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Top 10 Worst Fashion Trends for 2011

29 Dec



1.  Spider Lashes

Please do not try this at home! This trend took on a life of its own with Celebrities running around Hollywood wearing the longest lashes humanly possible. I'm sure glad I never partook in this trend. I would hate for someone to accidently hit me in my eye, mistaking my false lashes for a spider. 



2.  Bandage Dress

Hever Leger's bandage dresses took a wrong turn this year. Every fashionistas in town was trying to squeeze into the insanely tight frock. How did this trend even start? Let me guess, an ER nurse was changing after her shift for a hot date and forgot her dress. She probably thought to herself…."let me just grab some ACE bandages and wrap them around my secret parts and voila ….I'm date ready!" So what if I can't breath or move. 






3. Harem Pant

Unless you know all the words and dance moves to "2 Legit 2 Quit" you should probably retire those horrid harem pants. Long or short, sequins or not ….it really doesn't matter. These pants make you look like you're carrying an unwanted load.




4. The D-veep Neck Tshirt

This year our beloved Fellas went from bad to worse with trading out the bedazzled Ed Hardy t-shirts for a Deep V neck t shirt. When will they learn that wearing a sucka tight t-shirt doesn't make you look tough or sexy. The only look you're pulling off is that of an extra from Jersey Shore. Fist pump all around!



5. Spiked Heels 

These stilettos are only suitable for war. What Man in his right mind would accompany a woman on a date, rocking these weapons of mass destruction. Men like heels but not ones that can cause them serious pain to the delicate areas of their bodies. Unless they're a freak and well …..let's leave that subject for another post.  




6.  The Sheer Skirt

So much for leaving something to the imagination. Everyone can see what your trying to display or lack there of. Each time I see this skirt I can't help but wonder…. "where's the rest of the Bee Keeper outfit."





7.  IceSkate  Heels

Apparently Kristi Yamaguchi and Manholo Blahnik decided to do a shoe collaboration. I love adventurous fashion but this takes the cake. No worries if  you forget to bring your skates when going ice skating. Just jump on the ice with these babies.





8. The Romper

A one piece jumper disguised as an adult onesie. There simply is no way of making this trend look HOT.  You just end up looking like you miss the days of being an infant.  





9. Day-Glo Animal Prints

Just say No! Cheetah print and day-glo do not go together. When's the last time you seen a neon spotted Cheetah roaming around Africa.  Unless you wish to be a walking glo stick or one of Snooki's sidekicks, I suggest you leave this trend in 2011. 



10. Floral Printed Button-Down Shirt (MEN)

Peter Brady couldn't pull it off in the 70's and you can't pull off in 2011. This trend is BAD!  Fellas, you look like you're wearing your Grandma's table cloth. The only flowers you should have are the ones for your date.



Sweet Leather Lips: Lulu Guinness “Lip Clutch”

14 Dec


Brilliant! These Lulu Guinness lip clutches are amazing! The clutch has been a huge trend this year and will continue its following into 2012. I love this whimsical take on the classic clutch. What a stellar way to make your outfit pop and your wallet for that matter!?! These sweet leather lips will set you back $350 and upwards!











The Affordable “Hermès” Bag: Marco Tagliaferri

9 Nov


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Ok, so maybe the title of this post is a bit of an oxymoron. Affordable is no where near an accurate description of an Hermès bag. How about legendary, brilliant, classic, timeless, stunning, well crafted…now those are all proper words to describe a Hermès handbag. Enough of that. Let’s talk about Marco Tagliaferri, the designer who’s causing a frenzy among many fashionistas. MT has designed an 100% leather Hermès look-a-like. With its slouchy and less structured appearance this bag is beginning to pull on my “purse strings” (aka money). The price is significantly less than its couture friend. How much less? Well I am glad you asked. How about $535. Now that’s better than forking over $20,000 for a handbag.

Be not fooled though! As hot as this little gem is, only time will tell if can stand up against the iconic Hermès. My vote is to start saving up to purchase this bag and then I will persuade my future Snookums to buy me a real Hermès. That way I can compare the two. I hope Snookums is saving up his chips!










Faux Fur Vest! Put it on!

4 Oct


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Hey beautiful Campers! I just had a fantastic girl's night with my lovely friend Julia! I love my girl time! Now it's on to blogging about my love – fashion! I'm crushing hard on the faux fur vest trend for Fall. Sorry I don't do real fur, I adore my furry friends too much! Looks like I'm going to be on the prowl this weekend looking for the perfect faux fur vest.  I hope I can find a winter white one as I want to dye it a deep luscious bordeaux wine color. I think that will be pretty chic. Don't you?










Five “Must Haves” For FALL!

7 Sep


It's almost Fall and I'm ecstatic! There are a few "must haves" that you should have in your closet for this season. I adore all 5 of these trends, they're sexy and strong without being overwhelming. These "must have" trends will definitely add a bit of flare to your current look. If you're not comfortable rocking all of these trends at least incorporate one into your wardrobe. Sometimes being on trend is a MUST!



I heart this 70's inspired blouse and I'm glad its making a come back! The best part about this look is that you can find the most amazing "lady blouses" at your local thrift store. They're usually inexpensive and can be paired with multiply pieces that you already own, like a pair of skinny jeans or wore underneath a great sheath dress





70's sophisticated glamour




Taking over a City near you!  The satchel is everywhere this season. I love this bag because its practical and classic! Invest in a well made leather satchel and it will last for centuries!  This bag can be dressed up or down, depending on what you rock it with.









I know this trend might scare some of you off but trust me its worth a shot. Its such a feminine silhouette, your curves will thank you! Why not give it a go? You'll look like you have legs for days. Its a good thing!






Any wedge will do! It's all about the height and the detailing. Tip for the wise: practice walking a bit in your wedges before hitting the streets.  I would hate for you to look all sexy and then take a tumble in your sky high wedges. 







Think tweed, plaid, elbow patches, color, double breasted, and structured shoulders, anything that says "I just borrowed my Dad's blazer" – is perfection! This look can be pulled off with ease. Whether you are pairing it with a maxi dress or wide-leg denim it's a classy and trendy look!





Fall Trend Alert: Chunky…Bold…Sweaters

1 Sep


NY Fashion Week will commence the second week in September and I bet my Manolo's, it's going to be all about the sweater! Chunky sweaters, color-blocked sweaters, crochet sweaters, wrapped sweaters, graphic sweaters – you get the picture. It's a sweater-palooza for fall and I am thrilled! I LOVE sweaters…I'm obsessed with buying them. I picture myself wearing a cozy cashmere sweater, coming down a windy staircase in my Lake Tahoe mansion to answer the door. There's a very handsome stranger standing on the other side of the door, he reaches for me and…oops I'm sorry I got a bit distracted.  The point is, sweaters are a MUST for fall! Don't be shy with this trend go BIG & BOLD…you won't regret it. 

Disclaimer: handsome stranger not included. 























Armor Jewelry: Fashionistas Suit Up!

13 Jul


Armor Jewelry by Sandee Shin! I love this jewelry collection however I don't feel like it's all that innovative. Many cultures have been rocking Armor Jewelry for hundreds of years. If we go back in history we can see some amazing armor inspired jewelry pieces in the Egyptian, African, and Asia cultures! I do admire the fact that Ms. Shin is bring back this trend circa now! All I need to do is lose the last 17lbs so, I can rock one of her pieces. I would hate to have my love handles squeezing through my armor jewelry like the hair on Mrs. Potato Head….not a sexy look!

















Fall’s Hottest Trend: Its A Glove Thing!

11 Jul


Who doesn't love a fine pair of gloves?! I'm dying to own a pair of Chanel vintage leather gloves.  My only dilemma is where to wear them. I have this vision of myself walking around Gramercy Park- New York, turning the key into my beautiful renovated Brownstone, stepping in the foyer and removing my lovely vintage gloves and 1940's inspired hat. I mean you have to wear a 1940's wide brim hat with leather gloves, one doesn't go without the other.  Jeffery (my imaginary butler) would greet me at the front door with a cup of tea…I just love Jeffery! Ok enough day dreaming, gloves are going to be one HOT trend for Fall. I suggest you get on board and buy yourself a sweet pair of lady gloves for your evening out on the Town!












Top 10 Trends for SPRING

21 Mar


Spring is HERE!! To commemorate the arrival of the warmer season I thought I would feature the "Top 10 Trends for Spring".   My favorite look for this season is without a doubt the wide leg pant, and the floral dress! I also love the sheer blouse and the full skirt…oh and color blocking, mix n' match.  I can't forget the white dress! Okay, who am I fooling….. I love ALL the trends for Spring! Here's hoping my savings account doesn't suffer too much! 


 The Full Skirt



Bold Stripes



The Wide Leg Pant



 The Silk Cropped Pant



The Sheer Blouse




Mix n' Match Look




The White Dress




The Color Orange


The Floral Print Dress



Color Blocking


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