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Happy New Year/ Bonne Année

1 Jan

Happy New Year my darling readers! I wish you all the richest of blessings in 2013! May this year bring you love, happiness, joy, and prosperity.


Top 10 Worst Fashion Trends – 2012

31 Dec

It’s that time of the year again! Here is my list for the “Top 10 Worst Fashion Trends” for 2012. It’s been a great year for fashion with the beloved peplum and the amazing Celine luggage tote.. However, 2012 has produced some not so great fashion trends. Here are a few…..

Happy New Years Eve! Be safe and celebrate in style! xoxo 🙂

1. Fake Glasses

Steve Urkel called he wants his glasses back. It seemed like every A list – NBA player and celebrity alike rocked a pair of “fake eyeglasses” this year. I’m really perplexed by this trend. Why would you want to wear glasses if you dont’ need them. Further more why would you remove the lenses from the glasses. You would think with all the money they have they could at least afford to have lenses inside their glasses.  I wonder if they saw a fake eye doctor to get their fake eyeglasses.

fake glasses

2. Meggings

No. No. No. We’ve been over this for the past 2 years. No tight pants on men! Why are we still talking about men wearing leggings. The memos have been sent and read. Please for the love of fashion. Men! STOP….squeezing your entire “gym membership” into this incredibly small piece of fabric. It’s NOT okay.



Yes. This seems like a fantastic idea. Adults wearing onesies in public. Why would anyone want to revisit the clothes they use to wear as an infant. What’s next… bibs for adults?!?


4. Stacked Bracelets

The “stacked jewelry” or “arm candy” trend is one I chose NOT to participate in. I can get down with mixing up my jewelry but wearing every piece I own is insane. This stacked jewelry trend makes you look like a fashionista suffering from schizophrenia. Make up your mind! It’s not that hard to commit to one piece of jewelry.


5. No Heel Shoes

I would love to know what dinosaur species you are trying to emulate when rocking these heels. Sexy is not the adjective that comes to mind when seeing these monstrosities worn. They’re a no-go in my book.


6. Stilettos Nails

The beloved “stiletto nail” is NOT my cup of tea. Why would I want to wear fake nails that look like I’m the Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz. I don’t care how pretty you paint them they still look like human claws.


7. High Waisted Acid Wash Jeans

They weren’t cute in the 80’s and they’re not cute circa now.  Acid wash anything should be banned from fashion for the next 100 years!

8. Bralette Tops

These little tops are the worst! Primarily, because it looks like you’re wearing your 8-year-old sister’s swimming top.


9. Mullet Hems

Nothing about this skirt says fashionable. The uneven hem suggests that the designer couldn’t make up their mind. Short hem or long hem – thus birthing the “mullet hem” skirt. The word “mullet” didn’t work for hair and certainly doesn’t work for a skirt.


10. The Headband Veil

Why? Veils should only be reserved for weddings or funerals. Enough said!


The $250,000 Black Diamond Nail Polish

27 Sep

Who needs diamonds to wear around your neck when you can wear them on your nails! AZATURE dubbed “The Black Diamond King” has created the most expensive bottle of nail polish in the WORLD, at a staggering $250,000! The tiny bottle of nail polish contains over 267-carats of  black diamonds. Now that’s some serious b-l-i-n-g!

You can get the look for less by purchasing AZATURE less espensive bottle sans the black diamonds of course. Which will only set you back $25.00. It’s so nice of AZATURE to consider us common folks and create a more “affordable” option.

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Craving Six Inches: Charlotte Olympia Velvet Wedges

17 Aug

These shoes! I WANT these shoes! I have a serious hankering for velvet footwear. Charlotte Olympia Tessa Cat-Face Platform Wedges are so gorgeous. The delicately stitched kitty face is just lovely, I want to pet them. Don’t worry sweet little velvet kitty shoes, I’m going to make you mine before the end of 2012. That’s a promise!

The first and last photo are courtesy of

Comic Book Wars: Romance Was Born Collection ’12

10 Aug

Superheros and fashion that seems normal, right? I love an unfiltered designer, one who can design a collection without any limitations, creating only what they envision and not stopping until that vision has become a reality by gracing the runway. This insanely colorful, gorgeous, eclectic, collection is just that. The the dynamic duo Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales are the creative geniuses behind Romance Was Born S/S 2012 Collection. Plunkett and Sales teamed up with Marvel comics to create an one-of-kind collection featuring comic book phrases (POW! BAM!) colors, and even the superheros themselves. I can’t decide what piece I adore more. It’s always fun to rock an unexpected piece to the office. My eyes are on the “The Hulk” dress below. The silhouette of the dress has clean lines and slightly structure shoulders. Throw a blazer over it and you have an amazing look. No one would ever suspect that you possess superhuman powers underneath your blazer.

Some of the above Images are coutsey of

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Bordeaux Love: Must-Have Fall Color

7 Aug

Bordeaux, how I love this color and the wine! The luscious, rich, addicting hue of the burgundy color has me all giddy for fall. For the past 5 years I’ve been searching for the perfect pair of bordeaux/burgundy color boots. It looks like my quest just might be coming to an end. Alexander Wang has a gorgeous pair of bordeaux boots with my name on it. Here’s some burgundy inspiration to wet your fashion palate for Fall! YUM! How delicious are these clothes? They look good enough to drink, I mean wear.

Derek Lam


Proenza Schouler PS1 Medium


Messeca Coraline Velvet Bootie

NARS Fall Make-up

Adidas Originals Fall/Winter (release date soon)

Alexander Wang Fall 2012 Boots

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DIY: Studded iPhone Case (Marc Jacobs)

3 Aug

My Marc Jacobs iPhone case needed a little TLC so, I gave it a mini makeover by adding a few gold studs. You can get real creative and create any design your little heart fancies. It’s a simple and fun DIY that takes a total of 20min to complete. Love me some “studs” – the metal kind and the men! Holla


iPhone Case (Used or Brand New)

Studs (Sold on Amazon)

Super Glue

STEP One: Start with a plain iPhone case (rubber or silicon cases work best) and lay the studs out into the design you want.

STEP Two: Once you’ve decided on the design you like begin hitting the iPhone with a spot of glue. Place your studs on top of the glue and press down for 3 to 5 seconds. Take your time, its key that all the studs are lined up in a neat and orderly fashion….like mini soldiers. Continue adding the rest of the studs until your design is complete.

STEP Three: Let the studs dry for 20 min.

FIN! You’ve just made yourself a rad new iPhone case in less than 5min. Now that’s productive of you!

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DIY: The Pink Heart T-shirt

1 Aug

In my continued obsession with finding different ways to create a t-shirt. I decided to spray a gigantic pink heart onto a bright yellow t-shirt. If you haven’t noticed, heart shapes are all the rage. Just keep an eye out this fall and you’ll see hearts on different types of knitwear. The look is very simple and can be quite chic.

Here’s how I styled my t-shirt for a night out with girls.  I had a lovely dinner with some of my favorite ladies, Jessica and Stephanie!  I heart them – pun intended! They’re pretty awesome chicks, smart, beautiful and funny. Their sense of humor is killer! I literally laugh until my stomach hurts when I hang out with them. They both have Boo’s and I must say those men are very blessed to have them!

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DIY: Velvet Nails

25 Jul

The velvet manicure is a new trend that’s becoming all the rage for fall 2012. It’s a lovely and inexpensive way to step up your nail game. All you’ll need is your favorite nail color and bit of  “flocking powder” from your local craft store. I picked my flocking powder up from JOANN fabric.  Your nails will look like they were covered in the most luxurious velvet. Ooh lala!

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The Hottest Stems: Brian Atwood

25 Jun

Are you drooling yet? You should be! Take a sneak peek at the Fall ’12 shoe collection for Brian Atwood. These shoes are HOT HOT HOT! Mr. Atwood is quickly becoming the shoe of choice for every fashionista and celebrity. I for one am in love and have been for the past 3 years. The reason I adore Brian Atwood’s shoe collection is pure originality. He has a knack for working with new fabrics and colors to create a unique pair of stilettos. A talent he developed from studying art and architecture prior to his 7 year modeling career. I’m saving up for a pair of Brian Atwood shoes which I hope to purchase this fall. Would you believe I want to add Brian Atwood to my shoe collection before adding a pair of Christian Louboutin?!  I’m sure I’m going to receive many “gasps” for the latter comment. What can I say, I don’t always follow suit when it comes to fashion.  I march to the beat of my own “stilettos”!


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