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Tough Chick: Guardian Angel Handbags

23 Jun

I’m not so sure I would classify these handbags as “Guardian Angels.”  Angels tend to represent peace whereas Guns suggest a bit of a more violent nature.  On the other hand this handbag might be the answer to a single women’s dating life. Could you imagine your date stepping out of line once he saw you enter into the restaurant carrying this bag. I’m pretty sure he would be on his best behavoir. (wink) The unique concept behind the bags was created by a husband and wife team Vlieger & Vandam! The bags have everything from embossed knives, handcuffs to guns. I wouldn’t suggest carrying this bag through airport security.  You might be – how do I put this lightly……ARRESTED! You’ve been warned…..


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Isabel Marant: The “Lady” High Top Sneaker

12 May


Parisian Designer – Isabel Marant has created the “it” sneaker for 2012! Every fashion blogger and celebrity are rocking these high tops. The shoe is a cross between a wedge and a sneaker. I’m really obsessing over a suede red pair. The only down side is the price. The Isabel Marant sneakers cost a whopping $940, yes that’s a 9 in front of the 4. It looks like I will need to do some saving up prior to embracing this trend. C’est la vie!









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Color Me Teal Denim

4 Apr


One of my favorite trends for Spring/Summer is bright colored denim. In past two months I've purchased 3 pairs of bright colored denim jeans. I picked up these little beauties at Forever 21. Now you all know I have a slight panic attack when shopping in Forever 21. Mainly because I'm not 21 and all the tweens running around the store clutching their parents credit cards, is enough to make me scream out for help. I always leave the store thinking, "really Kena that's the last time you shop there." I wonder if they have a Forever 31 store?! I would feel much better about myself shopping there. Hmmm…..









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Stunna Time: Hot Sunglasses for Summer

6 Mar


It's almost that time of the year to break out your favorite sunnies! I heart sunglasses big time, its my favorite Spring/Summer accessory. Check out these amazing sunglasses below. The trick is find a pair that frame your face. Oh and you must love them! Don't buy them if you don't love them. You'll feel 10x hotter in a pair of sunglasses you love. That's a promise! Laters…..
















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Neon Punch

24 Feb


Punch up your look a notch with a hit of neon. Neon is taking over Spring! It's not hard to incorporate the trend into your current wardrobe. Pants, skirts, blouses, bags and shoes, whatever your little fashionista heart fancies is right at your finger tips. Get into it! Coconut macaroons are my fave!

















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Couture or Coutrash: The Shirt Collar Necklace

31 Jan


This trend is qutie fetching! I love the look! The "Shirt Collar Necklace" is the perfect way to spice up a plain crew neck sweater. What do you think? Is this trend really worth buying into? I'm working on a DIY shirt collar neckalce trimmed with pearls. Stay tuned…..




Orange collar





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Hot Weather Heels

20 Jan


Yes and Thank You! I'll take the Charlotte Olympia stilettos! Believe me when I say, an event would be created in honor of this foot candy. Picture it…..a little black dress paired with these sweet little gems. PARTY!!!







Spring 2012 Inspiration: Paris Street Style

14 Jan


Straight from the streets of Paris – Spring looks for 2012! The trick with fashion is to take elements from it and give it your own spin. Fashion is like a huge taco bar, select your ‘toppings’ (aka personal style) and rock it! 



Paris Street Style

Paris Street Style


Paris Street Style

Paris Street Style

Paris Street Style

Paris Street Style

Paris Street Style

Paris Street Style

Paris Street Style

Paris Street Style

Paris Street Style


Hermès & Vans Shoe Collaboration: Not Sold in Stores

3 Jan


This is kinda of a big deal! VANS teamed up with TV Fashion personality Robert Verdi, to repurpose his personal Hermes scarf collection into a brilliant work of art! I want these shoes! I would trade my – I'm not sure yet but it would something worthy of owning a pair. These glorious footwear pieces are NOT an official collaboration. Just a "flight of fancy" for VANS and Robert Verdi. Some people watch TV when their bored others create Masterpieces! SWOON!
















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