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Burberry Men’s Collection A/W 2013

19 Jan

Burberry Spring/Summer 2013 Collection

10 Oct

Leave it to Burberry to create a collection so lovely, that I’m already wishing for next summer! I’m so in love with this collection. My adoration begins but does not end with the lovely yellow-gold metallic heels the models are wearing. My feet are desperate for a pair! I love all the rich hue colors…. from emerald-green, to navy blue, fuchsia pink, and royal purple, each color marked with a cast of metallic. I can’t wait to get my hands on this unique color palette for the warmer months. The knee-length skirts are the perfect spring/summer vision. The only positive thing about this collection not being launched until next spring is t-i-m-e! I have approximately six months to save up enough money to afford one of these glorious pieces!

I have so many dreams in life, one being to actually sit front row at a Burberry show during London Fashion Week. Who am I kidding? I would be just as happy to stand in the back row and watch in awe!  Someday my “Burberry Prince” will come… the form of tickets to the show!

Stalk it! Need it! On the List! – “The Lady Coat”

13 Dec


I am introducing a new series on my blog…"Stalk it! Need it! On the List!". Basically its a list of all the beautiful fashionable things I'm drooling over!  Currently up for stalking, this insanely delicious wool coat from Burberry Prorsum Pre Fall Collection! I don't think you all understand how much I NEED this "lady coat"! I'm convinced that if I stand very still, at the corner of Powell and Market street, whilst wearing this lovely coat – (poof) my future Snookums will appear. Or maybe I'll just run into some creepy guy trying to sell me a wilted rose for $1.00.  Either way this coat is MAGIC!
















Down in the Trenches

23 Oct


Since it's debut in 1914 worn first by the British army, the trench coat has become the quintessential statement jacket for fall! I heart this coat for it's classic and chic style. Over the years I've developed a strong attraction for one trench coat in particular …..the icon Burberry Prorsum Double-Breasted Trench Coat. It's impeccably made and fits like a glove. There's only one problem – the $1,795.00 sticker price! Oh, Burberry how I dream about you and the day I will wear you out in the rain. We must meet soon!













{ Images courtesy of Burberry and The Sartorialist}

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