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Check Out This Blogger: Dapper Lou

21 Apr


Dapper Lou is a total "Mansetter"! He's classic, original, and a smart dresser. All the things I adore in a Men's blog. His style is pretty much EPIC! I really want to hire him to do some consulting for my future Snookums. I haven't met "Snookums" yet. When I do meet him, I sure hope he's open to having his personal style revised. Dapper Lou is the quintessential GQ Man. He's so extremely dapper!








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Check Out This Blogger: Smitten Kitchen

7 Apr


I love reading blogs. Occasionally, I even enjoy writing my own blog…just kidding.  I LOVE writing my own blog for the 25 faithful people that read my blog. To them I say smooches!

Let’s focus on a hugely popular food blog called Smitten Kitchen. It’s a must read I dare say. The pictures are so yummy, I would lick my screen, if it wasn’t deemed inappropriate. I’m going to make this Chocolate Pudding Pie stat!

Hmm….maybe I should start a food blog and I can increase my readership to 35 faithful readers. Just sayin’





Check Out This Blogger…… “P.S. I Made This”

11 Feb


This blog is for the craft genius in you! I love doing DIY on my blog, it's something I've been into for the past year. This blog however is DIY's on steroids. The projects she comes up with are truly EPIC! I am gearing up to try this DIY below.  P.S. Check Out This Blogger at P.S. I Made This



Check Out This Blogger: “Joy the Baker”

28 Jan


So as a Blogger, I feel its only advantageous that I spotlight other Bloggers. Every Saturday I will feature a new Blogger that I'm either in love with or discovering my love for. Today it's all about "Joy the Baker"! Joy is this insanely talented baker that makes the most addicting recipes. I became a full on "baking ninja" one weekend when I was obsessed with her "Cinnamon pull-apart bread" recipe. I made 4 loaves of cinnamon bread in a 48 hour span. That's full on Ninja status! Check out this blogger……Joy the Baker!



Cinnamon Sugar Pull-Apart Bread



Chewy Molasses Chocolate Chip Cookies



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