be coming to an end. Holla!










Beringer Winery


Beringer Winery



Beringer Winery


Sparky the Pomeranian ready for his ride!


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