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My first Alexander McQueen “union jack” Clutch

1 Feb

She MINE! Yep! This just really happened. I’m a proud owner of an Alexander McQueen “union jack” clutch! Actually, this my first Alexander McQueen piece, which is kinda crazy since McQueen is my favorite designer of all time. I must give a special thanks to the awesome human being who made this happened. I’m still in awe and very grateful!  Long Live McQueen! LOVE!!!





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Long Live McQueen! Alexander McQueen Pre-Fall 2013

2 Aug

Major Swooning happening over here! I’ve not laid eyes on a collection this magnificent since Givenchy Haute Couture Fall 2010 collection. I’m seriously in love with this glorious collection, designed by the brilliant Sarah Burton! The gowns are so regal and elegant with understated, simple and calming notes. It’s a symphony of fashion! I adore the generous draping done in luxurious velvet, reminiscent of Queen Elizabeth I of England. The large, over-structured, puritan collars have been given a fresh updated look with delicate lazer-cut embroidery. It’s perfection! I can’t stop staring at it. Sarah Burton is just one of the many reasons my LOVE for fashion will NEVER die. Seeing this collection makes the fact that I met Ms. Burton that much more special! Swooooooning!!!






Alexander_McQueen_pre_Autumn_Winter_2013_on_Design_Hunter_8  alexander-mcqueen-pre-fall-2013-1



alexander-mcqueen-pre-fall-2013-5  alexander-mcqueen-pre-fall-2013-11






alexander-mcqueen-pre-fall-2013-23  alexander-mcqueen-pre-fall-2013-27




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Kate Middleton’s “love affair” with Designer Alexander McQueen

22 Jan

The Duchess of Cambridge has a serious love affair with designer Alexander McQueen. Who can blame her. One can only guess that her affections for UK Designer increased after she wed Prince William. Ms. Burton (creative director at Alexander McQueen) was the brilliant design force behind The Duchess’s insanely gorgeous wedding dress. Alexander McQueen is my all time favorite designer! Hands down. No discussion. I’ve been in love with his collections, since I discovered haute couture. This post is to highlight the limitless design skills of Sarah Burton. Ms. Burton has single-handedly designed a slew of youthful, classic, sophisticated, and stunning pieces for the Duchess. I heart everything she has designed. EVERYTHING! Rumor has it that the Duchess of Cambridge has already tapped Burton to outfit her during her pregnancy. Alexander McQueen + maternity clothes = AH-mazing! Most people “ooh ahh” over Kate Middleton but I “ooh ahh” over Sarah Burton and her EPIC design creations. She is EXTRAORDINARY! Long Live McQueen!














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Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2012

30 May

I will always love Alexander McQueen! The Creative Director Sarah Burton has kept Mr. McQueen’s original vision while infusing her own DNA into the collection. Every season I await to see Alexander McQueen’s creations. I hope to witness the magic of this collection by sitting front row at London Fashion Week. I’m in the place of making dreams become my reality and this is at the top of my list!











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Alexander McQueen Pre-fall 2012

25 Jan


I just fainted!!! Where's the smelling salts? Quick! Wave a vintage Valentino skirt underneath my nose, that will revive me. There, okay I'm awake. A girl needs to be prepared to view a collection of this magnitude. LOVE! Did I say how much I love Alexander McQueen?! Alexander the Great! I love him! I realize it's Sarah Burton's gig now but Alexander McQueen's creative DNA is all over this collection! 


Alex 1



Alex 6
















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Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty Exhibition Video

20 Aug


Long live McQueen! It's hard to believe its a been almost 2 years since the fashion industry lost creative genius Alexander McQueen.  His amazing vision and foresight into what's next for fashion was so inspiring. The Metropolitan Museum of Art just wrapped up the iconic Designer's exhibition in New York City. I hear that London is now petitioning for the exhibit to head their way. I didn't get a chance to see the exhibit while it was in the States, so I'm hoping that London's request will be granted and I can head across the Pond to view this brilliant exhibit. Until then this video will have to satisfy my McQueen craving! Enjoy!


Kate Middleton’s Wedding Dress Revealed

29 Apr


So I caved. I promised myself I wouldn't partake in all this Royal Wedding hoopla but I'm a sucker for a beautifully designed dress. Especially when that dress was designed by the late Alexander McQueen's successor Sara Burton! I stayed up all night to be one of the first Fashion Bloggers to post pictures of the highly guarded secret wedding dress. Ok, so maybe I didn't stay up ALL night.  Maybe I dosed off a bit and set my alarm to wake up at the most importune hour…. but it sounds much better if I say I stayed up to post these pictures because I am so committed to "YOU" my lovely Readers!   I am now off to bed as I feel my commitment has been fulfilled for the day.  Kate is a very stunning bride! Cherrio!







(Pictures courtesy of Getty, AFP, and ABC News)

Long Live McQueen

30 Oct


Picture it! You're on your sexy yacht lounging around in one of these beautiful Alexander McQueen dresses. Why are you lounging? Well, your independently wealthy and spend most of your time traveling to exotic places while parading around in haute couture gowns on Holiday! It's a fabulous life! I'm loving McQueen's Haute Couture Resort 2011 collection it's full of rich, vibrant, and luxurious fabrics fit for a Queen! 







Alexander the Great

12 Oct

Alexander McQueen has left a magnificent legacy in the fashion industry! I am always thankful for those individuals that follow their passion and operate in the gift that God gave them. McQueen was definitely gifted to be a designer!  He never fails to deliver the element of fantasy in his collection. His shows are full of that Alice in wonderland feel with a hint of Out of Africa. One would not actually wear these garments but, rather try them on and get their picture taken in them. Kind of like those dress up booths for the old western photos you used to take with your family when you were a kid. However, if you were brave enough you might wear one of these yummy dresses to a masquerade ball!!

Honoring McQueen

11 Oct


Fashion Royalty gathered to honor the late ALEXANDER McQUEEN! The memorial service was held at St Paul's Cathedral in London, on Monday, Sept. 20, 2010, which took place during London's Fashion Week! McQueen was a creative genius that left the world of fashion way too soon! His presence will be greatly missed. Long live McQueen!


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