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Friday Inspiration: Vegetables & Jewelry

22 Jun

Do your eyes deceive you? Are these vegetables in the from of jewelry? Yep, designer  Ventzislav Iliev created the mock jewelry made completely from vegetables. They’re not to be worn since they are actual vegetables. The mock jewelry pieces were created for a special photo shoot to show that vegetables can also be fashionable. Maybe I should consider wearing my broccoli rather than eating it. Just a thought….

Garlic ring

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Friday Inspiration: Keep A Breast

25 May


What an inspiring way to empower women with breast cancer! Read the below blurb about this awesome program. I heart every single one of these gorgeous “breast cast”. I love strong women and a women with cancer is probably the strongest of them all.

“The Keep A Breast (KAB) and Young Survival Coalition (YSC) Treasured Chest Program gives women who are diagnosed with breast cancer an opportunity to document their journeys with a Keep A Breast Foundation Breast Cast™, a hand-made plaster form of their torsos, which they hand paint as a part of art therapy. The KAB/YSC Treasured Chest Program’s goal is to give women who are diagnosed with breast cancer an opportunity to document their bodies and emotions during their treatment by turning their casted torso into a work of art.”





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Friday Inspiration: My Mother (in honor of Mother’s Day)

11 May

So, I was probably raised by the most awesome Woman on the planet. She's pretty EPIC! She taught me how to be a lady, how to love people that were hard to love, how to cook, and how to respect myself . She instilled so many life lessons and values into me, its hard to keep track of them all. From the time I was 6 years old until 12 years hold my parents cared for foster children. It was a wonderful life changing experience. One that has inspired me to adopt a child when I get married some day. My Mom is the type of woman that if you are in her house and see something you like she will give it to you (with exception of a few of her antiques). She is without a doubt the most giving woman I know. Her and my father made sure we understood that nothing is owed to us and that its more important to give and expect nothing in return. I could have not asked God for a better mother. In honor of Mother's Day here are a few of my favorite "Carrie-isms" (my mom's name is Carrie). I love her so much! If I am half the mother to my children as she is to me, I will be a darn good one!


1. "Put God First"

2. "Don't chase men, let them chase you"

3. "Always keep a clean house, no man likes a nasty woman."

4. "Honey, if you can't stand up for yourself no one else will….wipe your tears and fight"

5. "A horrible situation can turn around in 24 hours. That's the brilliant thing about life"

6. "Sweetie your day couldn't have been that bad. Just look at how Arnold Schwarzenegger humiliated Maria Shriver, now that's a bad day".

7. " Honey all men are goofy, you just have to find the one who's goofiness doesn't get on your nerves"


Happy Mother's Day Mama! 

My mom

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Friday Inspiration: Love is a Beautiful Thing

4 May

Hey Darlings! I've decided that every Friday going forward will be "Friday Inspiration" day, where I will feature a story about something or someone that inspires me. I would love it if you all would email me and share with me your inspiring stories through out the week as well.  Today's post is a sweet YouTube video of one of my favorite British beauty/fashion Vloggers – BritPopPrincess. I've been following her YouTube videos for over a year and I just love watching her! Here's the video of her wedding which was absolutely beautiful!

One of my prayers is for all my single readers who desire to find LOVE will find it in 2012! Stay open!!!




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Friday Inspiration: Caine’s Arcade

13 Apr


I'm a lover of short films and this one is pretty EPIC! Caine a 9 year old little boy from East L.A. builds an Arcade entirely out of cardboard boxes. One of the greatest investment we can make in our future is to encourage and support the children around us to dream BIG! This little guy is my "Friday Inspiration!" Check out this short film below.



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