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Project Runway – OUT / Bling It On – IN

25 Sep

Reality shows are a dime a dozen these days and to be honest I only watch a handful of them. I use to love Project Runway until they stopped picking talent and started picking what was sellable. So with Project Runway on the outs, my need for a new design show was imperative. Recently I came across a wildly entertaining show called  “BLING IT ON” on TLC. This show has all the crazy antics we love on Project Runway (minus the annoying judge’s panel). You have the kooky characters (the customers), insane deadlines, loads of creativity, and unforgettable design creations.One of the most endearing qualities about “BLING IT ON”  is the shop owner and head designer. Sondra Celli has been designing for many years, prior to any major network waving their magic wand and dubbing her a fashion designer over night. This lady is legit! She’s not some designer wannabe, who got a reality show, to create a fake storyline about a designing a phantom clothing line. I mean whatever happen to She by Sheree’? I’m still waiting Sheree’. Hearing crickets…….

This show is a breath of fresh air! Cellis the Queen of Bling has a huge clientele that adore blinged out dresses. The more rhinestone the better. Sondra creates custom-made wedding dresses, party dresses, baby swimsuits, costumes, and dog outfits. Yep,  she can even bling out a little outfit for your four-legged friend.

My favorite character  is Jeanette, an 80 year old seamstress who’s been working with Sondra for 20 years. This turbo seamstress can produce 7 to 8 paris of boys pants within a 8 hours time span. No that’s a gansta-seamstress! I mean I can sew a pair of pants but it will take me 8 days. No joke!

The standout client from Episode 1 – a bride getting married in Vegas. She rquested a neon wedding dress. Yep, you read that corretly….NEON!  Below is a sketch and a picture of the finished gown. It took 96 hours of “blining” and over 47,000 stones to create the walking “Times Square” sign. The final cost $10,000 big ones!

The dress certainly wouldn’t be my choice for that special day. But hey, I don’t judge any bride on her wedding day. Its her DAY and she should rock what she loves! Even if what she loves makes her look like Chiquita Banana wrestling a million Fireflies.

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