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Couture or Coutrash: The Silk Pajama Pant

14 Feb


Well this is just brillant! This trend will not be everyone's cup of tea, thankfully for me I LOVE tea! I think this look is better captured with a vintage influence. Think 1970's Halston silk pajamas. Wait? Did Halston even make pajamas. No matter, if they made them I will find them!















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Couture or Coutrash: Bondage Tights

21 Jan


I coined the term "Coutrash" last year on my blog. Coutrash is a poser of  a trend or design trying to pass off as Couture. What say you? Are you a lover of these tights?!  My vote: total couture!  I love the edgy look these tights would give to otherwise demure outfit. One warning though, googling "bondage tights" can bring up some not so demure pictures. 


Bondage tights1


Bondage tights2



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Shoes of Horror

21 Oct


Normally, I try and keep an open mind about fashion because, I feel it's the Designer's right to interpret their own creative vision. In this case I'm inclined to think otherwise. If I ever attempted to wear any of these shoes I believe the results would be fatal to both my style and life. What do you think…Couture or Coutrash?


Alexander McQueen


Roksanda Ilincic



Jil Sander



 Anastasia Radevich

Anastasia Radevich - Kinetik


Louis Vuitton


Designer Unknown – which is probably a good thing.

Huf Highheels.jpg


Mai Lamore



 Briton Antonio Berardi

Heel-Less High Heels


Alexander McQueen 

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