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Manitoba Mukluk Love: The Story Boot Project

24 Feb

I love my mukluks, but not just any mukluks. I have a strong affinity for Manitobah Mukluks, made by aboriginal people in Canada. Ten years ago, I purchased my very first pair of mukluks at Nordstrom Rack for $79.95. That’s right, almost 90% off. The boots we’re originally priced at $500, but I struck gold and got the deal of a lifetime. These warm, stylish, beauties have been my savior during the harsh winters in New York City and Michigan. I’ve worn them in snow, rain, sun, and on occasion lounging around the house. They’ve held up for the past 10 years, perfectly!

In process of moving out of my old place, I lost the mate to my prize mukluks. I searched high and low and couldn’t find the mate. To say I was devastated was an understatement. In my disappointed state, I did a bit of research and found that I could replace them for $199. I was literally jumping up and down! I’m so excited!  These boots are AWESOME and worth every penny! I would gladly pay to double to own another pair.

Check out the clip below on the history of the Mantioba Mukluks.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 2014

11 Feb

Has Marc lost his design mojo!? I am a MJ fan for life! Love him! However, this collection is NOT one of my favorites. In fact, its probably one of my least favorite collections to date. This collection is team too much. There are so many different statements weaving through this collection, I can’t differentiate the inspiration….it looks like a mash-up of grunge, 70’s, space age, sports-inspiration…it’s just too all over the map for me. There’s no cohesion, which might be intentional. I can’t even deal with the white moon-inspired sneakers. In true Marc from he didn’t disappoint in the handbag area….love the black and red stripe bowling bag.

Jacobs is true visionary, he was the brain-child behind Louis Vuitton ready-to-wear collection. He’s no longer the creative director for Louis Vuitton, which means he’ll have some spare time to dedicate to his own collections. I sure hope so anyway. I would hate to see Marc lose his design mojo….he’s brilliant in my book.








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She, 36! Happy Birthday to ME!

3 Feb

Today is my 36th birthday! It was pretty relaxing and restful, which is exactly what I needed. I’m thanking God for another fabulous year! I still have A LOT to look forward to. Meeting the love of my life (hopefully within 2014). Having children. Seeing myself on national TV in a couple of months (I will announce the name of the show in March). Continuing to plug away at a company I love and people I enjoy working with. My life is pretty blessed!  It’s important to take stock of the “good” in front of you………..and today, there is much good in front of me!  xoxo, Kena 🙂



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My first Alexander McQueen “union jack” Clutch

1 Feb

She MINE! Yep! This just really happened. I’m a proud owner of an Alexander McQueen “union jack” clutch! Actually, this my first Alexander McQueen piece, which is kinda crazy since McQueen is my favorite designer of all time. I must give a special thanks to the awesome human being who made this happened. I’m still in awe and very grateful!  Long Live McQueen! LOVE!!!





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