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Guest Post: Staying Comfy on a Long Road Trip

20 Aug

Here’s a super rad guest post from Scott Grayson, who recently took a long summer road trip. Check out some Scott’s great tips on how to stay comfy during a long road trip. Everyone could use a sweet tip during road trip season. Right?

Staying comfortable on a long road trip will keep drivers focused and passengers well tempered. These eight road trip essentials will ensure that travelers are prepared no matter where they head.

Warm Footwear

A pair of warm boots can keep roadsters comfortable in cool mountain ranges and snowy regions to freezing cars with cranked air conditioner units. With passengers all having different body temperatures, it becomes much easier to get warmer with cozy boots or slippers than for others to feel colder. Comfortable footwear is also a must for long walks through towns after an extensive car ride.

Insulated Cooler

From snacks and sandwiches to cold drinks, keeping an insulated cooler means less stops for unhealthy gas station convenience stores and fast food. Travelers can pack vegetables, fruit and wraps for nutritious and energetic food. Insulated bags also allow road trippers to carry certain medicines and insulin products that require refrigeration.

Radar Detector

Safe driving and maintaining the speed limit are crucial elements to a good road trip. No matter the rush, there is no reason to put lives at risk. However, a radar detector can help drivers relax about potential hot spots and traps. Even the safest drivers occasionally go a mile or two over the limit. This little device will prevent the unforeseen cost of a speeding ticket. Note that radar detector use varies by country and state.


There is no worse feeling on the road than getting lost. Even when a road route looks easy, having an active GPS can help the driver stay comfortable. They’ll be able to signal where exits and turns will be ahead of schedule, making the driver able to relax and keep eyes on the road without stressing to watch every road sign. A GPS is also essential for road detours, and construction on bridges and ramps that would otherwise leave road trippers confused on where to go.


Relaxing music on the road can keep everyone calm and happy while making sure the driver feels relaxed. Apart from preventing road rage, music can also help pass the time and keep passengers entertained. Using a smartphone or iPod will not only allow a vast selection of music but can give passengers a chance to play DJ, keeping everyone amused with the fun of picking out songs, making requests and guessing what will be played next.

Blankets and Pillows

Even the most comfortable seats in luxury model cars cannot compare to the feel of a blanket and pillow. For passengers trying to take a nap or for staying warm in cold seasons, these essentials will turn the car into a traveling hotel.

Air Freshener

If food and beverages are being consumed on the road or passengers decide to take off their socks and boots, air fresheners are a welcome addition to getting the car back to a pleasant smell. Keep plastic wrappers covering the majority of the air freshener so as not to overpower the car with the scent.

Hand Sanitizer

From grimy hands to the need to wash up before eating a snack, hand sanitizers are the go-to source of cleanliness on the road. Available in wipes or sprays, these take up little room and can help keep roadsters sanitary and the car extra clean.

Get Going!

With these road trip necessities, you can venture off on their travels fully equipped to stay relaxed and comfortable. Staying healthy with cleanliness and nutritious snacks while maintaining road safety through technology will help everyone have a comfortable vacation!

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