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Fashion in Film: The Hunger Games

24 Jan


I'm in the middle of reading the first book in the series and loving it! The first pics of the much anticipated movie "The Hunger Games" have leaked on line. Here's just a sneak peek at some the fashion we will be seeing when the film officially opens in Theaters March 24th. Will you be going to see it?   


Hunger games

Hunger games 2



Fall 2012 Trend: Brown/Burgundy Leather

It looks like Katniss will be sporting a sweet leather jacket in the film. Good thing too! Leather is trending for Fall 2012. I can't wait to get my hands on a vintage burgundy leather jacket. It's on the list!




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Oscar Nominations 2012 : Here Are The Nominees……….

24 Jan



Oscars 1

Oscars 2


Downton Abbey Season 2: Recap Mondays – Episode 3

23 Jan

I’m in love with a Masterpiece Theater mini-series. Yes its true! I can’t get enough of Downton Abbey! The characters are superb and the costumes are insane. I so want to move to England and live in Highclere castle. Hmm….how can I make this happen?!

Downton Abbey (Season 2) Recap Mondays, yes sir its going down. I’m adding TV/film review to my fashion blog. With an emphasis on fashion of course. Duh! I love fashion and feel that it can be celebrated in many other creative outlets like film/TV. So here’s hoping my veteran readers stay with me in addition to gaining some readers. 

Let’s get in to it! 

Cousin Isobel and Lady Grantham didn’t fair well this episode. As Cousin Isobel began to step on Lady Grantham’s toes, while interfering with the managing of Downton Abbey. Cousin Isobel better recognize. What woman is going to let you come into her house and try to run it!? I don’t think so. Mr. Mosley tried to move in on Mr. Bates’s job and woman (that woman being Anna). Watch yourself Mr. Moseley. Mr. Bates has a stick, my guess is he’ll use it if you keeping trying to put the moves on his lady. Poor Sybil was in daze after Mr. Branson (the Chauffeur) persuaded her that she is in love with him. Sybil, don’t do it girl. Mr. Branson is broke and you are sitting in the lap of luxury. Then there’s Ethel (the maid) who was caught being knotty with an Officer. Mary and Edith sang a deut together. It was a lovely to see the sisters getting along. Matthew Crawley went missing but showed up right as Mary was singing. The love was written all over Mary’s face. She’s still in love with Matthew! Nosey O’Brien is up to something. Is it me or does O’Brien need a Man. A love interest would do O’Brien some good, if only to help her mind her on business. Until episode 4…..




LOVE!!!! Lady Mary’s chocker!

M abbey



Click her to watch: Episode 3




Fashion in Film: W.E.

19 Jan


W.E.! The new film about an affair between King Edward VIII and American divorcée Wallis Simpson. King Edward as you may or may not know, gave up the Crown in order to marry Wallis Simpson his true love. Now that alone should peak your interest in seeing this amazing film. Who wouldn't want to be loved that much?! I'm in love with this picture below. More accurately put, I'm in love with the DIOR suit lead actress: Andrea Riseborough is wearing! Black & White stripes and geometric prints are a huge trend for Spring 2012. A brilliant Costume Designer (Arianne Phillips) will use trends of today to influence how they style looks from the past. This DIOR suit inspires me to rock a little more B&W stripes this Spring! 






Spring 12 Trends 


  1. Graphic B&W Coat Karen Miller  / 2. Balenciag Stripe Bag / 3. DIY B&W Nails




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