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Etsy Spotlight: Rebyc Handbags (Designer Interview)

8 May

“I love that I can make cool bags for cool chicks but I don’t have to be cool” – Stephany Childers

A couple of weeks ago I had a chance to interview the awesome designer behind Rebyc handbags! Stephany Childers is the creative director and designer behind these one-of-kind gorgeous handbags, sold exclusively on Etsy. I’m so in love with her handbags. I want to own them all! I adore the mix of recycled leather and vintage fabrics. I also love the idea of owning a bag that’s one-of-kind. No two bags that she creates is alike. The beauty of her bags speak for themselves. Check out the interview below along with photos of some of my favorite bags from her Etsy shop. Be forewarn her bags sell fast on Etsy. If you see a style you love – buy it!  

Kena: Where did you get your start?
Stephany: My mom taught me how to sew when I was young. I guess you could say I got my start in New York City. I worked in the design industry while living in NYC before moving back home to Oregon.
Kena: When did you join Etsy? How long did it take you to make a career out of it?
Stephany: I started selling my bags on Etsy in 2007. I made it my full-time career a year and half ago. I love it!
Kena: How many bags do you sell on Etsy?
Stephany: I usually sell between 30 to 40 bags a month.
Kena: Do you ever do special orders?
Stephany: Yes. I have many repeat customers.
Kena: Where do you live?
Stephany: I live in a small town in Oregon. I was homeschooled. I have a really awesome and loving family.
Kena: Where do you get your inspiration from?
Stephany: The fabric, trims, and notion are my starting point. I see a piece of fabric and the bag kind of evolves from there.
Kena: Where do you find the amazing fabrics you use for your bags?
Stephany: All my bags are eco-friendly, I use recycled fabrics. Most of the fabrics, are from estate sales, salvation army, antique shop, and vintage stores. I love to hunt for fabrics. I hate matching so, I love to mix and match different textiles and leather textures to create a unique, one-of-kind handbag.
Kena: Your handbags are so unique and gorgeous. Why do you choose to sell your bags on Etsy and not in a department store?
Stephany I like having creative control. I want to design bags that I love and have the freedom to decide how to create them. Etsy gives me that freedom. I actually remember every bag I create.
Stephanie is one rad chick, I thoroughly enjoyed my conversation with her! She was super patience with all my questions. Her passion to create one-of-kind, high quality, gorgeous bags are evident of the HUGE following she’s built on Etsy.  Stephanie is an AH-mazing designer with incredible gift to design beautiful handbags. After viewing these photos below of her design crafty work, you’ll begin to understand why I’m swooning over her bags!























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Interview w/ Couture Designer Talbot Runhof

22 Nov


It's not everyday you get to meet a Couture Designer who's designed gowns for Oprah, Carrie Underwood, and Jenifer Lopez! This past Thursday I had the honor of meeting with German Couture Designer Adrian Runhof who designs Talbot Runhof with Johnny Talbot. I was unable to meet with Johnny Talbot because, he had to return to Germany earlier in the week. Armed with my notebook and pen in hand I sat on a white plush couch ready to ask a million questions of the insanely talented Adrian Runhof. He was very gracious, polite, and charming. I thanked him repeatedly for taking the time to meet with me. Once we wrapped with Q&A. Mr. Runhof  personally walked me through his entire couture collection explaining every garment in great detail! Talbot Runhof gowns are exquisite! Its hard to miss the carefully, precise, design silhouettes of each gown. The couture collection was very feminine and sultry. The draping, deep jewel color palette, and floral prints were so enchanting I began to think I was walking in Marie Antoinette's garden. However, don't mistake the femininity of the gowns as too sweet there's definitely a modern edge to their gowns. Its evident that a woman's confidence in what she wears is very important to Talbot Runhof!

Question: How did you begin your career in fashion?

Answer: Wow! Do you really want to know that (laugh). I always knew I wanted to be in fashion my parents were in fashion. After graduating from college I created a small collection. I met Johnny while he was working as a electric engineer in Germany at a radio station. Johnny had always wanted to design clothing as well and took out a small loan to begin his first collection. It was a very brave thing for Johnny to do. We started working together after that.

Question:  Karl Lagerfeld is said to have drawn a 100 sketches a day for each collection he creates. How many sketches do you and Mr. Talbot draw for your collections? 

Answer:  That's interesting that you ask this question.  Johnny and I don't sketch at all. We drape all of our gowns on our American model Megan. She comes to our fashion house and we drape fabric on her to create our couture gowns. Which creates all this beautiful drapping detail in each gown. 

Question: On creating Women's gowns and dresses.

Answer:  Its important for a woman to feel confident in what she is wearing. A woman should feel proud and sexy in whatever she has on. Some women aren't comfortable with their arms so, we'll add sleeves and cap sleeves to our garments. We try to create garments that help women feel proud about their bodies. 

Question: On relationship with your Clients.

Answer: We work really closely with our clients they are important to us and we want them to feel special. Recently, we had a model in NYC (she's the oldest working high fashion model by the way) call us up and say " I don't ever wear or buy dresses but, I must have this dress you have designed." The model was referring to a dress she had wore during a photo shoot. 

Question: What was your inspirtation for Spring 2011?

Answer: We were inspired by "I Love Lucy" and old black and white films along with cipea. Do you see how the flowers resemble the stills from an old black and white movie. 

Question: Chocolate brown is generally not a color used in Spring collections. How did you decide on that color?

Answer: Since old movies were in black and white we thought the chocolate brown would compliment the black and white color palette. We also think chocolate brown is a very beautiful color.

Question: On Talbot Runhof ready to wear dresses being versatile.

Answer:  You have a woman who works in the city but, lives outside the city she doesn't have time to go back home to change for a dinner date.  Talbot Runhof dresses are designed to take you from day to night but, in a very elegant way.  We like to use stretch wool and strech cotton for some of our dresses……. this fabric is very comfortable and creates a more flattering silhouettes for the female body. 

I thanked Mr. Runhof  for the millionth time once our interview concluded. His response…"No, it was my pleasure and an honor to meet with you". What an amazing experience for me to have met him! 

*A special thanks to Konrad Janus (Saks Fifth Avenue Special Events Coordinator) for letting me take up so much of Adrian Runhof time. 








Designed for Oprah Winfrey


 Designed for Oprah Winfrey



Similar to the dress designed for Carrie Underwood which she wore to CMA's 2010






My favorite Dress of the Couture Collection




Multicolored sequin beading overlay on black satin



Beautiful black stain draped over a luscious black crinoline skirt













 Myself & Adrian Runhof



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