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Downton Abbey Season 4 – Episode 8 (Watch it Here)

11 Nov

Watch it Here


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Downton Abbey Season 4 – Episode 7 (Watch it HERE)

5 Nov

Watch it HERE


Downton Abbey Season 4 – Episode 3 (Watch it HERE)

12 Oct

I’m seriously on cloud 9 with getting all of my DTA Season 4 fix! These free links are EPIC! The only problem is, the videos have a limit of how many people can view them in a 24-hour period. If the video is unavailable just click back on it to see if it will reset. If it doesn’t reset, you will need to wait until the following day to view it. Enjoy  Or HERE



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Downton Abbey Season 4 – Episode 2 (Watch it HERE)

12 Oct

And it just keeps getting better! Here’s the link to DTA Season 4 Episode 2! Enjoy


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Downton Abbey Season 4 Episode 1 – (Watch it HERE)

12 Oct

Christmas just came early! I came across a link to watch Downton Season 4 – episode 1!!! It’s a working link, to which I’m grateful for the person who posted it. It’s only a link to the first episode in Season 4 — hey I’ll take it. To watch the episode click


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Downton Abbey Season 4 Trailer (Video)

31 Aug

Oh wee! I can’t wait until Downton Abbey premieres in the UK on September 22nd and in the States on January 5th! This season is full of tears, dancing, flirty flapper dresses, fights, and many many cups of tea! I’m sad that Cousin Matthew is gone but the new hotties make up for some much needed eye-candy. Holla!

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Downton Abbey Season 4 – “New Photos”

30 Jul

Oh shoot! PBS and Masterpiece released exclusive photos of Downton Season 4. I can’t wait! my favorite show is just around the corner. Well, actually it’s around the corner for the UK viewers, when the season premieres in late September. Us lowly Americans will have to wait until it airs in January 2014 on PBS. Not me! I will find a way to watch it with my UK friends.

How precious is Matthew’s heir?! So sad he won’t be able to watch his son grow up.






All photos courtesy from

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‘Downton Abbey’ Season 4 UPDATES

15 May

PBS has set a premiere date for ‘Downton Abbey’ Season 4. Drum Roll please…… January 5th, 2014! Boo! The UK will get to the watch Season 4 in September of this year. That’s a full 4 months before the U.S. I’m NOT happy about this!

Last season we lost our beloved Matthew Crawley. Naturally Lady Mary will need a new love interest – (I hope you didn’t expect Lady Mary to roll as a single mother in season 4). I give you the gorgeous Tom Cullen as Lord Gillingham! No word as to which episode in season 4 – Tom Cullen’s character will be introduced. By the looks of his photo below, I think my grieving process for Matthew just got easier. Also, in other big DTA news. The show has cast their first black actor for season 4. British actor Gary Carr will play Jack Ross, a very talented jazz singer. Whoa! Gary Carr is a FOX! My waiting period for Downton Abbey to return is going to be tortuous. I need January 5, 2014 to hurry up! I’m soooo excited about Season 4 to start, I can’t  breathe. Ok. I’m being dramatic. I can breathe. I’m just REALLY excited!

Who else is excited for DTA season 4?

Tom Cullen (Lady Mary’s new Beau)


Gary Carr (Jack Ross – jazz singer)


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Downton Abbey Season 3: Monday Recaps – Season Finale

18 Feb

Julian Fellowes channeled Quentin Tarantino’s writing style in last night’s season finale of Downton Abbey. I was horrified as I watched the brutal murder of Matthew Crawley. I was in tears! Shocked! Devastated! How could this happen? Ok, let me catch my breath. Cousin Matthew wasn’t actually murdered but rather died in a fatal car crash on his way to spread the good news of the birth of his son and heir. Last night’s season finale was unforgivable! I’m seriously considering NOT watching 4th season. Lady Mary and cousin Matthew’s marriage was just beginning to blossom so beautifully.  I was so looking forward to seeing Matthew in his new role as a father. Now that will not happen. I will never get to see Matthew interact with his beautiful wife and precious son again. No more sweet kissing scenes between Matthew and Mary. No more argument between Matthew and Lord G. No more bromance exchanges between Matthew and Tom. It’s all over. O-V-E-R. OVER!  Oh did I mention how I yelled at the screen as Matthew’s car plowed into the oncoming car. I was literally trying to will the car accident not to happen. I’m still soooooooo upset. I really don’t know if I can finish writing this post. I will do my best…..

The entire Grantham gang travelled to Scotland to visit Cousin Shrimpy and his family. Minus a few servants and Tom. What’s up with that? I thought Tom was apart of the family now. Speaking of Tom. I’m officially a fan of his. As you remember in the beginning of the season 3, Tom was my least favorite character. He was so undesirable with all his blurting out of his political positions every 15 minutes. However after watching how true he stayed to Sybil after her death, I find him to be quite loyal and endearing. His dedication to the honor Sybil’s memory was tested when a new housemaid (Edna) began to put the moves on him. Mrs. Hughes can’t possibly do a thorough background check on these housemaids. Otherwise, she would notice that she has a pattern of hiring a bunch of floozies. Jane (housemaid in season 2) tried to hit on Lord G. – floozie. Ethel slept with an Officer but then turned her life around – redeemed floozie. See the pattern? Someone needs to do better job in the hiring process.

Edith is once again knocking at the door of a scandalous relationship. Geesh! This chick can’t catch a break in the men department. Reminds me of myself minus the “scandalous” part. In season 2 Edith had a little tryst with married farmer. Earlier in season 3 she was in love with Yoda – I mean Sir Anthony. She was jilted by Sir Anthony at the altar. Now, we have her sleazy newspaper editor trying to make her his mistress. He’s still legally married to his wife who is living in an insane asylum.

Cousin Rose looks like she’ll be sticking around. Her parents are pawning her off on the Granthams, so they can go to India to fix their marriage or something. I like Rose. I think she’s spunky and unpredictable. She reminds me of Sybil but less sweet.

The remaining servants at Downton Abbey attended a local county fair. Things got a bit out of control as James won a bet and began to flash his winnings around. A bunch of thugs followed James and decided to rough him up and steal his money. That’s until Thomas saved the day. Thomas fought off the ruffians and saved James from getting his pretty face all jacked up.

How cute was Mr. Bates and Anna during their little impromptu picnic. Love them! I’m hoping that a baby will be on the way for Anna and Bates in Season 4.

Mrs. Patmore has an admired. It seemed her admire was going to propose marriage until until Mrs. Hughes found him fondly another lady at the fair. Mrs. Patmore sure dodged a bullet with that loser. YUCK!

Season 3 has been full of good and bad surprises. I can’t officially say I’m looking forward to season 4. I will need at least six months to recover from the loss of our beloved Matthew Crawley.

Oh yeah! Julian Fellowes is a Joker. The End!

To watch season finale click here





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Downton Abbey Season 3 Monday Recaps: Episode 5

4 Feb

The Crawley family is in mourning after the untimely death of Lady Sybil. Everyone misses Sybil and feels the great loss of not having her around. Cora’s grief seems to be the most palpable. Her grief is compounded with anger towards Lord Grantham. Cora still believes that had Lord G. listened to Dr. Clarkson, Sybil would be alive. The anger Cora bears against Robert is causing a terrible strain on their marriage, forcing them to sleep in separate beds. Gasp. The Countess Dowager notices the strain (not because of the bed issue) and devises a plan to help them. The Dowager summons Dr. Clarkson and encourages him to share his findings about the “real” cause of Sybil’s death. Quick thinking Dowager Countess. The information that Dr. Clarkson shares with Lord G. and Cora is just what they needed to hear… order to let go of the anger and grieve together. The scene where Cora and Lord G. embrace each other was so emotional and heartwarming. I couldn’t bear it if Cora and Lord Grantham continued to live in disharmony. Or worse. Divorce. Just thinking about it stresses me out. Thank God for the Dowager. Phew.

Branson announces over breakfast that he’s naming the baby Sybil (after her mother) and she will be baptized as a Catholic. Lord Grantham is shocked at the thought of his only granddaughter being baptized as a Catholic …..something about –  “No, Crawley being a Catholic since the revolution”..blah…blah…blah. Light up Lord. G, it’s really not that big of a deal. At least the little one’s soul will be covered should she succumb to the same fate as her mother. Tom is doing a great job holding it together, despite the fact that he is still struggling with the loss of his beautiful wife. I’m beginning to soften towards Tom. It’s obvious that he truly loved and adored Sybil.

Cousin Isobel wishes to throw a little lunch party to lift the spirits of Cora and the girls. This lunch party sets Ethel on a mission to impress Cousin Isobel by improving her cooking skills. Ethel reaches out to Mrs. Patmore for help with cooking lessons. Mrs. Patmore is kind enough to oblige and provides Ethel with recipes and tips along with a few lessons. So kind, that Mrs. Patmore. I know Mrs. P can a be a bit strict with the kitchenmaids but underneath it all I think she’s a real softie.

Mrs. O’Brien is still scheming and working on her master plan to obliterate Thomas. (I’m telling you, this chick needs a love interest ASAP! She’s got too much time on her hands.) O’Brien steps up her game. She is no longer satisfied with just hinting around to Thomas about Jimmy. Nope. She blatantly tells Thomas that Jimmy has a crush on him. Thomas takes the bait due his narcissistic tendencies. This situation could it ugly….

Whoo Hoo! Jailhouse shenanigans have resumed. Mr. Bates and his cellmate are at it again. Anna visits Mr. Bates in jail (for the 800th time) and informs him that Mrs. Bartlett has recanted her story regarding her interaction with Vera before she died. This recantment could affect the outcome of overturning his case. Bates vows to Anna that he will get to the bottom of why Mrs. Bartlett is recanting her story. Anna makes Bates promise he won’t “do anything foolish.” Despite Anna’s loving encouragement, Mr. Bates still puts a hurtin’ on his cellmate. While the inmates are walking around the courtyard (which one can only assume is their form of daily exercise) Mr. Bates grabs his cellmate out of line and shoves in him a nearby corner away from the peering eyes of the guards. Bates then threatens his cellmate with what looked like knife. (The “knife” had a little hook on it, so we really can’t be sure it was a “real” knife.) Mr. Bates threats worked! Out of the blue, Anna receives a letter from Mr. Murray (Bates’ Lawyer) stating that Bates will be released from prison in a matter of a few weeks. So basically, Bates will be back at Downton Abbey in next week’s episode. Can’t wait….

Best Line: “Is it over, when one loses a child. Is it ever really over?” – Cora

To Watch Season 3/Episode 5: Click Here






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