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How to watch FREE Movies in the Theaters

9 May

So one of my pet peeves is when someone has great information that could help out other people but they choose not to share it. I thought I would share with you all, my darling readers how I see advance screenings for movies in the theaters. It’s actually a simple process and with a few tips you can see a movie for free anytime your little film heart desires.

My go-to website for free movie tickets is it’s the best site I’ve found for seeing movies for free in the theaters. One of the great things about this site is that its national, they list free movie screenings in all 50 states. Here’s a few tips to ensure that you get the movie tickets you want as well as a seat.

1. Sign up for advance screening emails. When you sign up for the emails, advance screening will send you an email each time a new movie is listed in your area

2. Check the website daily. Advance screening is constantly updating their movies that are available in your area so, it’s a good idea to check back frequently.

3. Sign up for an account on Gofobo has many available free movies but in order to get tickets through their site you must have an account. It’s free to sign up.

4. Once you have secured a pair of tickets make sure to arrive at least 1 hour to 1 1/2 before the movie starts. I can ont stress this enough. If you choose to waltz in as johnny-come-lately, then expect to be turned away at the door. Most of the screenings give out more tickets than seats available.  Arriving early allows you to get a seat without being turned away. Good luck. Let me know if any of you use this site.


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Tiffany & Co.: ‘The Great Gatsby’ Jewelry Collection

25 Apr

AH-mazing! How stunning is the ‘The Great Gatsby’ collection exclusively sold at Tiffany & Co. I’m swooning! Swooning! I tell ya! My favorite piece is the diamond headband with cultured pearls! It’s the quintessential roaring 20’s jewelry piece. Every fashionable women in the 20’s owned a beaded headband. I’m thinking about bringing this trend back. In the meantime why not take a gander at these gorgeous photos of Tiffany & C0. store windows featuring the smashing collection. Those windows are EVERYTHING!









A headpiece of diamonds and freshwater cultured pearls set in platinum with a detachable broach ($200,000).


Jean Schlumberger’s fish bracelet with 73.41 carats of sapphires, 38.34 carats of red spinels, and 5.77 carats of diamonds ($350,000).


Tiffany white diamond tiara with 8.43 carats of yellow diamonds ($335,000).


Tiffany yellow diamond rings with pink and white diamonds and sapphires ($90,000 to $180,000).


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Disney & Fashion: Barney’s NYC presents “Electric Holiday” (Short Film)

16 Nov

I’m so in love with this short animation film! Disney teamed up with Barney’s New York to create a one-of-kind holiday short film. Check out the star cast, see if you can spot all the different celebrities. Happy Holidays!!

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Film Review: Anna Karenina

14 Nov

Film: Anna Karenina

Review:  In this mind-blowing, picturesque, sensual, and highly creative film, Joe Wright has created a MASTERPIECE!  The film is so visually stunning, I was captivated from beginning to end. It’s hard to believe that the majority of the film was shot on a single soundstage at Shepperton Studios in a dilapidated theatre outside of London. The call to set the entire film in a theater was brilliant!

The love story which was adapted from Leo Tolstoy novel Anna Karenina unfolds in the late 19th century Russia. Anna played by Keira Knightley is married to Alexi Karenin who is played by Jude Law.  Alexi is a senior Russian government official and lacking in emotion. Their marriage is loveless and the only fruit it bears is a beautiful son that Anna adores. Starving for affection, Anna is bewitched by Count Vornsky. It’s love at first sight! Neither Anna nor the Count will deny themselves the love they so desire from each other, thus igniting their tumultuous love affair. That’s what happens when you’re forced into a loveless marriage, you try to escape even through “sin.” Princess Kitty also has her eyes set on Count Vorknsy but the feeling is not mutual. He only has eyes for the beautiful and mysterious Anna. Poor Princess Kitty, she never saw it coming. Anna swooped in and stole her man (Count Vorknsy) in 10 seconds flat. Anna is unapologetic about her love for the Count. She considers her love for him to be punishment and torture… for which she will not retreat. The path of forbidden love will surely lead Anna to a life of abandonment – outcast by Russian high society. Alexi (Anna’s husband) does very little to prevent the inevitable. Anna is left to her own self-destruction and in the end there is no saving grace for her. A tragic but epic love story.

The costumes are out of this world. I want them all! The rich colors and luxurious fabric speaks to the great opulence of old world Russia. Keira Knightly had access to $2.2 million dollars of Chanel diamonds while filming. The always talented Jacqueline Durran was the costume designer for this grand movie. Durran is also responsible for the iconic emerald green dress in Atonement. Wright and Durran have worked on several films together, so it was a no brainer that she would curate the costumes for Anna Karenina.

Someone get (cinematographer) Seamus McGarvey an Oscar. The cinematography in this film was beyond magical. It was like watching a Michelangelo painting in motion. Every scene was casted in the most elaborate decorative walls, enormous chandeliers, and glorious tapestry. One of the most epic scenes in the film is the live horse race inside the theater. I’m still trying to figure out how they choreographed “live horses” running at maximum speed on a theater stage, its unreal. This film is as funny as it is beautiful. I’m a HUGE fan of Joe Wright since he’s the brain child behind some of my favorite films, Pride & Prejudice and Atonement. I love Directors who direct a film, leaving traces of their creative DNA during the process. Wright is known for having some of the most exquisite scenery in his films. If you look at all his films Pride & Prejudice and Atonement being the most popular. Both films are peppered with breathtaking scenery. If I had to suggest one film to see before the end of the year Anna Karenina would be my pick. If only for the visual stimulation! This film is a MASTERPIECE!!!

Best line in the movie: You can’t ask Why about love!  – Count Vorknsy

Banana Republic: Anna Karenina-Inspired Collection

6 Nov

Banana Republic has launched an Anna Karenina -Inspired Collection for the holidays. The collection is classic with a spot of lovely! Although its not quite the Russian opulence I was looking for… will have to do. I’m loving the black dress with the lace overlay! Check out the full collection at

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Sparkle Time with Brely Evans

20 Aug

I had a chance to meet the very talented Brely Evans. Brely will be sharing the silver screen with Jordin Sparks and the legendary Whitney Houston in Sparkle.  Ms. Evans was super sweet and really down to earth. I attended the Susan Randolph foundation for breast cancer, where the triple threat actress was being honored.

The event called for all white attire. I am not of fan of anyone telling me what color to wear. So I switched up the all white theme to something more my style. Here’s a snap shot of what I rocked. The photos were snapped with my iPhone so the quality is a bit underwhelming. Special thanks to the lovely Shay for inviting me!

Giorgio Armani for Bruce Wayne: The Dark Knight Rises

23 Jul

Hey Bruce! I see you! The iconic Giorgio Armani was the force behind Bruce Wayne stepping up his suit game in the final Batman movie. Christian Bale’s character looked so incredibly dapper. His 2 button, made-to-measure, pin-striped suit was perfect for his billionaire executive persona. I really had to do a double take. Witnessing a man in well-tailored suit is a rare treat these days.

If you are interested in the “B. Wayne” treatment just contact your local Giorgio Armani boutique for an appointment. Sorry, mask and cape only reserved for The Dark Knight!

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Fashion in Film: Anna Karenina (2012)

19 Jun

Anyone who knows me knows I BIG RED HEART period films!!! It’s an obsession that developed in my adolscents years, when I watched Sense & Sensibility with my Mom and Sissy. So imagine my surprise to learn that another legendary period film is in the works for this fall. It’s like Christmas has come early! The net is all a buzz with the recent movie photos for the upcoming film Anna Karenina. Which will star Keira Knightley and Jude Law. The film will be directed by the brilliant Joe Wright , who is one of my favorite Directors. Joe Wright has directed beautiful films such as Pride & Prejudice and Atonement. Love him truly! I can’t wait to see what kind of magic he works in the EPIC Russian love story of Anna Karenina. The film will hit theaters September 7th!!! I have less than 90 days to locate “Snookums” exact whereabouts so he can escort me to this amazing movie!

p.s. The costumes look insane!

Keira Knightley as Anna Karenina


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Fashion & Film: PRADA “A Therapy”

26 May


I'm NOT an advoctate of fur, I love my fur friends too much to wear them as fashion. I am however a advocate of brilliant acting…. Helen Boman Carter and Sir Ben Kingsley are two or the best. This short film is pretty EPIC minus the focus on the fur. What is it about the Brits, they have some serious acting chops and always seem to "bring it"! 




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Snow White and The Huntsmen: Original Costumes w/ video

21 May


I can not wait to feast my eyes on this majestic film! This classic Disney fairy tale is told in a unique way, with action and adventure to boot. My excitement though is due to the insanely beautiful costumes that were designed by three time Oscar-winning Costume Designer Colleen Atwood. Ms. Atwood was the creative genius behind films such as Chicago., Memoirs of a Geisha, and Alice and Wonderland! Check out the video clip below featuring Colleen Atwood on her inspiration when making these costumes come to life. Snow White and the Huntsmen will open in theaters June 1st!






Snow white 3

Snow white 5

Snow white6

Snow white 4

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