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3 Things For Him

17 Oct

FASHION: Isabel Marant for H&M! I love a man in knitwear. This handsome knitted wonder is just the ticket for any man looking to step out of his fashion comfort zone. Nothing says winter like a gorgeous ivory sweater. Swoon!




GADGET: Canon camera lens mug! How rad is this mug?! This has to be one of coolest repurposed items I have ever seen. This brilliant mug is made from a 24 – 105mm canon lens. It’s totally legit and totally perfect for your “James Bond” loving fella. Wait, is that a camera lens on your desk? No. It’s a coffee mug disguised as a camera lens. Totally 007!


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3 Things For Him

20 Mar

FASHION: – Manny Pacquiao x Nike Clima-Fit Jacket.  This is the perfect spring jacket for any fell-love to sport during the warmer months. It’s light weight. A classic fit. Great color with a bit of an edge. It has total knock-out style potential. Shop the entire Manny Pacquiao collection for NIKE here


FOOD: Macarons! Baby! I love macarons and I’m positive your lady will love them too. Chantal Guillon Macaroons are the best macarons that have ever touched my lips. The colors are gorgeous! The taste is divine! The selection is AH-mazing! The next time you have date, why not bring her a sweet box of macarons instead of flowers. I promise she will be impressed. Food Genius status!


TECH:  Leikr (The GPS Watch) –  Now you can go for your daily, weekly, monthly or annual run without getting lost. No judgement on how much or little you workout. Check out the spiffy little watch  here


3 Things for Him: Valentine’s Edition

13 Feb

FASHION: Red ShoesOk fell-loves, red shoes are the hottest ticket for your feet right now. While in New York City for the holidays, I spotted many handsome gentlemen sporting the ruby-colored shoe. The men in Cali are also embracing the hot trend. My tip would be to snap up a pair of red shoes in a shoe style of your choice. Here are a few ways on how to rock it!

redshoe2 redshoe3 redshoe4

FOOD: Preztel Snaps It’s almost V-Day which means its time for you to gift your Boo, Love, Snookums or Lady friend with something sweet. Here’s a simple and AH-mazing treat that you can whip up in less than 5 minutes. This delicious chocolatey and salty treat will be a welcomed surprise for your lady. Your Boo will be crowning you a “food genius” once again! Heyyyy  (Click Here for the recipe)


TECHNOLOGY: Blow a Kiss – Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Hershey Kiss and Walmart have teamed up to create the perfect iPhone app. The “Blow a Kiss” App allows you to send a kiss to anyone your little cupid heart desires. It’s as simple as downloading the app (.99 cents), selecting the kiss graphic, and sending it off to your love’s phone. Caution! Now is not the time to send random kissing messages to your secret crush. You will need to have your crush’s  phone number in order to send the message. And if it is a secret crush. You wouldn’t have her digits. Right? If you do have her digits. One has to ask how you got them. Stalker…..much!

blow a kiss

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3 Things for Him

16 Jan

FASHION: Military Coat – Hey fell-loves! I’ve neglected you all for a few months but I’m baaaaack. I’m sure you were lost without my weekly “3 things for him” post. Anywho. Let’s talk military jackets. This iconic piece of clothing is pretty classic when it comes to fashion for men. It’s has just enough edge to suggest your kinda tough. Here’s a military-inspired coat that’s pretty rad and won’t break the bank. Old Navy’s Men’s Wool-Blend Military Coat – check it out here


FOOD: The Halal Guys –  My east coast readers already know about the AH-mazing Hala Guys. The food is cheap and good, good, good! The line moves quick and you must have your order ready before getting in line. Grab your favorite lady, $12.00, take the subway to 53rd & 6th, (or as close as possible) and grab yourself some of the BEST middle eastern street food that has ever touched your lips. If  your sweet tooth comes a-knockin’…take your Boo and walk the 4 blocks down to 49th & 6th, where you find the most delicious banana pudding at Magnolia Bakery! A gourmet meal for under $2o. Food-genius status once again!





MUSIC: Suit & Tie  – normally I feature a technology item but I thought I would suggest a tune this time. If you haven’t heard yet, JT (aka: Justin Timberlake) has released a new single called “Suit & Tie.”  This track is HOT..HOT..HOT. If you’re a fan of old school R&B, Robin Thicke, or John Legend then here’s song that will definitely be added to your playlist. *Bonus – the ladies will love it!

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3 Things for Him

18 Oct

FASHION:  Derek Lam’s leopard printed-smoking slippers and skate board. This high fashion combo is part of  the Target & Neiman Marcus Christmas Collection. I know some of you fell-loves are little shy when it comes to sporting leopard. Its a trendy print that can be quite timeless when worn as a shoe. Step out of your comfort zone and try something a bit different. If you ever get the urge to wear leopard print anywhere else on your body we will need to talk. Just sayin’……

FOOD: Roli Roti Porchetta Sandwich – this here sandwich is a “MAN” sandwich! Pork loin, wrapped in Pork Belly, and slow roasted with herbs until the skin is oh so crispy. The wonder sandwich is then topped with sweet onion marmalade, peppery arugula, and sprinkled with a bit of lavender salt. It’s insane! The men in my office adored this sandwich but us ladies were happy to nosh on it as well.

So, if any of you beautiful men ever find yourself at the San Francisco Ferry Building, be sure to cart your lady over to the Roli Roti Food Truck. I’m positive she will describe you as budding “Food Genius” once again!

TECH: I just got all James Bond on you! That’s right USB cufflinks! Are you dreaming about yourself as James Bond yet? No? Allow me to set the stage. You’re cruising along in your Aston Martin Vanquish (because you got it like that), a beautiful lady is in the passenger seat, and the sun is just about to set. Your destination – a broadway. Suddenly you realize you’ve forgotten the tickets. Your stunning date begins to panic and you smile at her and say, “not to worry, I got this”.  You remove one of your cufflinks (which doubles as a USB). You inset it into your dash-board, and voila the ticket information pops up on the screen. You download the tickets and print them out. Hello! You’re James Bond! Of course you have a printer in your car. Duh! You arrive at the show in record time and your gorgeous date is completely smitten with you! Winning!

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Five Famous Wearers of the Bow Tie

26 Sep

With London fashion week taking place last week and the distinct lack of bow-ties that were on show there, we thought that this was the perfect reason to shout the house down about them and take a look at some of the coolest people in history to wear the symmetrical neck tie! You never know, available from companies such as S Buckinghams, we might just convince you to go out there and wear one!

BILL NYE (the Science Guy)

Children throughout the world have grown up learning their basic science from one of the coolest guys on the planet, Bill Nye. Never seen in public without his trademark bow tie, the scientist has gained a new world wide appreciation with the advances of the internet and has a regular fan base throughout many social sites.

Interestingly, Nye is a keen Baseball fan and enjoys experimenting with the physics of the game.


One of the most memorable British Prime Ministers in history, Churchill has left an ever stretching shadow across history, not only for his wartime victories, but too for his bow-tie attire and top hat.

Though you may not think of Mr. Churchill as much of a fashion icon, he has indeed left an everlasting mark on British culture with his famous V sign, glamorization of the Union Jack, postage stamps and use in insurance advertisements.


One of the most famous Broadway singers, actors and musicians ever to hit the stage, Astaire’s career spanned a total of 76 long happy years.

With Astaire still influencing the generations of today, it is to no surprise that in his day, he was also one of the most sought heart throbs in Hollywood and acted alongside many Hollywood beauties including Rita Hayworth, Joan Leslie and Joan Caulfied; picking up a large assortment of awards along the way including two three Golden Globes and one Academy Award.


The largest name in popular music over the last seventy years, Frank Sinatra was rarely seen without a bow tie, but with thirteen Grammy awards, four Golden Globes and three Academy awards to his name, who could blame him?

Before his death in 1998, Ol’ Blue Eyes had over thirty studio albums under his belt with many of them reaching and gold certificates by the RIAA.


The last but not least of these famous bow tie wearers may well indeed be fictional but James Bond may very well be the most recognised bow tie wearer of the lot.

With the new film, Skyfall coming out this Autumn, get ready to brace yourself for some more bow-tie wearing action flashness!

Though Bond’s favourite drink is not actually the martini (he drank more champagne in the novels than vodka martini), we can rest assured that he is indeed our favourite bow tie wearer!

Article Written By: Chris Taylor (S buckinghams)

3 Thing For Him

19 Sep

FASHION: Cole Haan LunarGrand Wingtip Shoes! I love these shoes for men, they’re so RAD!  These wingtip shoes are the perfect balance between polished and edgy. The pop of the neon yellow soles really brings a modern vibe to your outfit. Ladies will think you’re doing it like BOSS when they see you rocking these handsome shoes.

FOOD:  Tom Yum Noodle Soup! With the colder weather fasting approaching indulging in soup is a MUST! Don’t be boring and eat chicken noodle soup. Step out of your comfort zone and try some Tom Yum Noodle Soup. This bowl of sweet n’ spicy deliciousness is sure to warm you up and fill your belly. Tom Yum is a staple soup in Thailand and has some awesome healing benefits. All the fresh garlic, lime juice, peppers, and special broth produces immune-boosting powers to help fight colds and flu virus. The next time you find yourself dining at a Thai restaurant with a date  –  why not order a big, piping hot, bowl of Tom Yum Noodle Soup. Careful sharing the noodles. Having a “Lady and The Tramp” moment isn’t cute when you’re adults. Nope, not cute!

TV SHOW: Copper on BBC America. Ok my sweet fell-loves! I realize some of you work really hard and need sometime to unwind in front of the Telly. Check out COPPER on BBC America, its brilliant!  The show is set in 1864 in New York City and follows the life of Detective Corcoran…….an Irishman who’s lost his wife and daughter. One of my favorite characters is Matthew Freeman the Forensic Scientist who assists Corcoran in solving his crimes. The costumes are pretty ballin’ too. The show does have some frisky scenes, so it’s probably not a great idea to watch the show on a first date. Unless you’re channeling “Rico Suave“.

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3 Things for Him

13 Sep

FASHION: The TOPMAN collection launched at Nordstrom on Monday. This shawl collar cardigan is my pick for the fell-loves! It’s multi-color print is the perfect knitwear to sport this fall. I know some of you Menz might be a little shy when it comes to color but I promise your lady will welcome the change. Plus, if your lady gets cold you can offer her your beautiful cozy cardy. What a gentlemen!

FOOD: Alright…Alright…Alriiiight, you gonna learn today (said in my Kevin Hart voice) about chicken n’ waffles. Okay boys, these aren’t your standard run of the mill chicken n waffles. Nope! This here cornmeal waffle is light and fluffy like a pastry cloud. It’s served with brown sugar honey butter and buttermilk fried chicken. It’s the most delicious waffle that will EVER touch your lips. For those of you NorCal fell-loves, make sure to bring your next brunch date to Brown Sugar Kitchen in Oakland. Your date will think you’re some kind of food genius! 

TECH:  Try the Adidas miCoach Speed Cell and Heart Rate Monitor. It tracks your performance by the second. You can connect the device to your iPhone. How rad is that! The miCoach will set you back $70 for the device and another $70 for Speed Cell. Check it out at

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3 Things For Him (2012 London Olympic Edition)

2 Aug

FASHION: Olympic Flag Tees for the fell-loves! I’m sure many of you, exquisite male creatures are glued to the TV watching the Olympics. I would also bet that some of you are comparing your “epic” high school swimming records to that of Micheal Phelps history making records. Go figure! Here’s a great way to show some Olympic love by sporting your countrymen’s t-shirt. Find a plethora of  flag-inspired t-shirts at Yahoo Sports Shop. Prices range from $17.00 – $23.95.

FOOD: Oh the famous Chip Shop in Brooklyn. My taste buds have yet to experience the legendary fish n’ chips or mac n’ cheese at the Chip Shop. However, I have several friends (whom I trust) that rave about this place! For my non-based NYC readers why not whip up your own batch of fish n’ chips in honor of the 2012 London Olympics!

TECH:  NBC Olympics Live Extra. I think I just made your day! Here’s a sweet iPhone/iPad app that will ensure you stay connected with all your Olympic obsessed needs. Stats, schedules, athletes, you name it this app has it! Once you download the NBC Olympic Live Extra app, you will be able to watch all the sporting events in “Live Action!” The app is FREE….”getcha some” (as the turtle man would say) not bad eh!


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3 Thing For Him

25 Jul

FASHION: Socks, T-shirts, & Boxers! Fell-loves let’s be honest most of you are notorious for sporty holey socks, t-shirts and, well other unmentionables. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is a great time to stock up on all your manly essentials. Now, I’m not going to presume that I know which is more preferable among men boxers or briefs but whatever you fancy, there’s a great selection to be had at Nordies. Why not make your lady proud and buy them yourself without waiting for her to gift them to you during the holiday season.

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